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Tim Drake x Reader - Soulmate AU

AU: Whatever you write on your arm/body shows up on your soulmate’s in the same place and in your handwriting. The writing doesn’t show up, however, until you and your soulmate meet.

Requested: Anon

Word Count: 2044

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You doodled, a lot. All the time in fact. You carried a pen everywhere, always drawing spirals and flowers, lines and words all over your wrist, hand, and arms. You had always been told not to, that is may bother your “Soulmate” but those were rare now a day. “Soulmates” were common when your grandmother was a child, but they had become less and less common, to the point where if you had one, you were a rare exception. Your parents were lucky, and they were soulmates, convinced you would have one as well, but you, not so much.

You thought the idea was amazing, and yeah, it would be awesome, but you didn’t believe you had a soulmate, so every time your parents told you to stop drawing on your arms in pen, as to not give your soulmate ink poisoning, you ignored them, thinking how on earth could you have a soulmate? Until the last day of school.

You were walking down the hall, towards the door, when all the sudden your feet were swept from under you. You fell to the floor, backpack falling as well, and everything spilling out and onto the ground. You looked up to find the star baseball pitcher and a couple of cheerleaders all standing over you, glaring at your scattered things and fallen figure.

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prompt #50 ((jaytim))

//i told you. i suck at this.//

Jason was in no way disgruntled. Of course not. It wasn’t like some stupid stupid boy, was going to get him worked up.

The stupid stupid boy was slurping, very annoyingly and loud for that matter, a multicolored drink that made his insides swirl.


Tim flashed him a grin, one that included a rainbow tinted set of teeth.


“Oh, c'mon Jay. You know you wanna try some..” The shorter of the two practically shoved the slushie into his face.

The man with the white streak in his hair felt nauseated, looking at the explosion of colors. That didn’t help as Tim suddenly placed the straw in his mouth while he was distracted.

“Now drink, you sissy.”

Jason made a noise, one that was muffled by the plastic in his mouth, but did as he was told.

Wait what.

No way.

That ugly, disgusting mess actually didn’t taste half bad.


He hadn’t even noticed that he had drank half of the drink when Tim forcefully yanked it from him.

“Woah, woah. Slow down you dumbass. You’re going to get a brain freeze and I’m not going to hold your hand for that.” Red Robin shook his head, glancing down at the cup. “Hey! You bit my straw. Ugh, Jason.”

The boy beside him gave him a look that would, in a normal manner, send somebody running.

Jason got ton of those from Tim though, so he was unfazed. He shrugged his shoulders.

Tim gave a scoff, and as soon as he tore his gaze from Jason, Jay yanked the cap on his head downwards so it covered Drake’s oh so pretty blue eyes.

Tim let out a pathetic squeak and Jason laughed at the noise.

He swung blindly at him, managing to sock him in the stomach.

“Oof, and here I thought you loved me.” Jay’s lips were set in a pout as Tim glared at him, once setting his hat back to its proper place.

“And here I thought that you were doing okay, with not pulling something on me.” Tim replied with a mocking tone, stirring the straw in the nearly empty cup.

“Did the little bird get upset?” Jason cooed, “Babybird, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

The younger vigilante muttered a curse word under his breath.

They walked in silence for a bit, the only sounds being the shuffle of their feet and the cars zooming past.

Jay had his hands in the pockets of his jeans. He kicked a stray rock down the curb, taking a glance at Tim once it hit a street lamp.

Tim had long forsaken the slurpie to a trash can, although his lips were a stained blue.

They locked eyes, and right as Jason thought something was going to happen, Tim ran off, kicking the aforementioned rock.

Red Hood took off in a sprint, chasing after him. “Timbers! You little-”

Tim looked back at him, and stuck out his tongue. He snickered, a sound that brought a grin to the vigilante’s face.

“And Timothy goes! Goes! Goes!”

“And Jay takes it! Oh, what a shame for the poor pipsqueak!”

“I’m not a pipsqueak! Come over here, you big buffoon! I’ll kick you right where the sun don’t shine!”

“Can’t hear ya from the finish line!”

“There is no finish line!”

They kicked the rock around for a while, occasionally scuffing the other’s shin.

Jason slowed down first, huffing, short of breath.

“Ready to give up, Jay?” Tim was sounding out of breath and he was beginning to lean against the walls.

“Never!” Jason shouted, although he was in the process of collapsing. “Ya know what? Take five.”

“You’re forfeiting.”

“Nah, just…” He breathed in. “Taking a pause. Intermediate.”

They were in the courtyard of the manor already, had they really ran this far? No wonder they were exhausted.

Tim laughed, falling on top of Jason.


Tim swiped at Jason’s chest.

“Shut up.”

“Mhm, sure. You love my voice.”

Tim said nothing, just nuzzled into his upper torso.

Jason felt his breath hitch in his throat. He refused to acknowledge it.

He brought his hand down, running his fingers through the smaller’s shaggy mess of hair.

Tim gave a contented sound, balling his shirt up in his fist. “Was it really that hard?”



“No idea what you’re talking about.”

“The date.”

Jason suddenly sat up, or at least tried since Tim shoved him back down in the grass.

“No, answer.”

“I don’t know.” Jason stayed looking up at the sky, a polluted mess.

“Bullshit.” It startled him and Tim shuffled a little, to where his face was right on top of the other’s own. “You had fun. I saw it.”

Jason had no choice but to stare right back.

He gave a long sigh, one of defeat.

“I told you. I suck at this.”

“Well, then we’ll just have to see if that’s true, won’t we?”

And then Tim kissed him.

Over the Edge

Summary: Tim Drake’s S/O (a superhero) gets pushed off the roof of Wayne Tower.

Pairing: Reader x Tim Drake/Red Robin

Warning: ANGST, death.

Author’s note: Does anyone remember the episode “Over the Edge” from The New Batman Adventures? *whispers* Because I kind of stole a page from their book, Shushhh.

Tagging: @keepjasontoddsafe @memento-scribet @crazyfangirl1810

Wayne Tower, 12:15 AM.

Time had stopped. Every passing second felt like an eternity. Your body was entirely paralyzed and your mind was completely stunned. Your hair was flowing through the air, however, you didn’t feel a damn thing. Despite your body falling at an increasing speed, you felt as though gravity had slowed down. The fall from the top of Wayne Tower was dreadful. You saw Tim plunge from the top of the 1,000 feet tall building attempting to save you. But he was too late. You were falling too quickly for him to catch up.

Wayne Manor, 7:35 PM.

“[Y/N], you look lovely!” Said Tim blissfully.

You were wearing your brand new scarlet red sweat heart neckline open back silk dress with a slit from your hip bone all the way down to the ground covering your stunning high heels. The gorgeous dress you were wearing hugged all your curves in the right places. Your outfit was complete with a lovely set of gold jewelry. Rings, bracelets and a necklace. The whole nine yards. Earlier that day in anticipation for the annual Wayne Enterprise Charity Gala, you had even gotten a manicure along with a fresh haircut and color.

“Tim, take a picture, it’ll last longer” You teased.

“My love, you know how the press is. This isn’t your first rodeo, [Y/N]. The media will be all over you this evening. They will literally take hundreds of photos. Why would I need to take a picture?” asked your boyfriend.

“As you wish, Tim. But I’m warning you, I’ll be changing out of this in a few hours. I’m not missing out on patrol for a fancy Wayne banquet.” You replied.

“If I may, Miss. [Y/L/N], I would love a picture of you and Master Drake for my personal album.” Interjected Alfred.

“Yes, of course, Alfred.” You replied kindly, before glancing at Tim, “Come closer!” you ordered nodding our head.

With his camera in and, Alfred took the picture, “On the count of three say cheese. One, two, three!”

CLICK! *Flash*

Batcave, 11:45 PM.

Tim’s eyes suddenly grew wide open as he pushed himself away from his desk, dumbfounded.

“[Y/S/N]! It’s a trap! Fallback!” Tim ordered you over the comlink in an alarmed state.

“Red Robin, what are you talking ab- “

“[Y/S/N]!” exclaimed Tim already on his bike.

Tim arrived at the top of Wayne Tower in record time. But he still wasn’t fast enough. When Red Robin swung the staircase door to the roof open he saw Scarecrow push you over the edge of the tower. Normally, falling off a building wouldn’t faze you since shooting a grappling hook was child’s play to you. However, this time, Tim knew that something felt was different. You were distraught because scarecrow had exposed you to his fear toxin inhibiting you from saving yourself.

“[Y/S/N]!]” Yelled, Tim, in agony.

In the blink of an eye, Tim knocked out cold the enemy. Without any hesitation, Red Robin leaped off the building attempting to catch you.

Wayne Tower, 1:25 AM.

The air was cold and reeked of dirty chemical plants. The sky was jet black. Think black clouds draped over the city hiding the stars and the moon. Instead, red and blue lights accompanied by blinding flashes illuminated the streets of Gotham. Sirens, cops, forensic teams and journalist could be heard from afar.

Wayne Manor, 1:25 AM.

“Breaking news.” *theme song*

“Good evening Gotham, I’m Vicki Vale reporting from Gotham news! We’re here live at the scene in front of Wayne Enterprises where the young [Y/S/N]’s body has been found. According to the GCPD, the vigilante known as [Y/S/N] has tragically been murdered by none other than Dr. Jonathan Crane otherwise known as The Scarecrow. According to our sources, the man escaped Arkham Asylum yesterday evening at around 11 PM. Stay tuned, after the break we shall reveal the true identity of the [Y/S/N]!] *theme song*

Batcave, 2 days later.

A loud ear-piercing shout echoed throughout the cave prompting the many bats to fly around vigorously squealing.

“Tim!” Called Bruce urgently.

From the second floor of the Mansion, Tim came rushing down to the cave almost matching the speedster’s pace.

“She’s waking up!” Remarked Tim in a semi-excited semi-relieved tone.

“Wha-what happened!?” You inquired anxiously sitting up in a single swift motion from the hospital bed located in the batcave with your eyes as wide as a football. Your body was trembling in terror and you were covered in sweat, “Did I get hit by an eighteen-wheeler?” you continued while rubbing your temple.

“No, but you did, however, get knocked out by The Scarecrow’s newest concoction of fear toxin and almost plunged to your death.” Explained Tim.

“You gave us quite a scare Miss. [Y/L/N].” Interposed Alfred.

“Thankfully, Red Robin was there to catch you and stop the madman.” Added Bruce.

“How about we give Master Drake and Miss. [Y/L/N] some privacy? I’m certain they both have a lot to discuss. In addition, Miss. [Y/L/N] needs to rest if she’s going to fully recover.” Suggested Alfred before exiting the cave alongside Bruce.

New Experiences.

“What do you mean the brownies are “not quite brownies”?“ A dialogue prompt. I’m not sorry, buddy. Tim’s sleep-deprived and has a sweet tooth, Jason’s a idiot. Trigger warning for drugs, I suppose. Mild swearing (it’s Jason what do you expect.) Someone give Tim some actual brownies, please.

   Jason sighed upon entering the penthouse,  he held a crumpled up bag in his hand, which contained a few brownies. He glanced around the apartment, searching for any obvious signs that the little bird was home.

 Tim had long given up on the Red Hood setting off his alarms every time he came to visit him, so he had just given him a key to use. The tall male was a bit hesitant to take it, considering that it meant that they were getting closer. That was great, of course, but it sort of terrified him at the same time. Now he had free roam of Tim’s living space, although he still didn’t come by as frequently as the blue eyed boy liked. Tim often complained that he came around even less when he had a key, so there was no purpose for it. 

Something fell into his eyes, obstructing his line of vision. Jason huffed, blowing the white tuft of hair out of his face. He hated when that single piece fell into his eyes. It was incredibly annoying. He brought his hand up, running his fingers through his hair, trying to push it all back to its original place. He rested his bag on the counter.

He heard a snore, which made him jump out of his skin. He took another look, surveying the area. His gaze fell onto the lump on the couch. He rolled his eyes, taking a few steps towards the deeply breathing body.

The Red Robin was curled up, obviously cold, in a gray shirt and a pair of basketball shorts with a red inseam. There was a bit of drool coming out of his mouth and falling onto the cushion by his face, not to mention the shaggy mess of dark hair that was covering the top half of it. Jason snickered at the sight.

He brushed the hair away, tucking it behind the other’s ear. He pulled off his leather jacket, to put on top of the napping boy but thought better of it. 

He took his phone out of his back pocket, snapping a picture of Tim. He was so keeping that, or using it for future blackmail. He’d decide later. Then, he dropped the jacket over the younger boy who stirred a bit, nuzzling into the sleeve of the jacket.

Jason kind of stunk at the moment, so he decided to go and take a shower. He walked out of the room, heading to the bathroom which was connected to Tim’s bedroom. He started stripping, tugging his shirt off by the collar. He removed the remainder of his clothing, tossing it into the overflowing hamper in the corner. What a mess. He’d be a good boyfriend and do the laundry sometime later, that would get him some points with Tim. 

The former Robin turned on the water, making sure it was excruciatingly hot once he got in. He hissed, feeling the warmth pour down his back. 


 Tim rolled over on the couch, making a sort of whine. He was uncomfortable, but he still didn’t want to get up. He wrapped the jacket closer to his body, taking in the scent of the material. Leather, gun powder, and cigarettes.

His eye snapped open. He looked down, seeing Jason’s favorite jacket practically drowning his small frame. He relaxed once he came to terms with it. That meant that Jason was here. Good. Maybe he’d get to complain about what was happening with Wayne Enterprises. Lucius was on his ass about the equations, which he had been doing when he fell asleep. They were scattered across the coffee table.

He buried his face in the leather, happily sighing. It made him feel secure. Besides, it wasn’t like anyone would see him like this. He listened to the water coming from the shower in his bathroom, nearly dozing off again with the combined efforts of sound and scent from Jason’s jacket.

He shook his head, he couldn’t fall asleep again. If he did, he might miss Jason. Who knew how long his nap would last? He groaned, trying to bring himself to sit up. That failed miserably as he fell off of the couch with a thump.

He glared at the ceiling as if it was its fault. Now with a sore back, he got up from the ground taking the taller boy’s jacket with him and wrapping it around his shoulders. It was comfortable, alright.

His eyes locked on a bag set on the kitchen counter. What was that. It wasn’t there before, or maybe it was and he could just add memory loss to the symptom list.

 He walked over, staring at it curiously. It got the better of him and he opened it up. Brownies. Score. He wrinkled his nose. They smelled kind of strange. Not that he was one to judge. He sucked at baking. 

He took one out, taking a bite of it. A rather large one at that. It was odd that there was only three brownies in the bag, he had seen Jason eat six by himself last week. Oh well, he’d just eat them all to get revenge on when Jay had eaten all of his. 

The taste was a bit weird too. Stale, gross. Although that could just be the dryness of his mouth. Yeah, he needed to brush his teeth after this. He didn’t really care though. A brownie was a brownie after all, and while this one tasted kinda funky, it was decent.

After he finished up the entirety of the first one, he was certain he was seeing blue smudges on his hand. He tried wiping it off, but there was none. Huh. He ignored the peculiarness of that and grabbed hold of the other brownie. They were probably the size of his hand. He didn’t eat much normally, but he always ate a ton when it came to sweets.

By the time, he heard the water shut off and footsteps coming towards him, he was seeing double and had eaten all of the brownies. There were all kinds of colored swirls in his vision.

Jason left Tim’s room with a towel around his neck, and sweatpants hung low on his hips. He kept a couple of clothes at his lover’s apartment, just in case.

He raised an eyebrow when he saw the other swaying a bit from side to side and laughing to himself. 

‘’Uh, Tim. No offense, but what the fuck are you doing?’’ Jason started as Tim turned around to face him. The anti hero hit his forehead with his hand upon seeing the way Tim’s pupils were totally shot. Fuck.

‘‘Just eating some brownies, want one? Oh wait, I ate them all!’’ Tim snickered.

The gears were turning in Jason’s head.

‘‘You..ate..them..all.’‘ He said slowly.

Tim nodded his head.

‘‘Yep! None for you. Revenge sucks, doesn’t it?’‘ He gave a grin, before his expression dropped. ‘‘Have I ever told you how pretty your eyes are? Because they are. Like, a lot pretty. Are they blue? No. Wait. Green? Totally. Dang, I don’t know.’‘

Jason grabbed Tim’s hand as it came close to his cheek, the boy was already leaning in dangerously close to his face.

‘‘Those weren’t brownies, Timbers.’‘

‘‘What do you mean the brownies are “not quite brownies’‘?’‘ Tim questioned, making air quotations.

‘‘You’re high.’‘ He deadpanned.

Tim blinked a few times.

‘‘No, I’m low. Get it. Since you’re tall and stuff.’‘ He flicked Jason’s chest.

Oh God, Bruce was going to kill him.

‘’How come I can never get you to eat, but you have more than three of me combined in weed.’‘ There was a ton in just a single brownie so he was more than a bit terrified that Tim might have just overdosed. 

‘‘Wellll,’‘ Tim drawled. ‘‘Why do you have them in the first place then?’‘

‘‘They’re not mine! I took down a dealer for someone and they tried to bribe me with these. I was going to toss them once I got out of the shower but it looks like they’re already somewhere.’‘ Jason sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He was so fucked.

He grabbed his cell, punching in the dreaded number while Tim decided to spin around like a goddamn ballerina. 

‘‘I’m dizzy-’‘ Tim mumbled, nuzzling up to Jason’s bare chest. ‘‘Yay, warmth. I loooove warmth. Oh, yeah, you too.’‘ 

‘’So, hey, Tim might have just become a druggie. How do I get him to puke it all up?’‘ He was greeted with a shout so loud he had to pull the phone away from his ear. ‘‘My thoughts exactly.’‘

  • Kon: ??Me?? Obsessed with Tim? Pffft, no, wtf, who in their right mind would be obsessed with Timothy Jackson Drake Wayne the Red Robin son of Jack Drake and Janet Drake born on July 19 1997 super smart with a <i>great ass</i> the rightful leader of our team like wtf why are you asking me this stop accusing me wh-
  • Bart, who has accused Kon of literally nothing and hasn't spoken to him at all: uh
Don’t Get Mad ‘Till You Know the Facts

Prompt: Can you do an imagine for Tim please, where him and the reader are friends, and he confesses about his crush on her But the reader doesn’t take him seriously and just laughs it off. Then later on bc he’s been weird for the days after bc of the accidental rejection, The reader asks whats wrong. They have this sort of argument where Tim spills and the readers just like “Holy shit you were serious?!” So basically angst(ish) and fluff all around?

YAY MY FIRST TIM FIC REQUEST. I AM SO EXCITED! Teehee got the title from a Shania Twain song, that’s why it’s a little long.

Pairing: Tim Drake X Reader

Y/BF/N- Your Best friend’s name

Y/N- Your name

TW: cursing, and angsty-ish

Word count: 850

You couldn’t help it that first time he told you, you laughed. In your defense, the timing was super bad for Tim. You had been having a conversation with your other friend, and you were literally talking about confessing your love in a joking way to get out of a class and pull a Romeo and Juliet. So when Timothy come up to you literally two seconds later and said, “H-hey. Y/N. I… I just wanted to tell you that I’ve had feelings for you for awhile now and I…”

You giggled, “yeah, yeah, very funny Tim. Next time try not to eavesdrop on Y/BF/N and I’s convo next time, okay?”

Tim looked taken aback, but he only smiled and nodded, “Y-yeah, so that Bio lab today?”

You shrugged, “oh, I know, such a pain in the rear-” And you had just one off with the subject, never knowing the truth.

You didn’t really think about it, but then Tim started to act…strange. Well, stranger than normal, anyway. Anytime you walked into a room he quickly vacated it, and he actually skipped a few classes on Tuesday, then he didn’t even show up for school the rest of the week. You were beyond worried, you tried texting him, and when that didn’t work you called him. He ignored that, so you finally ended up calling the Manor.

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Tim Drake x Reader - Scars

Prompts: 10 - “my life will never be the same”     31 - “Don’t hurt her, hurt me”


Song: Breathe me - Sia

You sat on the bed you shared with Tim, every night, in the empty and lonely apartment. Staring into the mirror that stood across from you, and looking over all the aspects of yourself, your brain broke down. Your mind felt foggy, different. Your head was full of negative thoughts, and reasons to do something you knew you would regret. A voice whispered in your ears, and altered your thoughts, telling you, “It will be quick” “You need it” “Stop fighting”. Then there was laughter, cruel and terrifying. It was becoming increasingly hard to ignore the voice, and you ended up pulling at your hair, silently screaming for it to go away, to stop controlling you.

It, however, didn’t seem to want to do so and got louder, more convincing, stronger. You had no chance, but you fought. You fought until you were a sweaty, heavy breathing mess, with tear stains down her face, and very smudged mascara. Your hands shook, and your mind buzzed. You couldn’t feel your arms move, as well as your legs when they subconsciously carried you to the bathroom. Your vision was blurred, and it was as if your mind had a plan of its own.

You opened the floorboard and grabbed a razor. You had never done this before, but lately, you craved it, your soul begged for it, and you fell into the thoughts of just giving in. You didn’t want to, not even close, but you couldn’t fight it anymore, and it just seemed so wrong, yet so right. You thought to yourself, “Goddamnit, my life will never be the same after this…”, but you couldn’t stop yourself, you were too far along. You had no clue how everything happened, it just kind of did. One second you were a crying mess with a razor in her hands, and clean arms, and the next, the razor was in the sink, covered in blood, and haunting you. You looked down at your now sliced arms and cried even more. Why couldn't you control it? You always had control over the voices in your head. Why was now different? Why did you give in?

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timkonns  asked:

ship: timkon ✨

  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: this is so such a Conner Kent Thing but it’s okay because he doesn’t hurt anyone with his bad dancing, and everyone thinks Tim is just being a supportive boyfriend by telling him that he really is a good dancer but in reality he REALLY does like Conner’s dancing. “seriously Steph it’s not dumb he’s awesome and I love him.” “Tim honey, you’re the only one who thinks that besides Conner.” “i aM NOT”
  • likes to watch reality tv: Tim secretly likes to watch a whole bunch of dumb tv shows and normally he doesn’t tell anyone that he watches them, but Conner has super hearing and spends a lot of time with him so he can’t really hide it from him. he still suspects that Conner has no idea what he watches even when they’re on the couch together with the tv on since Conner normally has his face burried in Tim’s neck and can’t stop kissing him
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne. it’s one of his signature moves and Conner can’t really get mad at him for it lmao
  • is the jealous / protective one: they try not to get too jealous but obviously it’s normal so they try to talk it out to the bst of their ability when one of them gets protective. they are both immensely protective of one another though and you should not hurt either of them unless you want them both to kick your ass at the same time in at least 17 different ways
  • goes all out on the holidays: Conner gets so excited on holidays!! especially halloween, when their entire apartment becomes a haunted house. He makes Tim put on a costume and they go trick or treating with Jon and Kara and “Tim please tell your boyfriend, my own cousin, that he cannot go out dressed up as himself.” They all have so much fun and if Tim and Conner get lost to make out on a park bench… their excuse is totally so that Jon and Kara can get more of the candy.
  • cries over books: neither of them. they’re both hard asses. Conner doesn’t really read books and Tim doesn’t have time to anyways… 
  • is terrible with kids: Tim says he sucks with kids but this is False Information, because his experience is pretty much only based on Damian. Jon loves him though and said  “Conner I can’t wait for Tim to be my real uncle!” when he was 4
  • drinks too much caffeine: another one of Tim’s signature moves. Dick stole his coffee machine once because “the caffeine’s bad for your anxiety Timmy.” Conner got him a new one but made him swear that he wouldn’t have more than 3 cups of coffee a day so that’s how it is now and Tim actually feels kind of better. Not that he would ever admit it  
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: Tim. and he needs it. one time Conner made him take a day off to sleep all day and sure he expected him to get some sleep in that time but he also figured they could hang out and do couple stuff but in the end Tim just… slept. The entire time. He woke up to eat something and Conner made him some toast but Tim just gave him a kiss and fell right back asleep. what an asshole
  • never wears matching socks: who knows?? do they even wear socks?? no one knows. actually, Tim has an obsession about having matching socks all the time and he has incredibly organized socks, so when Conner eventually moves in with him his socks becomes very organized. He actually loves Tim so much for it oh god he just loves Tim a lot?? how did he ever manage to find someone so wonderful
  • punches a tree when they’re angry: one time right before he and Conner were together Tim punched a tree out of anger and obviously the tree didn’t budge, which somehow made him more angry. Conner happened to have witnessed though so he punched the tree down for Tim and Tim just felt all his anger fall down with the tree. all he could do was sweetly stare at Conner while he slowly forgot what he was angry about and Conner turned to him to ask “was that tree hurting you, babe?” and Tim laughed. he actually laughed. at one of the stupidest things ever spoken. he was so embarrassed but Conner kissed him, right there, next to the fallen down tree and suddenly Tim was embarrassed, in love, confused, and still slightly angry all at the same time. 
  • gets scared by the toaster: Conner got scared by the toaster once, but that was only once. Tim, on the other hand, gets scared by the toaster all the time. He’s so tired though,,, he gets so scared he jumps right into Conner’s arms sometimes. Conner promises he won’t tell anyone

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Tim Drake x Reader - Sweater Weather Pt. 1

Requested by: Anon

Song: “Sweater Weather” - by The Neighborhood

Word Count: 1319

Tagging: @solis200213 @angstytodd


It was a cold and humid day, the clouds could never be more dark gray. The air in the atmosphere was dense, and the temperature was a cool and chilling 40 degrees. Lucky for you, you had only packed shorts, and the plan was to go to the beach today, so this was going to be, interesting, to say the least.

The wind whipped at your bare legs as you walked through the back door of the beach house, stinging the skin. Tim had taken you on a vacation this week, and the two of you went to a convention for video games yesterday and were now relaxing in the house on the beach he had rented for your week.

You walked out the sliding glass door to the beach, Tim following behind you. You ignored the sting in your legs as you walked down the stairs, following the pathway to the cool sand and freezing ocean. You had worn a sweater to keep your torso and arms warm, luckily you had at least brought that. A pair of converse covered your feet, and your hair was windblown and tangled from the ocean breeze.

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Tim Drake x Reader - Theater AU’s Pt. 1

This will be a three part story based off of the Theater AU’s written by @fangdiangelo and @jean-bo-peep

AU: I’m just supposed to be painting set but you heard me singing while i was working and now you’re forcing me to join the next musical

Requested: Nope, I had to do his for myself. Sorry, not sorry.

Word Count: 1330

Tagging: @nightwingdiva @cait-writes-stuff @memento-scribet @solis200213 @angstytodd @colormemeow @king-wolfie  


It was a cool foggy day outside, and here you were in the tech room when you could have been taking pictures, you were painting the set for the next musical. You left the door open, the one that opens to the outside, and the fresh air was nice as you painted the front of a building that was built for a certain scene. The cool air was refreshing, and you had headphones in while you painted, drifting off into your own world as you mixed another color.

It must have been a while because you honestly were so lost in thought that you had finished most of the building before you took your headphones out again. You had to wash some of the cups, plates, and brushes you had been using, as well as your hands and arms. Walking over to the sink, you scrubbed and rinsed everything off, and then brought them back over to the floor where you had been sitting and painting, putting your headphones back in and grabbing a few colors to mix into one shade of a faded brown/red.

A song you immediately recognized came on, blaring into your ears as loud as your headphones would go, and making you feel at peace as you got back to work. You immersed yourself in your work, getting lost in thoughts and music once again, and you didn’t realize this, but you had started humming and then singing along.

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