Hello tumblr.

Hey guys (and by guys, I mean my zero followers).  So this is tumblr.  I am amazingly confused at the moment, but when I figure everything out, this will be the home of the start of my career.  See, I want to be a writer, but not just any writer.  I want to be a tech writer, and I want to be the best in the business.  Places and sites like Engadget and This is My Next have inspired me, and I follow them almost obsessively.  Technology is my passion, and writing is what I’m good at.  It is a perfect fit.  Unfortunately, I’m not really in the right part of the world for this job.  I live in the middle of nowhere, far, far away from any big city with a place for me to gain any experience that looks good on an application.  So, while I wait for my 18th birthday (I’m 15 now), I thought I might as well try to gain some experience and see what it feels like to actually do the job I so yearn for at the moment.  This may be a failure of epic proportions, but if you really want the speculative opinion of a 15 year old, click that follow button to hear from me about everything technology.  You might just learn something.

This Is My Next Engadget.

Over a year ago, the only website I kept visiting was a consumer technology news website called ’Engadget’. Engadget was the first website that gave me a reason to turn on the computer. It was the first website that got me into blogging. It was the first website that I actually enjoyed.

I enjoyed it not only from how much detail they put in covering their news, but from how they present the news. Sure, like any other website, there are posts, archives, comments, podcasts; but their speciality is podcasting.

Their podcasts were the main reason that made me want to visit their website. (This may sound odd, but I didn’t find their podcast from their website itself, I found ‘Engadget’ on the iTunes store podcast section.) So what I did was I downloaded one of their 30 something megabyte podcast, and I put in a lot of my time listening to it. (I had a fever of 103°F, so that meant I had a whole day to myself.)

Before the podcast started playing, I had doubts: “Would this be like those other podcasts I downloaded, boring and too much tech jargon?” and “Wow, this surely must be a waste of time.” I then decided to hit the play button, and soon, an 8-bit version of Cascada’s “Evacuate The Dancefloor” started filling my ears. (My first Engadget podcast I listened to was #201, were they discussed about Microsoft’s “Kin-spiracy”, Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS and the iPhone 4.)

The podcast when on for what seemed like a few minutes, but it actually went on for more than an hour and a half. When it finished, I took off the stock Apple earphones, and I was smiling. I wanted more. Their podcasts were brilliant– they were hilarious and informative, and they didn’t contain too much complicated tech jargon! (I’m sure the word 'iPhone’ isn’t one of those complicated argots.) Engadget nailed it. I became a fan.

Months then passed, and things soon changed. The more and more Engadget changed, I started paying less attention to them. I stopped listening to their podcasts, I declined whenever I had the chance to visit their website, I also began to think that everything they did was overrated. And suddenly, something really bad happened.

I wouldn’t think of it as something really bad, but If my younger self back then had been reading about it, then it would be shocking. The company AOL (the folks that used to sponsor Engadget) “fired” their editor-in-chief, Josh Topolsky. Topolsky was the man behind the podcasts, the guy who gave humorous remarks in podcasts, he was the whole reason Engadget is one of those sought-after websites on the fabric of the internet. Soon after that, the rest of the crew were slowly getting “fired” as they were being replaced by people I don’t even care about. (harsh, harsh.) But all hope didn’t seem lost.

Josh Topolsky, leading his ex-crew, are heading towards a new place in internet stardom. They’re planning to start their own little 'revolution’. They’ve created a project called ’This is my Next…“ It’s an uprising Consumer Electronics news website. My next Engadget.