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Hour One : It's Actually Ketchup

Prompt : “I can’t tell if that’s real blood or not.”

A/N : The first of 24 😉

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

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For some strange reason, Halloween was the day many psychopaths decide to come out and show their true nature. This meant Jason and the rest of the batfamily had longer patrols, and you only see them afterwards when you had to help Alfred patch them up.

“I’m really considering moving to Metropolis.” Dick grumbled, wincing in pain as he tried to move his fractured arm.

You threw him a stern glare, “Your arm’s broken, Golden Boy. If you try to move it then it’ll put you in even more pain. Unless you want to go through that, I highly suggest you stay still.”

“Jay, your girlfriend is being mean to me again.” Dick complained, laying his head down to try and soothe his headache.

You rolled your eyes as Jason chuckled and held an ice pack to his bruised eye.

“You’re such a child, Grayson.” Damian muttered from beside him.

“It’s better than being like you.” Tim said, adjusting the arm sling Alfred had just placed around him.

Damian sneered and was about to open his mouth and retort, but one look from Bruce silenced him.

“It’s been a long night, don’t argue with each other.” Bruce ordered, rolling his shoulders to get rid of the tenseness in his muscles.

“Babe,” Jason called, “can you wash my helmet?”

You raised an eyebrow and made your way over to his helmet, which had been thrown carelessly on the floor. “Why? Did you fall on your face again?”

“Jason fell on his face during patrol?” Tim gasped, “When?”

“I don’t think it’s any of your business, replacement.” Jason said, glaring at his so-called younger brother. “And you can’t talk, Dick told me you tore your pants once when you were Robin.”

“What the hell, Dick?” Tim exclaimed, swirling around to look at the the sheepish man. “Why did you tell Jason of all people about that? Why did you tell anyone in the first place?”

“Because it’s funny?” Dick said in a questioning tone.

“It does not surprise me that you did, Drake.” Damian cackled, “It only shows who the better Robin is.”

Bruce sighed, and rubbed his temple. Why did he decide to adopt so many kids—no, boys in the first place? All they brought along with them was destruction and endless arguments that usually resulted in violent brawls.

You chuckled as they continued to argue with one another, and bent down to pick up Jason’s beloved helmet. You gasped at the sight of a different shade of red sprayed and smeared all over the bright red color of the helmet.

“Jason!” You said, turning to your boyfriend with the look of utmost shock and held up the object in your hand. “Is that blood? I can’t tell if that’s real blood or not.”

Immediately heads turned his way, and Jason had the decency to look flustered at the attention he was given. “Y/N, I was paired with this pansy,” He said, motioning over to Tim, “do you really think he’d ever let me murder someone under his watch.”

Tim nodded while promptly ignoring the insult, “He’s right for once. It’s actually ketchup. Some kid dressed up as Red Hood at McDonalds didn’t like another person sharing his ‘costume’ so he decided to pick up a ketchup fight with Jason.”

“Thank God.” Bruce mumbled, shaking his head as he felt another migraine coming.

“Wait,” Dick injected, gesturing towards himself and an unhappy Damian, “how could you go to Mickey D’s without us?”

Batjokes Handling Alfred's Time off Headcanons

- Bruce and the kids can’t cook to save themselves from starvation; at some point, after days of Alfred’s absence and takeaway, they’ll even eat Dick’s infamously teeth-rotting pancakes if it means putting something handmade in their stomachs.

- J. finds all of this hilarious, of course, but he offers to make food for them; mind you, it’s not French cuisine but he can do mean toasties and pasta.

- The deal though, is that everyone else has to do the washing up.

- Once Bruce almost flooded Alfred’s precious kitchen so, he was exonerated from the task.

- The kids set up some weird and mildly violent competitive game involving squirt guns filled with dish soap (the idea was Tim’s)

- Jason is disgustingly competitive and not above maiming if it means winning (he’s known for squirting soap in his brothers’ eyes)

- Dick and Damian are the Terrible Duo

- They even set up teams and hung up a score board behind the fridge, well hidden from Alfred’s disapproving gaze.

- The system with which they assign points is not exactly clear and they take every chance to cheat as if there is no tomorrow (Bruce is appalled by their lack of fair play, while J. is not-so-secretly proud)

- Deep under Bruce is pretty happy, though - not only this is a good bonding exercise that makes them have fun and train some of their reflexes at the same time, but it’s also a small accepting step towards J.

- They lost count of the times someone got seriously injured after slipping on the suds covering the floor.

- At the end of each game, J. ends up making hot chocolate (or smoothies, it depends on the season) for everyone.

- Everytime Alfred comes back from his holidays, the kitchen is spotless but he knows his scoundrels well and always goes to check on the score board hidden behind the fridge.

- Because he’s an evil man, he changes the scores and grins at the idea of the boys screaming murder at each other.

- They’re a big happy family.

Awkward situation
  • Jason: *** stands in ritual suit *** Aaaaaam...no...
  • Jason: I do not know ...
  • Damian: ***enters the room with bounded Tim *** Oh great Almighty, our lord, we bring to you the sacrifice of this ugly creature ...
  • Damian: *** notes Dick*** Oops
  • Dick: What the fuck is going on here?!?!
  • Tim: They made me do it, I'm not to blame
Hour Twenty One : Blackout

Prompt : “You just caused a blackout, Todd!”

A/N : 21 out of 24

Pairing : Batmom x Batkids

[•] [•] [•]

The Gotham area was currently plagued in darkness thanks to the one and only Jason Peter Todd.

“Tell me again why you thought throwing a guy into a major powerhouse was a good idea?” You said, internally questioning your son’s mental state.

Jason frowned, “I wasn’t thinking, ma. When you’re kicking ass you don’t exactly pay attention to your surroundings.”

You glared fiercely at him, “I’m about to test that theory out right now.”

“I don’t get what the big deal is,” He said, sighing loudly.

Damian poked his head out from behind you, “You just caused a blackout, Todd!” He exclaimed, incredulously. He has never witnessed such stupidity before.

Jason shrugged carelessly, “But did anyone die?” He asked, raising a eyebrow.

“Not yet, but you can happily volunteer to be the first one.” Tim said, smiling sarcastically.

Poor Tim, he was on edge because the power had shut down right when he was about to finish his five page essay.

Jason rolled his eyes and made a face. “I didn’t know you had a sense of humor, replacement. Do me a favor and keep it that way.”

“Do me a favor and go live on Mars.” Tim shot back.

“Timmy!” Jason gasped mockingly, “What would J'onn say if he heard you mention the name of his inhabited planet so carelessly?”

“You’re just lucky Bruce is on a League mission, Jay.” Dick said, lighting another candle to brighten up the dim room.

“I wish father was here.” Damian said, resting his head on your chest.

You smiled softly and ran your fingers through his soft hair, “I do too, Dami.” You whispered, “Let’s stop arguing and wait patiently for the electricians to fix the power, all right?”

“Mom, even I know that’s impossible.” Dick scoffed.

Damian Wayne Headcanon

Damian literally freaking out inside when he goes to Selina’s house with Batman on a mission and sees all her cats. Meanwhile, at the monitor in the Batcave, Jason and Tim are placing bets on how long until Damian breaks and starts petting all the cats. Alfred is simply watching in patient horror upon the thought of how many the young master will try to sneak back to the cave.

hc that every time something small happens to tim he just sighs “at least bruce will be proud”
he trips? he stay on floor face down with an at least he’ll be proud
can’t find something? throws himself on the nearest surface and “at least bruce will be proud”

Batjokes Winter Holidays Headcanons

- Everything begins with the whole family sitting down at the kitchen table, fighting and shouting about destinations while Alfred keeps everyone supplied with chamomile tea and sits in a corner, reading and waiting for the storm to pass with an immense amount of patience.

- J., Damian and Dick resolutely fight for a nice and warm couple of weeks in some paradisiac island in the middle of the pacific, spent sunbathing and sleeping.

- Bruce, Tim and Jason, instead, are attached to the traditional skiing holidays in Switzerland.

- Bruce always wins (to be truthful, nobody wants to deal with his terrifying grumpiness)

- Packing is chaos: J. brings more sweaters than all the other members of the family summed up together; Bruce spends the week before the departure organising his luggage with an anal precision that makes everyone anxious about their own bags; Damian and Dick pack together because the oldest of the kids still can’t bring enough pairs of underwear if left to his own devices, while the youngest needs someone to help him pack warm enough because he’s still not used to cold climates; Jason shamelessly trades jobs with Alfred and does the cleaning and ironing for a week, while the butler packs his bags; Tim is a fucking procrastinator and thank God that Bruce is flying them with their private jet because he’s still packing his damned things the morning of the departure.

- The flight too is chaos: at every turbulence, J. sneaks in the pilot cabin to tell Bruce to “calm the fuck down with the aerial acrobatics”; Tim and Jason bicker about sleeping arrangements (it wasn’t Bruce’s greatest idea making them room together); Dick sleeps the whole flight and Damian and J., after drawing all over his face, fall asleep together.

- Arrived at the hotel they manage to peacefully split in their three rooms and decide to meet at the restaurant for dinner after deliberating that they can hit the tracks in the morning.

- The only one who doesn’t know how to ski is J. and he refuses to learn (not even Tim’s and Damian’s puppy eyes can convince him); he sunbathes, gets burnt, spends the days in the spa getting pampered like the prince that he is.

- It wouldn’t be a proper holiday if the Batkids didn’t organise stupid competitions that always end up with someone injured and Bruce with a killer migraine: broken wrists, sprained ankles, cracked ribs… Not even a night patrolling Gotham is so wrecking.

- When there’s a snowstorm, they all huddle in Bruce’s and J.’s room in pjs, squeeze on the bed and watch a movie while eating biscuits and drinking hot chocolate (which isn’t as nice as Alfred’s but it will do) - it’s a very treasured moment for Bruce and he snaps a picture of his family when they all inevitably fall asleep.

Hour Two : The Devil's Spawn

Prompt : “Now you really are the spawn of Satan.”

A/N : 2 out of 24 (Also Damian’s like 16 in this)

Pairing : Damian Wayne x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

Waiting downstairs with a smug smile, you looked up at the stairway expectantly. “Damian, hurry up!” You called, “The party already started an hour ago. We’re going to be the last to arrive!”

“I’d much rather not arriving at all.” You heard him grumble, but you still couldn’t see him as he was all the way at the top of the staircase.

Dick and Tim, who were both standing beside you, looked at you curiously.

“Why doesn’t he want to go?” Dick asked. He knew his little brother wasn’t exactly the ‘party’ type, but Damian was a big softie around you and has never once complained about going anywhere with you.

You merely smirked and nodded your head up the stairs.

“What’d you make him wear, Y/N?” Tim laughed, getting what you meant.

You stayed silent with your arms crossed as you waited for your boyfriend. He was sixteen, yet he still acted like that bratty ten-year-old boy you met on your first day at Gotham Academy.

Suddenly, the three of you heard something most likely valuable and priceless break from upstairs and an angry shout was heard.

“Todd, put me down this instant!” Damian yelled, and finally you were able to see half of the awaited costume.

Once Jason’s feet were off the last couple of stairs, he carelessly dropped Damian to the ground.

Almost instantly, laughter was heard and your outraged Robin’s cheeks flushed red. From anger or embarrassment, you had no idea. But you imagined it to be both.

“Nice costume choice, Y/N.” Jason complimented with his usual smirk. “I think it matches his personality perfectly.”

Damian growled, “No one asked for your opinion, Todd.”

“I didn’t think I needed permission.” Jason retorted, snickering.

“Wow, Damian. Now you really are the spawn of Satan.” Tim commented before he laughed even harder.

Dick was trying to surpass his laughter since he didn’t want Damian to kill him later, but it soon slipped out and he was now laughing as hard as Tim and Jason.

“What’s with all the laugh—” Bruce said, cutting himself off and stared unemotionally when he caught sight of his son in a costume that he never expected him to ever wear.

Bruce averted his eyes towards you and you shrugged innocently. “He said I could pick out his costume.” You said as if that explained everything.

The billionaire pinched the bridge of his nose, “As long as I don’t have to dress up as the devil, I’m going to pretend I didn’t see any of this.” He said, pointing at Damian who gaped at him with betrayal in his eyes.