timmy o'toole

Guys, we lived something hilarious and horrible at the same time.

Most of you are aware of Frida Sofía, they searched her for 36 hours uncut, today they just revealed she never actually existed (yet there is a woman inside of the debris and they haven’t rescued her). They said they felt her fingers moving when they told her to move her hand; they supposedly gave her water and talked to her (saying she felt other 5 bodies, she didn’t knew if they were alive or not, and saying she was tired), but in the end it was a chinese box built by either the government or Televisa (the government’s slave basically).

So TV Azteca, Televisa’s archenemy, just aired The Simpson’s episode Timmy O'Toole (censored, of course) at 9:00pm or something along those lines. Probably mocking Frida Sofía’s case or just críticizing the great circus.

This is historic and brave guys. Especially because both TV stations have some kind of peace-pact where they can share actors and stuff like that.

Yes, we’re living in a huge tragedy. That’s why I’m not sure if I should laugh or get upset!