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1. Relationship status: Sexy, free & Single (excuse the awful SuJu pun…)
2. Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick
3. Last Song I listened to: Errr I don’t know if this counts but my lecturer put The Wall Street Shuffle by 10cc on in a lecture yesterday so I guess that? :’D Otherwise Identikit - Radiohead :P
4. Top three shows:

1.) NCIS

2.) Game of Thrones

3.) Rick & Morty (becuz its hilarious as f*ck)

 5. Top 3 characters: (does this mean shows or like films idk I’ll do TV)

1)  Timothy McGee (NCIS)

2) Jorah Mormont (GoT)

3) Jonathan Byres (Stranger Things)

6. Top 3 ships:

1.) HunHan

2.) JiKook

3.) XiuChen


Part 2 for this imagine

Everything had happened so fast. You and McGee were running down a suspect. He turned a corner, you two followed, and suddenly; half a dozen guys with guns were waiting for you. You and Tim backed up and turned the corner again. But you were shot in the abdomen. Tim had to basically drag you to cover while shooting.

Tim settled you behind him and continued to fire off shots to keep the men at bay, but he couldn’t risk turning his back to tend to your wound. His heart was beating a mile a minute. He was calling Gibbs for backup, all the while turning back to check on you.

The agent’s heart dropped. You weren’t looking good. Extremely pale with a weak hand over your wound. Finally, the team arrived. Tim turned around and pressed his hands down onto your wound. When you cried out, he visibly winced. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry; I know it hurts. But just..hang in there.” He muttered.

“Tim…” You breathed out, tensing up when he pressed down harder.

“Shh, you’re okay.” He replied, then looked to Gibbs. “Where’s the ambulance?!” Tim didn’t really seem to care that he just yelled at his boss; he looked back down to you. Strangely, you found tears in his eyes. “Don’t go, Y/N. Stay with me, please.” He pleaded.

You opened your mouth to say something, but your eyelids had just gotten very heavy. Tim shook his head, and was aware of the lack of gunshots in the background. But right now, his full attention was on you. “Please, Y/N. I’m right here; don’t leave. Please. I love you.” He said, an octave above a whisper.

But the words went unheard as your muscles relaxed all at once, your eyes closing and head lulling down onto Tim’s arm. A tear broke free and ran down his cheek, only to drip down onto yours.

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