April’s Monster of the Month is, well, we can’t actually remember. But there’s something about this wallpaper drawn by David Timoney that seems familiar… If you’d like to download this and help in the fight against this mysterious alien creature, click here.  Now you won’t be able to look away and forget them!

World Champions 2008-2016 by School

Behold: a list of all schools from 2008-2016 that have won a solo world title. I’m assuming this hasn’t been done before? How it works is each champion will be counted once, regardless of how many times they have been champion. If any schools have merged together, their champions will be counted together regardless of if the title was won before the merge. If any schools have changed names, it will be under the most recent/current name. Please message me with any corrections (I’m sure there will be quite a few), and I’d be happy to send anyone the full list with names and all, if you want it. Enjoy!!!

Richens-Timms, Morgan, McLaughlin, Kiely-Walsh, Mulvenna, Aaron Crosbie, Curley, Scoil Rince Ui She, Comerford, Fegan, Inishfree, Turley-Duggan, Scoil Rince McDonagh-Timoney-Fahy, Lynn-O’Grady-Quinlan-Connick, Fiona-Gaye Moore, Anthony Costello, Rince na Tiarna, Croghan-Greene, Scoil Ui Nuallain, Flynn O’Kane, Scoil Rince Ui Bhriain, Teelin, Dennehy, Lambe, McGahan-Lees, Sheila Hayes, Smith-Houlihan, Broesler, Simpson, Ni Chearra-O’Baolain, Lavin-Cassidy, Kelly Hendry, Conway-Lally, Armstrong, McCutcheon, Coleman, McNelis Cunningham Boyle, Carol Leavy, Doherty, Caroline Greene, O’Connor, McTeggart, Higgins, Anthony Savage

McGing, Ceim Oir, Sylvan Kelly, Mullane Healy Godley, Scoil Ui Ruairc, Harney, Mona Ni Rodaigh, Scanlon, Kenny, O’Shea-Chaplin

Trinity, Carey, The Academy, Glendarragh, Murchu Duiginn, Rinceoiri Na Riochta

Butler-Fearon-O’Connor, Carson-Kennedy


Scoil Rince McConomy Bradley


What’s in a pair of shoes?

You put them on every day, no big deal.

Well, when great actors go to work even the smallest of details can have a “meaning”.

When Heath Ledger decided to play The Joker in the film, The Dark Knight, he spent months doing research and playing around with concepts and ideas.

When it came to the costume, the first item that he decided on was the shoes. He found a pair of shoes that seemed to encapsulate who The Joker was to him. It was months before he came to a conclusion on the shoes, just the bloody shoes.

Can you imagine the detail and work that went into creating that character?

For the rest of the costume he drew upon real life examples; Terrance Stamp, Bill Wyman, Adam Ant, Keith Richards and Iggy Pop were all influences for the costume.

This is the work that great actors do, and they don’t suddenly just start doing it when they get a big role, it’s the reason they get a big role. This is the way they have always worked, be it when they were learning at acting school or doing their first professional job. They are obsessed with the character.

This is the work of a method actor. Method actors care as much about the character as they do about themselves.

They look at every single little aspect of the character and build something extraordinary.

It’s not for everyone, though. Some prefer to take shortcuts or simply can’t be bothered to do this kind of work.

For method actors, it’s not a hardship it’s their pleasure and joy.

The results are plain to see. Heath’s Joker was a masterpiece, and it all started with the shoes.

—  Brian Timoney, a Method Acting Coach

“Hero Worship” is a series of vector based images I did for a potential skatedeck design line of Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and Skrillex (The Holy Trinity of EDM musicians). The name “Hero Worship” and religious parody concept came from the idol status and enormous fanbase that masked and EDM DJ’s such as Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Skrillex have achieved. 

(© Net Timoney,  Do not remove)

Schools with Girls in the Top 10 at NAIDC 2015

Got bored and decided to do a tally. Sorry for any mistakes and please tell me if I have made one!! 

*** Note that these numbers are only from the girls’ results.

1- Marie Moore, Donny Golden, Carey, Ryan, McGough, Legacy, An Cor Rud, Corda Mor, Hogan, Irwin, Tir Conaill, Lenihan, Richens/Timm, Scoil Rince Naomh Attracta, Early-McLoughlin, Gilchrist-Canavan, Christine Ayres, Penk-O’Donnell, Haughey McAuley, Scariff, Burke-Conroy, Jackson-Williams, Boland, Beglan, Shea-Jennings, Michael Patrick Gallagher, Blakey, McDade-Cara, Steel, Verlin, Nevin, McGing, Forbes, Gallagher, Tim O’Hare, Fitzpatrick, Dillon Magh Adhair, McDonagh-Timoney-Fahy, O’Shea-Chaplin, Celtic Irish Dance Academy, Watt, Short, Kelly-Oster, Tir Na Greine, Bell, Southern Academy, Stillson, Trinity, Brady-Kenny-O’Brien, McGrath, Millenium, McConomy, Clarkson, 

2- Ardan Academy, Schade, Mayer, Turley-Duggan, Cleary, Drake, Lavin-Cassidy, Gilleoghan, Houston, Cashel-Dennehy, An Rince Mor, Clark, Ardmore, Wick, O’Rourke

3- Griffith, Mulvenna, Woodgate-Shamrock, McGahan Lees

4- Doherty, Dennehy, Goggin-Carroll, Regan-Rankin, McGinley, Hagen-Kavanagh, Teelin 

5- Inishfree, Heritage, Nora Pickett, The Academy, Sheila Tully

6- Ceim Oir, Knock 

7- Broesler, Celtic Steps

9- Murray 

10- Scoil Rince Clann McCaul, Lynn-O’Grady Quinlan-Connick

11- Harney 

12- Mulhern

15- Butler-Fearon-O’Connor

19- Doherty-Petri

Chris Dankland reads 36 poems in 10 minutes



1) Delia Pless
2) Crispin Best
3) Ana Carrete
4) Bianca Shipton
5) Luming Hao
7) Guillaume Morissette
8) Jamey Strathman
9) a kid named Jonathan
10) Miranda July
11) James Ganas
12) Angela Shier
13) Daniel Toumine
14) Steve Roggenbuck
15) mirabye.tumblr.com
16) a random thing I found on the internet
17) Frank Hinton
18) Mark Leidner
19) Chris Ware
20) Penny Goring
21) Steve Roggenbuck
22) David Fishkind
23) Absis Minas
24) Jackson Nieuwland
25) Scott McClanahan / Beach Sloth
26) Paige Gresty
27) Sarah Jean Alexander
28) Chelsea Martin
29) Sam Pink
30) Russ Woods
31) Rachel Benson
32) Kathleen Jesme
33) Rosi Steak
34) Johnny Bryan
35) Ben Kopel
36) Tao Lin

this video was made for a webshow hosted by the dublin-based group The Bluebottle Collective – CLICK HERE to watch the whole show, featuring videos by: 

Juliet Escoria, Aliina Lindroos, Oscar Bruno D'artois, James Ireland, & the pupils of St. Brigid’s School, Mullingar feat. Paul Timoney