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Here’s one museum you can enjoy without even getting out of your car: a drive-thru museum in Seale, Ala.

Created by artist Butch Anthony, it’s a collection of odd items — many of which people have given him — that he has decorated and set up inside shipping containers cut out with large display windows.

There’s a gallstone from 1971 billed as the largest with a poem it inspired, a two-headed duck in a domed jar and an assortment of fossils.

“Then I’ve got it mixed with my artwork,” he says. “I take old portraits from like the 1890s, but then I put bones on top of them, sort of like an X-ray, like you can see through them. That’s the kind of art I do. I call it Intertwangleism. Sort of like cubism. That’s my ism.”

An Alabama Museum You Can Enjoy From The Driver’s Seat

Photo: Timothy Hursley/Courtesy of Butch Anthony

Can you tell which cow wallpaper is the original? Sturtevant’s doubles make for a unique visitor experience. Curatorial assistant Ingrid Langston reveals the connections between original works on view around the museum and the doubles on view in Sturtevant: Double Trouble.

[Left: Installation view of Sturtevant: Double Trouble, showing Sturtevant’s Warhol Cow Paper (1996). Photo: Thomas Griesel. All works by Sturtevant © Estate Sturtevant, Paris; Right: The Museum’s 54th Street Entrance, with Andy Warhol’s Cow Wallpaper (1966). The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building. Photo: Timothy Hursley]


We are very excited to announce the official Grand Opening & Dedication of the Newbern Library - October 17, 2015! 

The Newbern Library Board has been working incredibly hard to get the books cataloged, stamped, and shelved for the book lovers of all ages in our community. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this extraordinary project!

Here’s one way to support the Newbern Library:


Photography by Timothy Hursley