timmy where are you

  • dan and phil: *dont have a dog*
  • me: how DARE you do this to me. in my own home. in my own town. where i raise my crops. where i pay my taxes. where i raise my family. where i married my wife. where i gave up my life to spend time with little Timmy. where we throw the ball around ? how dare you. the audacity. the aw das city.
Comfort (Batmom x Tim Drake)

Request: I came across your blog a couple of days ago but then lost it and ahhh found it again! I love it so much:3 so if it’s not a bother can you do an imagine where batmom helps Timmy with his first break up and it’s protective and fluff? Thank you! <3

I love Timmy 💕

Sorry if your name is Shelly oops

Thanks for the request!💕💕

You were at home, relaxing and reading a book. It was a quiet, sunny day and you were thankful to have a moment alone, away from the rough loudness of Tim and Damian arguing.
Damian was out volunteering at an animal shelter and Tim was with his new girlfriend, Shelly.
They had been dating for a month now and Tim really liked her.
You thought she was okay from the few times you met her.  She was polite enough and different from kids at his school. You had no problem with her.

You had just finished your book when Tim walked through the door. “Hey, Timmy! Why are you home so early?” You questioned, putting your book on the coffee table and turning to look at him. He ignored you, running up the stairs.

You were concerned but didn’t get up. You let him have space for a while before getting up to check on him.

You knocked on his door, concerned. “Tim? It’s me. Are you okay, baby?” You said softly. You grew even more concerned when you got no reply. “Tim, sweetie. I’m coming in.” You said gently, waiting for a few seconds before opening the door.

He’d been sat on his bed with red eyes and a sad look. Your heart broke and you walked closer, sitting on his bed and gathering him in your arms. "Do you want to talk about it?” You whispered.

He didn’t reply for a while, he just sat in your arms with his head on your shoulder. You let him sit there for a while before he looked up at you with puffy red eyes.

“Shelly broke up with me.” He croaked out. “Oh honey,” you grabbed him closer and let him cry it out. “I feel pathetic..” He whimpered.

“No honey, no no no.” You adjusted him so he could see your face. “Shelly let go of a beautiful, intelligent and bright young man today.”

He looked away, disbelieving. Your heart hurt but you were sure he felt worse. “It’s true. You’re Tim, a wise, beautiful boy. My boy.”

He looked up at you and scooted out of your arms. “Really?” 

You nodded, smiling brightly. “Come on, we’ll go out and forget all about Shelly.” You got up and walked toward the door. “Get ready and meet me at the car in twenty.”

You took him all around Gotham. To his favorite cafe’s, and restaurants. You even took him for a pedicure.

It wasn’t until you got to the third Starbucks of the day (it was going to be extremely difficult to get him to sleep) that you noticed the positive changes in him.

He seemed genuinely happy, cracking a few jokes here and there and smiling widely. You were happy he was enjoying himself. 

It was getting dark so you finally went home, carrying all of the shopping bags and your fourth cup of cofffee that day. 

You got out of the car, ready to fall in bed and sleep. You were starting to walk upstairs when you were stopped by Tim.

 “Thank you.” He smiled genuinely. “If it weren’t for you I would’ve just moped in bed all day.”

You smiled brightly. “Of course, Timmy. I’d hug you if I weren’t drowning in shopping bags.” You joked, lifting some up. He laughed and grabbed some from you.

Instead of his mind being full of thoughts of Shelly, it was instead full of thoughts of you and the amazing day you two shared.

A mother’s love and care is the perfect comort after all.


“Look at me baby, let me see you smile”

Here is your Rhysothy fluffiness as promised (^u^) @he-raised-you-from-purrdition

Tim Drake - Stand by You

These next few will be all DC for a bit, so enjoy, everybody! This is just sleepy, angsty fluff, with no real plot to it. Based on one line from the song Stand by You by Rachel Platten: “Even if we can’t find heaven, I’d walk through hell with you.”

Warnings: Angsty? Mentions of injuries and a lil bit of swearing. 

Wordcount: 1237

Notes: I’ve been finding present-tense a lot easier and more fun to write than past-tense. So unless I’ve already started a series (Search and Rescue, for example) in past, I’ll be doing present-tense for now. Enjoy!

It’s not exactly a nightmare, but it isn’t a good dream either. As you gasp awake, eyes flying open, your hands clutch at cold sheets. For a minute the what remains of the dream is painted, twisting like smoke, onto the dark ceiling. You scramble away, hands raised to shield your face.

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anonymous asked:

I came across your blog a couple of days ago but then lost it and ahhh found it again! I love it so much:3 so if it's not a bother can you do an imagine where batmom helps Timmy with his first break up and it's protective and fluff? Thank you! <3

Thank you! <3 

Of course, it isn’t a bother! And I love this aww it sounds adorable! I added it to my list! thanks for requesting! :)

anonymous asked:

Sorry. I had to steal someone's art ability for an hour to do a thing. In other words I did the thing in that one fairly odd parents episode where Timmy stole Chip Skylark's ability to sing. I'm sure you'll be happy to know the thing I drew came out great.

lol thanks

Wherever your heart goes

Request: When Mark sees you at church again and the two of you are exes

“Hey did you hear?” your best friend Amy nudged you, “Mark’s back in town”

Raising an eyebrow you looked at her, “Really?”

“Yah, his parents went to pick him up from the airport two days ago and he came with one of his bandmates..I’m not sure what his name is…he has really light hair.” she said nodding.

JB  You thought to yourself. “How do you…” you started but realized, “Right, the two of you are neighbors”

“Exactly, and might I say Mimi, he looks superfine” she said  with a smirk, “He’s really changed over the last four years.”

You looked at her, “Really now”

“Mhm” she said looking at her nails, “And from what I heard from Tommy and the guys,  he’s still single”

“Yah, that’s cause he and I broke up at the end of tenth grade year no? He’s probably been focused on training, you know he’s part of GOT7 now”

Yup, you had dated Mark Tuan for about two years, from the summer of ninth grade to the day he left in the middle of tenth grade. The day at the airport still played clearly in your head. You had left him standing at the gate, the necklace he had given you on your one month together in his hands as you ran away with tears streaming down your face.

“Still, you did leave him at the airport without a word…” she nudged you, “I bet he still has feelings for you” her eyes narrowed, “Don’t deny you still have feelings for Mark either cause I know you, and you totally regret that day”

Amy knew you too well, of course you weren’t exactly over Mark. It’s been four years though, a lot has changed and you were a hospitality student studying at UCLA and on the verge of graduating and you were sure Mark changed just as much being an idol as such.

“I’m pretty sure he found someone in Korea while he was training and he’s happy” you said sighing. “Plus, in reality its been four years, more or less, we’re two different people now.”

“Woman, did you not hear me say, he’s still single?” SINGLE!“ she yelled quietly.

"You don’t know that” you whispered to her.

“The ring” she deadpanned taking out her phone and showed you a picture, “The ring you got him when you two were celebrating six months together, he never takes it off”

The picture was of him and his members, the ring that you gave him still sitting on his right hand ring finger.

“If he was dating someone, I highly doubt he’d be wearing that ring” she looked at you and sighed, “I heard he was coming to service with the guys today, they should be here any minute now and I told them we’d save them seats so just…try to talk to him later okay? Maybe at the youth event or something. Remember you’re performing”

You stayed quiet, your mind working. He never took off the ring…and yet you gave him back the necklace…why didn’t he take off the ring? Didn’t he know that the ring could cause scandals?

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Immaculate Conception ~ A Britchell Adoption Ficlet for Vickymaus

It’s that time of the year again. It makes me want to write tooth-rottingly sweet fluff. Warnings for OOC, married adorable boys.

This is for vickymaus, who came up with the idea of Timmy being the angel at his school’s Nativity play. It got a little out of hand. I hope you like. :-)

“Daaaddy,” says Timmy, looking up at Anders from his Playmobil farm. “What’s an immaculate conception?”

Anders nearly chokes on his tea; eyes growing wide as he stares at his son. “Where…where do you…did the teacher say that, or where do you know those words from?”

Timmy shrugs; the standard answer when he thinks something is not important enough to discuss it, or has simply forgotten it. Anders knows very well he won’t get any further information as to the source of the words. The boy might very well have heard them at school. Because of his long blond curls and blue eyes, Timmy has been cast as the angel in the annual Nativity play. It’s likely the teacher talked to the children about the background of the Christian representation, and that’s probably where Timmy got the term from. However, that doesn’t help Anders with an explanation.

“Well, um, it's…” he stutters, feeling the blush creep up his face.

Mitchell comes from the kitchen, dishcloth in one hand and a plate in the other. He shoots Anders a grin before he kneels down and speaks to Timmy.

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