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to never again say my name like an apology // a three part gift for the lovely @androbeaurepaire‘s birthday. [Part 1]

— Dean, loving and being loved by his found family.

Shown in a flashback on March 15 (exactly 10 years before this episode took place), 6 days before Timmy’s birthday. I made a post about this already but decided to get some visual evidence.

Also, I realized that Timmy’s dad said he’d be crushed if he had a son, and in another episode he says his dreams were shattered many years ago. (“How many years ago?” “How old are you?”) This could be because Timmy turned out to be a boy, and while his dad is supportive, he’s still disappointed that he didn’t get the ‘daughter’ he wanted.

There’s also quite an emphasis on the 'feminine’ stuff that Timmy’s parents bought for him, and on the fact they were expecting a daughter. 6 days prior to Timmy’s birth was when this happened, as mentioned earlier in this post. By then, expecting parents typically know what their child will be born as.

And right after this scene, it cuts back to Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda. Cosmo points out that there are pictures of baby Timmy wearing dresses, saying that what they just saw explains it. Timmy rarely, if not never, wears dresses or skirts by his own free will. On the occasion he wears a dress or skirt, he act embarrassed and/or somewhat mad about it. This is a common thing in trans boys around Timmy’s age.

Oh yeah, there’s an episode called Hex Games where Timmy accidentally misgenders himself repeatedly. According to the show’s wiki: “Timmy referring to himself as the new queen of the Skate Park and either Chester or A.J. will correct him that it is king due to the gender difference with queen and king” is one of the recurring gags of the episode. Easy mistake to make when you’re trans, especially if you haven’t been out that long.

Tl;dr Timmy’s parents emphasized heavily that they were expecting a daughter, being seen as feminine is usually something Timmy doesn’t like, and he has misgendered himself before.

trans timmy turner headcanons

1. when timmy was assigned fairy god parents, one of the first wishes he made was that he could have a “boy” body. when his mom and dad saw that timmy had gone from having a girl body to a boy body, he then wished that his parents memories would be altered so that they thought timmy had always been designated male at birth.

2. before timmy made that wish, his parents had been… supportive… of him, but also didn’t grasp the concept very well. they’re not the smartest, after all. they didn’t take it seriously at first. then when timmy absolutely insisted at the age of four that they call him timmy and let him dress like a boy, they finally took it seriously and allowed him to do as he pleased, even if they didn’t really get it.

3. in the episode where timmy wishes to be a girl, he has a thought in the back of his mind that he really honestly wonders what he would have been like had he been born with the mind of a girl. upon becoming a girl - both mentally and physically - he finally understands what it would be like if he’d been born a girl.

4. wanda and cosmo don’t ever question it when timmy asks to be a boy. they’ve had several transgender kids in the past. hell, a lot of fairies are trans or non-binary. even cosmo sometimes feels agender or non-binary in general.

5. timmy, although being a trans boy, sometimes goes through his boxes of old girl clothes and puts them on simply because he thinks he looks cute in them. why should clothing have a gender anyway?

6. one time remy buxaplenty sent juandissimo to spy on timmy and his fairies and jaundissimo heard timmy talking about how he used to have a girl body. juandissimo informs remy of this and the next time remy and timmy meet, remy makes a snide remark about it and wanda almost poofs him into space, she’s so angry.

7. sometimes timmy has nightmares about losing cosmo and wanda and all his wishes being undone. those undone wishes include his body change. he’s stuck in a female body again and he shakes in his sleep and sometimes wakes up in a cold sweat, frantically grasping at his chest to make sure it’s still flat and checking to see if cosmo and wanda are still there. other times, he doesn’t wake up. instead, he tosses and turns and shakes until it wakes wanda up and she has to run her fingers through his hair and hush him until he calms down. more often than not, she knows what he’s dreaming about from his sleep talking and she goes back to bed in tears, burrowing her face in cosmo’s back and telling him that she wishes timmy wasn’t so scared and how scared she is of him losing them. the idea of timmy having to go back to being stuck in a body he’ll always feel dysphoric in horrifies her.

8. any time one of timmy’s classmates makes a queerphobic/transphobic joke, timmy
has cosmo and wanda make them walk into a wall.

9. remy eventually apologizes for insulting timmy about being trans. timmy accepts the apology.

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fairly oddparents ended with butch's homophobic and transphobic ass now benzy's timmy turner rp blog (and all the fop rp blogs) are my new best friends.

timmy was a trans and bi kid, that butch didn’t understand
all of nic.kelodeon can go kindly suck my ass!