There are only five photos in Timo Klos’s series “To Mark Time.” In each photo, there is a bus stop. There are no people in the photos—neither at the bus stops nor anywhere else. There are no buses, either, which is perhaps not so surprising when you notice that none of the bus stops face a trafficked road. The absence of buses is even less surprising when you learn that the bus stops are fake. Constructed outside of nursing homes in Germany, these bus stops are not transit points. They are destinations. Residents suffering from dementia wait at the stops for buses that will never come. They wait and they talk and they remember, until they are escorted back inside, or return of their volition, having forgotten where it is they won’t be going that day.

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Timo Klos, Orr. The images are interesting as he exposed the image for as long as each activity took, this was done on the last day he would ever see his girlfriend, which gives it a sadness but also an interesting as it gives it depth. I could do something similar as the man in Loaded for Duck is stuck in the same position so can only see one thing all day.