[Part 2][181020] Happy Birthday ZhouZhou - from 5mileslove

✩ NOTE: The time on pics is 1 hour earlier to that in China (bcuz Weibo automatically updates the time zone in my place)

11) At 17:20 (5:20 pm): When you turn around, these green mountain peaks, lost their color.

12) At 18:24

13) At 19:00 (when ZZ’s Final Light 2018 in Beijing started)

14) At 20:16

15) At 22:20

16) At 22:26


one year anniversary of ‘walk slowly’

don’t keep saying that i don’t understand
don’t keep saying that i can’t be hurt
the wind glided over as well and left a trace of warmth over my lips
don’t tell me that you will still be here
i said nothing as i had fell too silent
you held my hands tightly
unable to hear my voice saying “don’t leave

[181020] WEIZHOU weibo update

☆ Trans: “For 3 years, you guys have been here all the time. Hope that you guys will always be here in the future. You are my light, so in the future, I wanna celebrate every birthday with you guys.

Also, thanks XiaoRuo @QiaoXin, good brothers @Forget_and_Forgive (the band crew) and lady @ZhangLiangYing from Nanjing.”

–> Happy birthday baby! We will always be here with you ♡