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“Do you remember that restaurant where we used to get the chocolate croissants and the espressos in the morning?” Hammer asked Chalamet, who simpered in response. “Do you remember that little place on the piazza where they had the pizza and the other stuff?”

“Ahhhh, yeah,” Chalamet gushed.

“You remember everything,” Hammer said.

“Speranza!” Chalamet recalled, referring to an eatery.

“Yeah, Speranza,” Hammer said. “Where they had the fish. I mean, Timmy’s got some great memories, too. It was an experience that was so surreal and such a treat that honestly if nobody saw the movie, if nobody liked it, if it didn’t go anywhere, I’d still carry it with me as such a point of pride.”


timmy’s secret wish is the worst episode of fairly oddparents i have ever seen :’D - forget about chloe or sparky or season 10 - this is the one where it turns out that timmy is actually 60 years old and cheated his way into never having to let go of his fairies - which results in cosmo and wanda losing Poof.

Naturally, all of this ends with Timmy getting his fairies, Poof and his youth back, without any permanent consequences or punishment whatsoever.

i cannot believe this ;____;

  • dan and phil: *dont have a dog*
  • me: how DARE you do this to me. in my own home. in my own town. where i raise my crops. where i pay my taxes. where i raise my family. where i married my wife. where i gave up my life to spend time with little Timmy. where we throw the ball around ? how dare you. the audacity. the aw das city.

“Look at me baby, let me see you smile”

Here is your Rhysothy fluffiness as promised (^u^) @he-raised-you-from-purrdition

Comfort (Batmom x Tim Drake)

Request: I came across your blog a couple of days ago but then lost it and ahhh found it again! I love it so much:3 so if it’s not a bother can you do an imagine where batmom helps Timmy with his first break up and it’s protective and fluff? Thank you! <3

I love Timmy 💕

Sorry if your name is Shelly oops

Thanks for the request!💕💕

You were at home, relaxing and reading a book. It was a quiet, sunny day and you were thankful to have a moment alone, away from the rough loudness of Tim and Damian arguing.
Damian was out volunteering at an animal shelter and Tim was with his new girlfriend, Shelly.
They had been dating for a month now and Tim really liked her.
You thought she was okay from the few times you met her.  She was polite enough and different from kids at his school. You had no problem with her.

You had just finished your book when Tim walked through the door. “Hey, Timmy! Why are you home so early?” You questioned, putting your book on the coffee table and turning to look at him. He ignored you, running up the stairs.

You were concerned but didn’t get up. You let him have space for a while before getting up to check on him.

You knocked on his door, concerned. “Tim? It’s me. Are you okay, baby?” You said softly. You grew even more concerned when you got no reply. “Tim, sweetie. I’m coming in.” You said gently, waiting for a few seconds before opening the door.

He’d been sat on his bed with red eyes and a sad look. Your heart broke and you walked closer, sitting on his bed and gathering him in your arms. "Do you want to talk about it?” You whispered.

He didn’t reply for a while, he just sat in your arms with his head on your shoulder. You let him sit there for a while before he looked up at you with puffy red eyes.

“Shelly broke up with me.” He croaked out. “Oh honey,” you grabbed him closer and let him cry it out. “I feel pathetic..” He whimpered.

“No honey, no no no.” You adjusted him so he could see your face. “Shelly let go of a beautiful, intelligent and bright young man today.”

He looked away, disbelieving. Your heart hurt but you were sure he felt worse. “It’s true. You’re Tim, a wise, beautiful boy. My boy.”

He looked up at you and scooted out of your arms. “Really?” 

You nodded, smiling brightly. “Come on, we’ll go out and forget all about Shelly.” You got up and walked toward the door. “Get ready and meet me at the car in twenty.”

You took him all around Gotham. To his favorite cafe’s, and restaurants. You even took him for a pedicure.

It wasn’t until you got to the third Starbucks of the day (it was going to be extremely difficult to get him to sleep) that you noticed the positive changes in him.

He seemed genuinely happy, cracking a few jokes here and there and smiling widely. You were happy he was enjoying himself. 

It was getting dark so you finally went home, carrying all of the shopping bags and your fourth cup of cofffee that day. 

You got out of the car, ready to fall in bed and sleep. You were starting to walk upstairs when you were stopped by Tim.

 “Thank you.” He smiled genuinely. “If it weren’t for you I would’ve just moped in bed all day.”

You smiled brightly. “Of course, Timmy. I’d hug you if I weren’t drowning in shopping bags.” You joked, lifting some up. He laughed and grabbed some from you.

Instead of his mind being full of thoughts of Shelly, it was instead full of thoughts of you and the amazing day you two shared.

A mother’s love and care is the perfect comort after all.

Break Up

(Tim Drake x Batmom!Reader)

Summary: It’s Tim’s first break up and he needs support from his mom

Requested: yes, by phenomenal @cupcakepella

Request: if it’s not a bother can you do an imagine where batmom helps Timmy with his first break up and it’s protective and fluff? From tim’s point of view?? Thank you!

Warning/s: heartbroken Timmy

Authors note: this is in Tim’s POV (sorry if this is not what you meant)

How could she do this? I trusted her. I gave her my heart and she stomped it. Oh God I sound like Dick.

I stomped through the Manor and past the kitchen where I saw Alfred and (y/n) together. She’s Bruce’s wife and even thought I haven’t been here for too long, she already treats me like a son of hers and even calls me her son.

She noticed my gloomy face and stopped me in my tracks. “Hey Timmy, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I replied with a short answer and quickly, trying to get to my room before any more questions. And it worked. Before (y/n) had the chance to ask me a follow up questions I dashed to my room.

Not even five minutes after I got away from the kitchen I heard a knock coming from the other side of the door.

“Tim? Can you please open the door?” (y/n) asked, her voice muffled by the door. I debated whether I should open or not. After a few seconds of thinking I got up from my bed and opened the door.

She practically ran in with ice cream and movies. “What’s this for?” I picked the movies to see that they were Sci-Fi. “Well, even though you didn’t exactly told me what was going on I read between the lines.”

“And what exactly did you read?” I asked now looking at the ice cream that said ‘coffee flavour’ on it. I grinned, I might not be here for long, in this family, but (y/n) knows me like I’ve been a Wayne my whole life.

“You got dumped.” (y/n) said casually.

“Hey!” I yelled defensively, “I mean it’s true but still, hey!” 

“Sorry Timmy. Do you want to talk about it?” (y/n) asked, whilst taking a seat on my bed, the tub of ice cream in one hand and the remote control in the other. I huffed a sigh and sat next to her. I grabbed another spoon and started eating the ice cream.

“She cheated on me…..”

“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry,” (y/n) said, “Come here.” She hugged me and stroked my hair, it was actually very calming so I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. “If she couldn’t see what an amazing boy you are then she didn’t deserve you.”

I looked up at her and smiled, “Thanks….mom.”

She hugged me even tighter and we soon continued watching the movie and eating ice cream.

1+1 = for life

When I had this in mind, I didn’t expect it to end up being this long. It’s probably the longest work I have written up to date. I had to put it under the keep reading line because it is just too long. I wanted this to be a fluffy piece but I’m not sure if I managed to send that message across but hope anyone who gives this a read, enjoy! I am off to do some quick shopping and then I will be back to post some more requests!

Word count: 3933

It really was supposed to be a short fluffy piece…

Bruce Wayne never does anything half-assed. You have known this ever since you started dating him a couple of years ago. But Bruce also never does anything less than what he is expected though ever since he got together with you – you being the longest and long-lasting relationship he is ever in – Bruce has taken the Gotham city gossipers by surprise with his change of heart. This did not mean he had stopped throwing extravagant galas or stopped attending any charity events or galas. It just means he did all of those with you in his arms or with an arm around you, looking like the very amazing power couple the two of you.

Which brings you to your earlier point: Bruce Wayne never does anything half-assed.

You are currently standing in the Wayne manor, looking at Dick who is grinning widely at you. You have met each and every one of Bruce’s sons through the years of being together with him. Not only that, you also knew his secret life as The Batman and by proxy, you knew his sons’ identities too. It was not that hard for you to deduce given the amount of time you spend together with Bruce and his family.

“Happy 10th anniversary, Y/N!” Dick wraps his arms around you, giving you a tight squeeze causing you to laugh. You have seen this teen grow in to a very handsome and well-mannered man. “Thank you for putting up with Bruce!” You laugh at this and Dick pulls away from the hug, taking out a folded note from his pocket. “Unfortunately, none of what you are supposed to look for are here and instead, you have to go look for them.” His voice is laced with mirth and you are a little bit confused yet excited at what’s in store for you.

“Okay, so what is Bruce doing for our anniversary this year?” This is a thing between the two of you. Always trying to one up each other on your anniversary and since this year is your 10th anniversary with Bruce, you are extremely sure he has something extravagant planned for you. You would not put it past him not to do so. Last year you had surprised him with a private dinner with everyone that holds a place in Bruce’s heart and spent the entire day doing charity work with him. It did not sound as exciting as this plan Bruce has for you.

The grin on his face stays as he stares at Bruce’s love. Dick is forever grateful for the day Bruce had met you because ever since that day, he had gradually changed for the better. Dick unfolds the note. “This day is dedicated entirely to you, F/N L/N, the love of my life. With the help of the boys, I am choosing to embrace the fun and excitement of having you go on a scavenger hunt!” Dick reads out the note and you blink a couple of times.

“I definitely did not expect a scavenger hunt… but how hard can this be?” You look at your heels and Dick chuckles before picking up a nicely wrapped present that had been beside his feet. How did you miss that? Dick hands it over to you. Amused, you take it and unwrapped the present when Dick tells you to do so. “He definitely has this planned out – did you tell him I wanted new shoes?”

Dick nods his head. “You did say the soles of your old shoes became very slippery on almost every surface.” Dick takes your heels from you and watches you put on the new sports’ shoes. “Anyways, back to the note.” You nod your head, asking him to continue. “When you complete the scavenger hunt, your present will be waiting for you right at the start.:

But before you could even ask for any clues, Dick redirects you to the front of the manor and a smile appears on your face when you spy Alfred with an adorable mini-cooper. “This is your ride, Y/N. Good luck with the scavenger hunt!” Dick presses a kiss on your cheek and you made your way to Alfred.

Alfred gives you a bow. “Ma’am.” He nods his head at you before opening the door. “Master Bruce has given me strict instructions to be driving you around today.” He gives you a small smile when you thank him, getting in to the brand new car. Alfred gets in to the car and drives you, the both of you chatting lovingly about Bruce.

Alfred brings you to the very first place for your clue – a place that you know very well. This bookstore is one of the places that you always frequent because of how close it is to your workplace and they also had the best services you have ever encountered.

The moment you step outside of the car, you are greeted with Damian. You engulf the youngest Wayne in your embrace, causing him to squirm in embarrassment but hugged you back nevertheless. “Good afternoon, Damian.” You pull back to look at him.

Damian gives a curt nod to Alfred who then excuses himself. You could only look in confusion. Damian holds your hand. “Your clue after this is within walking distance so Pennyworth will be meeting you there.” He leads you inside the bookstore and surprisingly, the bookstore is empty and the lounging area has been transformed in to something very cozy too. “Father has paid enough money to the bookstore as to not lose any possible income just so I can do this for you.” Damian tells you without prompting.

You sit down on the sofa. “Thank you, Damian.” The both of you shared the love of reading books and would normally meet up frequently to discuss the books you have read with him. Damian loves how you never tell him no whenever he recommends books to you. “So what are we doing today?”

Damian hands you a poetry book. “Walking down memory lane.” He says in a matter-of-factly tone as he makes himself comfortable beside you. He is currently holding a new book – the book you had only recommended to him last night. “Father told me he buys books for you here almost every month.”

You nod your head. “Yes, he did. He knows I enjoy reading and I love buying physical copies of books as well.” You smile when you remember the times Bruce would show up at your doorstep or your office with a new book in hand and a bouquet in the other. It always makes you happy to know that he pays attention to the littlest things you have mentioned off-handedly. “In fact, this poetry book had been the first one he got me when we first started officially dating.” You giggle when Damian’s expression changed in to something like being wary. “Don’t worry, Dami. I won’t be telling you how that happened.”

“Tt.” Damian nods his head. “Your next clue will be ready whenever it will be ready so until then, we shall enjoy some time reading.” You are game with that – reading with Damian is always a fun thing to do and the atmosphere in the bookstore is simply lovely too. You only just realized that the typical cheery tune that normally plays in the background has been changed to something else – a piano piece that you cannot name but liked anyways.

True to his words, the both of you spent over an hour – close to two – reading your choice of books. Quality time like this is really hard to come by especially since you don’t live in the Manor – not because Bruce has yet to ask you but because you just did not want to move out of your apartment in the case things went south between Bruce and you – and also because Damian is busy with his school and nightly activities.

The door to the bookstore opens and Tim walks in, carrying your favourite drink – judging from the smell! – and a sandwich for you. Damian stands up and help you up, bringing you over to Tim. Tim hands the drink and food over to you.

“Drake, I need a minute with Y/N, if you please.” Damian stares pointedly at Tim who simply shrug his shoulders and walk outside. You turn to face Damian who is now staring at you. “Thank you for being with my father, Y/N. I also want to tell you thank you for not pushing me away when all I wanted to do then was push everyone away.” Damian tells you, his ears are tinged with red and you feel touched by what he had said. “Happy anniversary, Y/N – I hope you will continue to be with my father. You are really good for him.” Damian stares at you with an expression that you cannot read.

So instead, you wrap your arms carefully around Damian – you didn’t want to spill your drink on him! – and Damian winds his arms around you tightly. You press a kiss atop his head. “Thank you, Damian and I hope so too.” Even though initially you had occasionally dropped hints of marriage to Bruce, over time, you simply stopped hoping because being in a relationship with Bruce – no matter the label – is enough for you.

Damian nods his head before he pulls back. “Drake should be bringing you over to your next clue. Good luck, Y/N.” Damian all but pushes you out of the bookstore and Tim greets you happily outside.

“Happy anniversary, Y/N.” Tim gives you a kiss on your temple – darn this boy for being taller than you! – and hug you briefly. You grin at him, thanking him for the food and the drink. “I paid using Bruce’s card so really, you can thank him later when you see him.” He winks at you and you nod your head.

“So where are we going, Timmy?” You ask him as the two of you began walking down the block. Tim simply smiles, leading you down to a very familiar road.

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New Americana (Part Two)

Pairing: ReaderXBellamy

Part One

Warning: swearing, small violence

“My feet hurt.” Timmy grudged next to you in a low whisper. The two of you had been following the now group of strangers for the past hour, staying just far enough away from them to allow your hunter ears to pick up on what they were saying without them hearing you.

You had learned that the blonde girls name was Clarke and the other boy who had been with her was named Finn, although some members of the group called him spacewalker. The three that had joined up with the group about 50 minutes back went by the names of Wells, Murphy, and Bellamy. They were on a rescue mission to find another member of their group named Jasper who had been attacked by what you could only guess were Grounders.

“You guys wanna keep it down or should I paint a target on your back?” you heard Finn snap from his position at the front of the group, the sudden volume of his voice making you flinch. For a brief second you had feared that the comment had been directed at you and Timmy, as if the group knew of your presents but just wanted to see how far they could drag you along. His comment however was directed at Bellamy and Wells who were bickering about something you couldn’t quite hear. 

As the group moved forward so did you, Timmy stepping on your heels and tripping you every so often from how close he was following you. You could practically feel his nervous breath on your neck. You made sure to be much more cautious than you were back at the waterfall, partly because now any unplanned noises weren’t drowned out by a waterfall and also because you would now have to kill off 5 people rather than 2 if anything went wrong. 

“Can we please turn around, nothing interesting is happening.” Timmy pleaded as you came to a halt behind a tree, the group stopping next to a bush with several broken branches on it, a sure sign that something had come through the area recently. 

Before you could open your mouth to respond to him however, a loud moan could be heard from further up in the direction the group had been traveling. You quickly racked your brain for what it was that laid up ahead in that general area, retracing your multitude of hunts in your mind. You glanced around quickly, looking for any landmark that would be able to jog your memory, however nothing stood out. This was an area of the forest that even you hadn’t been to, meaning it was unmarked territory, meaning anything could be up ahead, Grounders included in the anything. 

“What the hell was that?” Murphy asked, his voice low but harsh. The group stood frozen for a brief moment before Clarke broke out into a run in the direction of the sound, the group following obediently as if they were dogs following their master.  

“(Y/N), no-” Timmy began, however you didn’t let him finish his sentence before you sprinted off  towards the sound as well, flanking just to the left of the group. You tried to stay as light on your feet as you could in fear of being heard, however the run didn’t last very long before you came to a screeching halt at the edge of a small clearing. 

You let your legs give so you could drop behind a bush out of the sight of the group which now stood no more than 20 yards from you, you and them reaching the clearing at the same exact time. Timmy was no where to be heard stumbling through the forest behind you so you assumed he either stayed back or decided enough was enough and headed back to camp without you. 

“Jasper.” you heard Clarke choke out, your eyes finally snapping away from the group and taking a more detailed look at the clearing. 

It was a small field with a large tree planted directly in the center of it. In that tree there was a boy, his body tied tightly to the trunk of the tree, dried blood all over his flesh. 

Your eyes examined the tree first before moving to the area around it, almost immediately recognizing the set up. It was a trap the Grounders often used for catching wild animals, more specifically the animals that were too dangerous to kill with weapons and close contact battle. The bait is at the base of the tree and a covered pit sits right in front of it. The moment the animal steps into the space in front of the bait it falls into the pit where there are normally spears pointing upwards awaiting it. 

You knew traps like these inside out, mainly because you had been the one who had helped design them when you used to be a Grounder.

“Oh my God.” you heard Clarke stutter again before stepping forward toward the tree, her instincts to protect drawing her towards the boy.

It was now that you were faced with a moral dilemma, stay as a bystander and let the girl fall to her most likely death, or jump in and save her only to have the group possibly turn on you and kill you. After all, if there was one thing you had learned about the 5 while watching them it was that they were extremely unorganized and dysfunctional, not to mention that they were all terrified. Seeing a random girl walk out from behind a bush might set them off and they could kill you on the spot. However, you couldn’t just let Clarke walk into the trap. You sighed, watching the girl until she was only a foot away from the edge of the covered pit before standing up and stepping out from behind the bush.

“Stop!” you shouted, everyones eyes immediately turning to you, Clarke stopping dead in her foot prints, confusion on her face. 

“Who the hell are you?” Finn questioned, not wasting anytime before pulling out his knife and holding it up  towards you as a warning to you to stay away. You glanced at everyone else who seemed to have followed Finn’s example rather quickly, the only one without a weapon in their hand being Clarke.

“My name’s (Y/N) and I don’t mean you guys any harm.” you began, stepping forward with your hands up in the air showing you had no weapons. “You’re about to step into a less then friendly trap and I just don’t want to see you get skewered.” you coaxed, stopping once you were about 15 feet from the group, hands still raised in the air vulnerably. Clarke, Wells, and Murphy’s eyes all broke from you for a moment, observing the ground only to notice a thin seam where fabric met the ground. Both Bellamy and Finn however remained glued to you.

“(Y/N) we need to leave- shit.” you heard Timmy’s voice speak from behind you, cutting himself off when he finally stumbled out of the woods and saw you standing in the middle of the opening, knives pointed at you. Clarke, Wells, and Murphy’s eyes now returned from the ground to observe the new unknown person. 

“Whose he?” Finn questioned, nodding his head in the direction of your out of breath friend. You glimpsed back for a second to see Timmy with sweat pouring down his forehead, his chest heaving as he stood at the edge of the forest a few yards from you. His face was frozen in terror.

“He’s my friend, he’s harmless.” you coaxed, returning your eyes to Finn, his knife trembling ever so slightly in his hand. This only backed up your belief that they were all scared.

“Oh shit.” you heard Timmy murmur, assuming his eyes had fallen on the trap. 

“Listen, I would love to sit down and go through some icebreakers, but right now we need to get your friend down from their.” you spoke calmly, trying to hide the urgency in your voice. 

“Hell no (Y/N), you and I are not a ‘we’ with these people, let’s go home now before we get ourselves killed.” Timmy spoke, stepping forwards towards you, everyone in the group tensing at his sudden advance. “You know all to well the shit that type of a trap is mean’t for, we need to go.” he warned, his voice dropping low as if that would make you listen to him more.

You glanced at Timmy for a second before looking back at the group, juggling possibilities in your mind as you looked at the five terrified faces. 

Tim Drake - Stand by You

These next few will be all DC for a bit, so enjoy, everybody! This is just sleepy, angsty fluff, with no real plot to it. Based on one line from the song Stand by You by Rachel Platten: “Even if we can’t find heaven, I’d walk through hell with you.”

Warnings: Angsty? Mentions of injuries and a lil bit of swearing. 

Wordcount: 1237

Notes: I’ve been finding present-tense a lot easier and more fun to write than past-tense. So unless I’ve already started a series (Search and Rescue, for example) in past, I’ll be doing present-tense for now. Enjoy!

It’s not exactly a nightmare, but it isn’t a good dream either. As you gasp awake, eyes flying open, your hands clutch at cold sheets. For a minute the what remains of the dream is painted, twisting like smoke, onto the dark ceiling. You scramble away, hands raised to shield your face.

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"kirby is for kids"

“hey little timmy! whatcha playing there?”

“nothing dad! just the game where you fight an angel that cries blood!”

“and later i’m gonna play that game where you murder a witch and destroy her soul”

“and after that i might play the game with a guy that betrays you, gains godlike powers and tries to kill you, then you kill his soul which looks like a monster”

“oh timmy you and your kids games”

Wherever your heart goes

Request: When Mark sees you at church again and the two of you are exes

“Hey did you hear?” your best friend Amy nudged you, “Mark’s back in town”

Raising an eyebrow you looked at her, “Really?”

“Yah, his parents went to pick him up from the airport two days ago and he came with one of his bandmates..I’m not sure what his name is…he has really light hair.” she said nodding.

JB  You thought to yourself. “How do you…” you started but realized, “Right, the two of you are neighbors”

“Exactly, and might I say Mimi, he looks superfine” she said  with a smirk, “He’s really changed over the last four years.”

You looked at her, “Really now”

“Mhm” she said looking at her nails, “And from what I heard from Tommy and the guys,  he’s still single”

“Yah, that’s cause he and I broke up at the end of tenth grade year no? He’s probably been focused on training, you know he’s part of GOT7 now”

Yup, you had dated Mark Tuan for about two years, from the summer of ninth grade to the day he left in the middle of tenth grade. The day at the airport still played clearly in your head. You had left him standing at the gate, the necklace he had given you on your one month together in his hands as you ran away with tears streaming down your face.

“Still, you did leave him at the airport without a word…” she nudged you, “I bet he still has feelings for you” her eyes narrowed, “Don’t deny you still have feelings for Mark either cause I know you, and you totally regret that day”

Amy knew you too well, of course you weren’t exactly over Mark. It’s been four years though, a lot has changed and you were a hospitality student studying at UCLA and on the verge of graduating and you were sure Mark changed just as much being an idol as such.

“I’m pretty sure he found someone in Korea while he was training and he’s happy” you said sighing. “Plus, in reality its been four years, more or less, we’re two different people now.”

“Woman, did you not hear me say, he’s still single?” SINGLE!“ she yelled quietly.

"You don’t know that” you whispered to her.

“The ring” she deadpanned taking out her phone and showed you a picture, “The ring you got him when you two were celebrating six months together, he never takes it off”

The picture was of him and his members, the ring that you gave him still sitting on his right hand ring finger.

“If he was dating someone, I highly doubt he’d be wearing that ring” she looked at you and sighed, “I heard he was coming to service with the guys today, they should be here any minute now and I told them we’d save them seats so just…try to talk to him later okay? Maybe at the youth event or something. Remember you’re performing”

You stayed quiet, your mind working. He never took off the ring…and yet you gave him back the necklace…why didn’t he take off the ring? Didn’t he know that the ring could cause scandals?

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