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What things were incorrect in that video?

a few things but these are the main ones that stuck out to me

  • Steven Universe is the first Cartoon Network show created by a female.

Technically incorrect, Steven Universe is the first Cartoon Network show solely created by a female (as in who has the ‘created by’ credit). But My Gym Partner’s a Monkey, a CN show, was jointly created by Julie McNally-Cahill and Timothy Cahill so that is the first CN show created by a woman.

  • Each of the main Gem’s rooms are tied to how their gems are formed - Garnet’s room

This “fact” comes from the assumption that the lava room is Garnet’s room, but its been confirmed by Matt Burnett that the lava room is NOT Garnet’s room, its a common area and thus largely irrelevant as far as this theory (not fact) is concerned.

  • Like pearls, opals form underwater

Opals do not form underwater, as far as I know. Water is an important element to opal formation because it carried silica deposits so they can collect, but it needs to evaporate in order for opals to form so it can’t really be ‘underwater’.

  • Liking Greg’s long hair, Amethyst began to grow hers out

While likely, this is again extrapolation rather than fact. But my main problem with this is how its worded, because given current evidence, Gems’ hair does not grow (which, yes, is also extrapolation on my part) so it cannot be grown out. It is more correct to say that she regenerated with longer hair.

I realize a lot of this is quibbling, which is why I said that its largely based on my criteria for what should be purported as fact and isn’t inherently bad. Just, y’know, not something I can personally enjoy watching because of the minor errors