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Tim Gutterson, Raylan Givens and Dickie Bennett workshopping an amazing new play, tentatively titled “Search Your Soul, Numb Nuts.”

looking for investors - a quick return is almost guarenteed



Short film Palme d'Or (Palme d'Or Court Metrage)
“Leidi” by Simón Mesa Soto

Camera d'Or 
“Party Girl” by Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq, Claire Burger & Samuel Theis

Best performance by an actress (Prix d'interpretation feminine)
Julianne Moore for “Maps to the Stars”

Best performance by an actor (Prix d'interpretation masculine) 
Timothy Spall for “Mr Turner”

Award for best screenplay (Prix du scenario)
Andrey Zvyagintsev & Oleg Negin for “Leviathan”

Award for best director (Prix du mise en scene)
Bennett Miller for “Foxcatcher”

Jury Prize (Prix du Jury)
Jean Luc-Godard AND Xavier Dolan for “Adieu Au Language” and “Mommy” respectively

Grand Prix 
“The Wonders” by Alice Rohrwacher



one gifset per appearance → reception for the dramatic arts, buckingham palace (17/02/2014)

The Duchess of Cambridge joined the Queen and Prince Michael of Kent for a reception in honour of  the Queen’s 60 years as patron of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, held at Buckingham Palace. Among those on the guest list were international stars such as Uma Thurman, Joely Richardson, Joan Collins, Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Roger Moore, John Hurt, Ralph Fiennes, Timothy Spall, Alan Bennett, Edward Fox, and Michael Sheen. Amongst many others, the royals were treated to a performance by Dame Helen Mirren, who recited Prospero’s Our Revels Now Are Ended speech from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Later, Inside the White Drawing Room, the Queen greeted a line-up of stars, including Alan Rickman, Sir David Attenborough (representing his brother Richard who was too ill to attend), British film director Steve McQueen and comedian Lenny Henry, who made a joke about Helen Mirren’s film performance as the Queen. Pointing to the 87-year-old monarch and joking with McQueen, he said “This is Helen Mirren. She’s brilliant.” Later, Kate and Helen joked about an incident the previous night where William had jokingly called her “Granny.” Helen said of Catherine: “How delightful she was. Very sweet.” And about the Queen, she said: “I am genuinely always attracted by her aura, her twinkle.“ Actress Ms Horrocks asked the Queen about the honorary BAFTA she was given in April last year and the monarch replied that she saw it all the time. "I keep it on the TV,” she said.

Bonkai Fic & Lyrics           |OneShoTuesday|    *Special Christmas Edition*

‘Tis the Season…

cover art by @unicornsince88 

For blood…?

This week we bring you a Special Christmas Edition of Bonkai Fic & Lyrics OneShoTuesday: “Christmas Fluff’ by the insanely talented and darkly hilarious @thefudge


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GOING EXCELLENT! We have soo much fun in there and have insane and must say some highly dirty conversations hehe;p  If you would like to join us in the private DM chat on twitter every Monday at the end of the week please let one of the admins or another member know! We talk about the fic that is featured and the 21 song list that was chosen; among SO MANY OTHER THINGS haha;p. We welcome you to bring YOUR song suggestions for that fic or any other song suggestions that we could use for future ones. We also encourage you to suggest Bonkai fics to us and the group;) DON’T BE SHY! WE LOVE THE ENTHUSIASM xx

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WE DID IT! hahah And we shall be giving you all our explanations for the featured chapter fic “By and Down” by @thenameismaynard ;) So be sure to keep an eye out for that! We will continue to do so from now on; we received amazing feedback from everyone and found that you guys really enjoyed hearing exactly how we pick each song so thank you so much for taking the time out to read our ooober long explanations LOL xx


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We hope and are sure that everyone is enjoying the Chapter Fic “By & Down” by the Miss Matel | @thenameismaynard ;)  

We’re sure some have already snuck ahead to part two which will be released 12/17 along with a new playlist to accompany it !  

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