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So we just got home from karaoke and I can’t even describe how amazing this day was.
First the opening. There were like 12 tables in the room. 7-8 people on each one and EVERYONE sat next to us at some point.
Osric tried to count in German, Tim was actually talking in German, I told Jason that I’m sorry about the photo OP a friend and I are about to do tomorrow and he laughed and said he’d forgive us.

We were in the front row for karaoke and I took the pic of Rob and Timothy with my camera which I’m most proud of. It’s just the whole moment captured and I don’t think I’ll ever get over how much i love every one of them.

Tomorrow o have a Jason and a Rob photo, and a Rob and louden swain autograph. Sunday again a photo with Rob and I’m actually crying a bit because I’m so happy right now.

After we left we drove a friend back home and all the way in the car we were listening to “Help you” and “She waits” on repeat while singing to it as loud as we could and it was all perfect.

I’m sorry if this sounds weird and unstructured. It 1.30 am and we have to get up in like 5 hours..

I’m just so happy right now


Jensen Ackles, Jason Manns and Timothy Omundsen singing at Asylum 14.

The complete 15 minutes of Jensen on stage.


jensen, misha & the gang at jib, opening ceremony + hb to tahmoh

(note: don’t forget to click the title, to go on youtube & thank the ladies who film the convention)


jensen singing | asylum 14 | crazy love & the weight