timothy j reynolds

I just got the proof for FEZZINE and oh my gosh. I am so excited and so overwhelmed by how well it has turned out. Here’s a preview gif of all of the work (sans my piece which is a pop-up to be mounted on that cloudy page and Ian’s piece which will have a flipbook on that bright violet spread!). 

So many pieces left to show, and they’re all incredible. This is a small run of 100 zines as a sort of test to see how it goes, and we’ll see what happens from there! To everyone who contributed, and to everyone who has supported it with reblogs and kind words - thank you so much!


One of the first pieces I received for the new round of submissions was by Timothy J. Reynolds, with whom I had the pleasure of being in the DICE show earlier this year (you can see our pieces hanging on the wall together here!

Tim’s aesthetic translated perfectly for the world of FEZ - his work has a beautiful, clean quality with what I think of as a satin finish. And his added gif is just crazy awesome! Check out some of his process on his blog too here, herehere, and here!