timmy wears prada

Top 20 Played Songs In My iTunes Right Now:


2. Timmy Wears Prada- Timothy Vs. Drej & Pete

3. Trebles Trebles [ft. MBrothers]- Benny Benassi

4. Where Them Girls At [ft. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida]-David Guetta

5. L'Operap- Mozart L'Opera Rock

6. The Way I Am [Recorded Live On Wers]- Ingrid Michaelson

7. Stereo Love- Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina 

8. Palladio- Escala

9. Fancy Footwork- Chromeo

10. Rolling In The Deep- Adele

11. Life Less Ordinary- Carbon Leaf

12. Beer In The Bar-Basshunter

13. Harder Better Faster Stronger- Daft Punk

14. Blablabla- Gigi D'Agostino

15. Memories [ft. Kid Cudi]- David Guetta

16. Whoa Is Me- Down With Webster

17. New Low- Middle Class Rut

18. Set Fire To The Rain- Adele

19. Kylie- Akcent

20. The River- Good Charlotte



Rocking out to this, at the moment.