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The gist of Sweeney Todd
  • Mrs Lovett: Mrs Mooney puts her neighbour's cats into her pies
  • Mrs Lovett: wouldn't do in my shop
  • Mrs Lovett: just the thought of it's enough to make you sick
  • Also Mrs Lovett: we could put people in the pies though that's fine
Why did Carrey’s portrayal of Count Olaf feel so unsatisfying?

The topic of Jim Carrey’s performance in the 2004 adaptation of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” remains controversial even to this day. While almost everyone agrees on his immense comedic talent, many fans argue that he was miscast. Who would choose an improv comedian to play one of the most terrifying villains of children’s literature? Over the years, we hear the very same complaints:

  1. His outlandish nature makes Olaf look like an incompetent fool ;
  2. His humorous lines ruin his aura of menace ;
  3. He’s too much of a showboat to look clever and conniving.

And at the same time, many people recognize that this direction is not a betrayal of the original character. Olaf sometimes acts with incredible stupidity in the books. He can be hilarious in a dark, cringeworthy sort of way. And his ego is beyond measure. He is every bit the larger-than-life, grandiose and yet ridiculous jerk Carrey brought to life.

Yet many fans still feel a strong discrepancy between the original character and his adaptational counterpart. Is it just a matter of dosage? You could argue that Olaf simply went a little too far with the humour, or that the script didn’t give him enough chances to reveal his threatening, diabolical self.

The Paramount-Nickleodeon adaptation is sweeter and softer than the books, no one denies that. Then again, Carrey’s bombastic ad-libs feel like a tree hiding the forest. There is a graver adaptational change at play here, which causes a butterfly effect. I believe he was never given a real chance to give us an accurate restitution of Olaf’s character, and this has to do with the nature of adaptation itself. Let’s take a closer look at the movie to see what went wrong.

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Fave Turnadette Fics

Here are some of my favourite Turnadette fics at the moment. A lot of them are one shots, I’ll probably do a post later about multi-chapter fics. 

  • Like a Switch has been switched somewhere by andnowsomeonenew - okay so this one is a multi-chapter, but I couldn’t not include it! It is such a sweet and addictive one. An AU from 2x08, following mainly Shelagh as she deals with leaving the order and her love with Patrick. In this one, she lives at Nonnatus as a Nurse, so lots of girly talks ensues. 
  • Lips Touch by BlueVase - A series of one shots chronicling Turnadette’s possible first kisses. Very cute and endearing!
  • Kiss,Interrupted by BlueVase - What would have happened if Sister Julienne found them smooching in the Parish Hall kitchen? Find out in this one. 
  • Swimsuit Appreciation Day by alwayssmilingsam -very fluffy one shot about their time in Africa and the swimsuit Shelagh wears at the beach!
  • The Id, The Ego and The Superego by beatrix-franklin - Short one shot dealing with ‘the conflict between Shelagh’s desires and her Morals’ 
  • Forty-Five minutes of Hedonism by Kienova - smutty. Smutty. Smutty. At the Doctor’s surgery. Nothing more needs to be said. 
  • The New Uniform by atearsarahjane - set in 5x01. Patrick’s reaction to Shelagh’s new nurses uniform
  • A too late proposal and needless kidnapping will have to suffice by atearsarahjane - too cute. The car joke had me cracking up. Anyone else?
  • Things that go bump in the night by atearsarahjane - This had me almost crying with laughter at their reactions. Hilarious. Obviously this one’s smutty.  
  • Hospital Work by Heretowrite46 - modern hospital AU here. Perfect. Just Perfect. After working at the hospital for two months, Shelagh begins to form a friendship with Doctor Turner and his boy, Timothy. But is it just friendship she feels for the doctor? Obviously not. It’s brilliant. Go check it out. If you’ve already read it, re-read it! 
Just some series after thoughts lmao

I was so gutted when I realised pupcake wasn’t going to get much screen time this series, but looking back it has actually made me realise that I was able to concentrate on other characters in Patsy’s absence. Delia didn’t get as much screen time as I’d hoped but the glimmers that we saw were of her becoming closer with the other midwives, Phyllis or focusing on her studies. Phyllis is the real mvp of the series, she has single-handedly saved the day every single time something happens and I have realised just how much she means to everyone at Nonnatus. Barbara. I was indifferent about her at the start of the series, but I really have warmed to her, her friendship with Phyllis, and even though I’m not that keen on him, her relationship with Tom. They are well suited (unlike Trixie was with him) and it’s good to see her happy with someone like that. I wasn’t expecting to like Valerie when she joined because of how she came about, but I really do like her character as well. I can’t wait to see how she interacts with Patsy (I can imagine them getting on quite well) and see her develop on screen in series 7. Trixie has really been a star this series too, and even though I’m not all that sure about Christopher yet because we don’t know an awful lot about him, she seems genuinely happy like she hasn’t been recently, and it’s nice to see her as a sort of (early days) mother figure to Alexandra, so we know how she will be if she has a child of her own. I loved the Turners this series as well and their family dynamic; Patrick being overly worried about Shelagh, Shelagh ignoring every ‘breath your way to serenity’ leaflet given to her, Timothy getting all the girls and playing that God awful bassoon, and Angela being the smallest cinnamon roll possible, and now baby Turner!! Also, massive shoutout to Sister Winifred?? Like I’m pretty sure not many people liked her all that much before but I actually really like her now and she’s actually hilarious?😂 Sister Mary Cynthia’s storyline was/is being handled sensitively and was emotional to watch as someone with mental health problems. Sister Julienne is rightfully restored back to her post and Sister Monica Joan is still golden and wise and an absolute favourite.
Basically what I’m trying to say is, because I couldn’t keep my heart eyes off Patsy/pupcake, I didn’t realise just how much I loved THE WHOLE CAST until this series, and I’m so grateful for Heidi’s writing that allows all of them to be shown off in this way.

Shelagh and Gloria: Some Headcanons

•They write letters back and forth from the day they both leave the hospital, and soon in the Turner flat there is a drawer filled with what become known as The Gloria Letters.

•Whenever something funny/exciting happens at the Maternity Clinic Shelagh has been known to get out a notebook and write down the details “because it will make Gloria laugh”.

•Everyone at Nonnatus House becomes increasingly curious about Gloria, as Shelagh barely lasts five minutes without mentioning some story Gloria had told her in the latest letter, or Gloria’s opinion on a certain topic.

•Shelagh discovers that Gloria’s husband is angry at her for the death of the baby and Patrick has to stop her from marching over to Gloria’s house on the other side of London and teaching him a thing or two (he’s secretly very proud of her)

•Instead, she organises a series of coffee dates with Gloria, and although she’s nervous that her baby bump will remind Gloria of all she has lost, the meet ups in the café are a resounding success, and during Shelagh’s maternity leave, Gloria instead visits the Turner house for tea and cake.

•Gloria becomes a fast favourite with Angela because she will always play with the dolls

•Gloria is at the Turner flat when Shelagh goes into labour, and she gets the midwives from Nonnatus House, then takes Tim and Angela over to Nonnatus out of the way and looks after them, much to a grateful Patrick’s relief.

•She also has a little cry because she never got this far with any of her babies, and Phyllis is there to provide a shoulder to cry on and an endless supply of tea.

•Gloria takes Tim and Angela to meet their new baby sibling, and when they go in she hangs around the door feeling out of place. After a while Shelagh notices her and beckons her in to meet the new baby Turner.

•They both have a cry.

•Gloria helps Shelagh out when a toddler, a teenager and a newborn become too much to handle, and she’s there when Shelagh needs to moan about Patrick’s working hours or Tim’s teenage strops.

•When Gloria finally leaves her husband, Shelagh makes her cups of tea and hugs her while she cries. Sister Julienne helps Gloria to find a new house, which is much nearer the Turner flat.

•Both Shelagh and Gloria are so grateful that a friendship that began in such sadness has found such happiness.