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“She’s just as alone as you are. But she doesn’t have to be. You could talk to her. Tell her you’d love to sit next to her today and every other day, because life is short, and no one deserves to ride the bus alone.”

-Swiss Army Man (2016)

Why did Carrey’s portrayal of Count Olaf feel so unsatisfying?

The topic of Jim Carrey’s performance in the 2004 adaptation of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” remains controversial even to this day. While almost everyone agrees on his immense comedic talent, many fans argue that he was miscast. Who would choose an improv comedian to play one of the most terrifying villains of children’s literature? Over the years, we hear the very same complaints:

  1. His outlandish nature makes Olaf look like an incompetent fool ;
  2. His humorous lines ruin his aura of menace ;
  3. He’s too much of a showboat to look clever and conniving.

And at the same time, many people recognize that this direction is not a betrayal of the original character. Olaf sometimes acts with incredible stupidity in the books. He can be hilarious in a dark, cringeworthy sort of way. And his ego is beyond measure. He is every bit the larger-than-life, grandiose and yet ridiculous jerk Carrey brought to life.

Yet many fans still feel a strong discrepancy between the original character and his adaptational counterpart. Is it just a matter of dosage? You could argue that Olaf simply went a little too far with the humour, or that the script didn’t give him enough chances to reveal his threatening, diabolical self.

The Paramount-Nickleodeon adaptation is sweeter and softer than the books, no one denies that. Then again, Carrey’s bombastic ad-libs feel like a tree hiding the forest. There is a graver adaptational change at play here, which causes a butterfly effect. I believe he was never given a real chance to give us an accurate restitution of Olaf’s character, and this has to do with the nature of adaptation itself. Let’s take a closer look at the movie to see what went wrong.

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‘Swiss Army Man’, Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert (2016)

If you don’t know Jurassic Park, you don’t know shit.

Greeting The Squad When They Come Home

Anon: How about headcanons for SPR like you being there and greeting them when the finally come back from rescuing Ryan? (Let’s pretend they all survived shhhh)

John Miller: He doesn’t care. He runs straight up to you, wrapping you up in his arms as he starts crying. Honestly, it’s a ton of tears, like, one of those classic videos of a soldier coming home from war. You make him promise right then and there that he will never leave you again.

Timothy Upham: He can’t even handle running over to you. As soon as you see him, you sprint over and hold onto him, unable to say anything put of sheer happiness from seeing him. He nearly collapses onto you when he sees you, partially from exhaustion and partially from relief.

Daniel Jackson: You probably didn’t see him at first, so he walks up behind you and surprises you. As soon as you turn around, you both burst into tears, thanking God that he’s alive and back with you. He makes sure that the two of you leave quickly, because he doesn’t really want to keep these memories.

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This is not your typical #MatthewHealyThing, but in a way, it is. His influential speeches. His sense of unity. This is just a clip from the last time I saw the boys over the summer, and honestly, I’ve just been listening to ‘Loving Someone’ all day & just feeling a heavy, overwhelming feeling of… so many things, really.
As always, please, please, please, just remember to be kind, promote peace & spread love. Do what you can, control what you can control, & hope for the best in any given situation.
I love you all.
Love, love, love.
[My video; 06/17/16 @ Red Hat Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC. ]

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How They React To You Blurting Out You’re In Love With Them

Anon:  When requests open back up could you do preference or imagine for randomly blurting out that you’re in love with them? With SPR?

John Miller: It happens during late at night, when the two of you are slowly drifting off to sleep but still trying to talk to each other. You accidentally tell him you love him just before rolling over, and he falls asleep, not comprehending what just happens. But the next morning you wake up with breakfast in bed and Miller sitting on the edge of the bed, grinning and telling you that he loves you, too.

Timothy Upham: You accidentally tell him you love him just as he’s about to head off to war. He knows you’re upset about all of this so he tries to distance himself from you. You confront him about it the day he’s supposed to leave and just as he’s about to walk out the door, you tell him you love him. That stops him in his tracks and when he turns around to look at you he has tears in his eyes. The two of you hold each other for a few minutes, wishing you could have more time.

Daniel Jackson: The two of you had just finished a day long date, and it was probably one of the best days of your life. He’s driving the two of you home and you can’t help but stare at him, admiring the way he looks in the light of the sunset. All of a sudden, you tell him you love him, simple, and he looks over at you with complete shock etched across his face. He nearly crashes the car before he tells you that he loves you, too.

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Deleted Scenes…”Harry Potter”…

Scenes from: “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”,“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”,“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince“, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1″, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2″