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Sherlock: *does nothing*


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Tony Mentions - Season 14
↳ 14x23 - Something Blue

  • Jason: When I die, [again], donate all of my organs to children in need, except for my middle fingers.
  • Roy: What do I do with those?
  • Jason: Give them to my brothers. They're the last fucks I have left to give.

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Don’t do it, don’t you dare, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTA-

shit, it’s too late

I gotta hug him, nothin’ I can do now


  • *the Justice League is over at Wayne Manor having a meeting for some reason*
  • *loud explosion happens upstairs*
  • *lots of screaming*
  • *Tim can be seen running across frantically on fire*
  • Bruce: What is happening up there?!
  • Dick: We're okay! Don't come up!
  • *cue gun shots*
  • Jason: Put the fucking fire out!
  • *the sound of fireworks can be heard*
  • Damian: Why do you have fireworks in your room?!
  • *glass shatters*
  • Dick: Why did you push him out of the window?!
  • *more screaming*
  • Superman: Shouldn't we go help?
  • Bruce: Know which battles you should run from, Clark. They'll be fine. Let's continue.

Look at Sherlock’s concentration on John’s eyes. He doesn’t blink once and doesn’t dare remove his gaze because he doesn’t know the next time their faces will be that close, if ever again. This. This gives him an excuse to look so deeply into John’s eyes at such a close range. He knows John isn’t pulling Sherlock in to kiss him, but I’m almost sure as hell he damn well imagined it.