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Costume swap bc why not

Jason cannot swallow pills.
No matter how hard he tries he just cannot wash them down.
Without fail every time ends up with Jason choking and gagging at the bitter taste before spitting the offending medicine out and declaring that he would rather die again/pain was weakness leaving the body before stropping off.

Roy bonded with the Batfamily whilst watching Jason hurl a pot of antibiotics at the cave wall and pondering exactly how Arkham got anything down him. Did they succeed at all?

‘They crushed it and put it in his porridge’ Tim spoke up before walking over to his raging brother.

‘Here Jay calm down and have a yogurt.’ Tim handed a strawberry yogurt over to his disgruntled brother who grumbled a thanks.

Everyone stared.

‘What? Amoxicillin is pink? Strawberry yogurt is pink. Jay is non the wiser and enjoys his dessert. The infection is treated. Everyone wins.’

Dick gaped and shook his head. ‘How?’
‘I asked them? After the flu fiasco?’ Tim replied as if his older brother had just asked the obvious.

Roy blinked at his clueless boyfriend happily spooning yogurt into his mouth before shaking his head slowly.
‘Um Tim? That’s- that’s not ethical, Dude.’

Tim smiled. Tim smiled the smile that haunted every member of the Batfamily’s dreams and Roy swallowed.
'Ethics or Jason with a temperature below 38.7. Your choice Harper.’

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: What is the point of Timmy Todd in Batman: the Animated Series? I mean, you gave the kid Jason Todd’s origin story, his father is Two-Face’s lackey who was killed like Willis Todd, he has Jason smart-ass personality. Hell, he was even victimized and quit being Robin after a bad encounter with the Joker. So why did you go to the trouble of calling him Tim Drake when he’s very clearly not Tim Drake? the only noticeable trait he retains is his interest in Batman but not nearly to the extent the real Tim has. Why did the creators decide to give us Jason Todd in every way but his name? If it was to spare Jason’s less than happy origin, they should have actually told Tim’s less tragic backstory. I don’t understand it. Why would cartoons once again deny us Jason Todd for no foreseeable reason?

okay but how could anyone hate tim drake for this

when damian has literally never given tim a reason to trust him up till that point?

i mean, damian’s done some pretty shitty things to tim, which we as fans can overlook because we can see them from damian’s perspective.  tim is not a fan; tim is a person who sees damian only from his own perspective.  

y’all remember what the first thing was that damian did when he first met tim, right?  he tried to kill him, and damn near succeeded.  i don’t know about you, but if my first impression of someone was them literally trying to murder  me, i wouldn’t trust them either.