timmy being timmy

Tim Drake finally returns from his imprisonment and Dick’s first instinct is to wrap him in the biggest hug ever. But Tim had been isolated in a cage for months with no human contact and at least some sensory deprivation. So Dick’s hugs which once made him feel warm and safe and wanted and all those squishy happy feelings, just make him feel overwhelmed and trapped. He can’t help flinching as soon as someone touches him and even though being hugged used to be comforting, now it just makes his chest tighten with panic and his skin crawl and his head pound as he tries to cope with all the heightened sensory input. And all he wants is to relax in his brother’s arms and revel in the feeling of blessed human touch after being alone for so long but he just can’t and he hates it.

Jack decided that Timmy needs to have the same brand on the face too and Tim needed some help to cope with the pain and the only ones who never fail to help him would be the DigiJacks

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything. Tim knows he need to let it scar unless he want Jack to personally off him (or worse, brand him again). 

At least the DigiJacks would only need to be programmed to have the same scar, right? That comforted Timtams a bit.

hc tho: Besides being manually called, the DigiJacks automatically appears whenever Timtams is in terrible pain. But somehow the programming got messed up a bit and they’ll also appear whenever Timtam is in distress or if he’s emotionally hurt instead of just physically.


Happy Birthday to David Dastmalchian, an amazing and humble human being who is passionate about acting, comic books, his family & his fans.


“Look at me baby, let me see you smile”

Here is your Rhysothy fluffiness as promised (^u^) @he-raised-you-from-purrdition


I drew this for a FOP contest on FB and forgot to post it here. I don’t know if a winner was ever picked, but I still had alot of fun doing it. I got it don 10 minutes before the deadline so some things might be a little off. >u>”

Fairly Odd Parents was always one of my favorite shows as a kid and it helped me through a tough time by making me laugh. 9u9′ 

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Tim headcanons?

-Tim’s the poster child for the Wayne Industries charity work, he has travelled to several African nations, places hit by natural disaster and basically anywhere you think of when you think of charity work

-His favorite thing to do and the thing he is most popular for is building schools, he will visit the schools he has built and teach, and will teach the first couple of weeks after the schools opening until they can go on their own

-Tim made a wattpad account when he was 12 and published stories on there. It still exists. (He’s Gothamboy3) 

-Once when Tim was quite young, he ended up getting separated from his parents on the street. His crying attracted the attention of young Jason who led him back to his parents. Neither of them remember the encounter.

-He was once offered a place at Gotham University when he was 16, but turned it down to stay with his parents. When they found out, they immediately started trying to discreetly tell him that he was better than them and needed to pursue it

-Tim used to have night terrors when he was young, which gave him insomnia. Now he avoids sleeping almost every night because of the nightmares he is plagued by. 

-His nightmares are most often about his one of  his worst fears, which is that he was never actually good enough and that people told him that he was good enough his entire life because they pitied him

kidcore is usually relaxing, but tonight it’s just makin me sad. I wish I was a young kid again. I wish it was 2003. I wish I could relive kindergarden through third grade over and over again.

trans timmy turner headcanons

1. when timmy was assigned fairy god parents, one of the first wishes he made was that he could have a “boy” body. when his mom and dad saw that timmy had gone from having a girl body to a boy body, he then wished that his parents memories would be altered so that they thought timmy had always been designated male at birth.

2. before timmy made that wish, his parents had been… supportive… of him, but also didn’t grasp the concept very well. they’re not the smartest, after all. they didn’t take it seriously at first. then when timmy absolutely insisted at the age of four that they call him timmy and let him dress like a boy, they finally took it seriously and allowed him to do as he pleased, even if they didn’t really get it.

3. in the episode where timmy wishes to be a girl, he has a thought in the back of his mind that he really honestly wonders what he would have been like had he been born with the mind of a girl. upon becoming a girl - both mentally and physically - he finally understands what it would be like if he’d been born a girl.

4. wanda and cosmo don’t ever question it when timmy asks to be a boy. they’ve had several transgender kids in the past. hell, a lot of fairies are trans or non-binary. even cosmo sometimes feels agender or non-binary in general.

5. timmy, although being a trans boy, sometimes goes through his boxes of old girl clothes and puts them on simply because he thinks he looks cute in them. why should clothing have a gender anyway?

6. one time remy buxaplenty sent juandissimo to spy on timmy and his fairies and jaundissimo heard timmy talking about how he used to have a girl body. juandissimo informs remy of this and the next time remy and timmy meet, remy makes a snide remark about it and wanda almost poofs him into space, she’s so angry.

7. sometimes timmy has nightmares about losing cosmo and wanda and all his wishes being undone. those undone wishes include his body change. he’s stuck in a female body again and he shakes in his sleep and sometimes wakes up in a cold sweat, frantically grasping at his chest to make sure it’s still flat and checking to see if cosmo and wanda are still there. other times, he doesn’t wake up. instead, he tosses and turns and shakes until it wakes wanda up and she has to run her fingers through his hair and hush him until he calms down. more often than not, she knows what he’s dreaming about from his sleep talking and she goes back to bed in tears, burrowing her face in cosmo’s back and telling him that she wishes timmy wasn’t so scared and how scared she is of him losing them. the idea of timmy having to go back to being stuck in a body he’ll always feel dysphoric in horrifies her.

8. any time one of timmy’s classmates makes a queerphobic/transphobic joke, timmy
has cosmo and wanda make them walk into a wall.

9. remy eventually apologizes for insulting timmy about being trans. timmy accepts the apology.

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there's already disabled characters in south park. that fact that you made clyde disabled for drama purposes is disgusting

[[ ? Sorry? You act like the disabled character(s) aren’t in the story (and wont be in the future). The only reason Timmy (who is wheelchair bound) isn’t in this story is due to the fact he isn’t part of Craig’s gang. This story is focused on his gang, namely Craig and Clyde respectively. Token and Jimmy being secondaries. Tweek is being….third? haha but hes there.

It’s been 1 whole day (askblog time wise) into Clyde being “disabled” and you’re already throwing accusations and acting like this is purely for drama. How about wait a bit before getting upset. 

Also if you don’t like it, it’s still very early in the story and I am more than open to suggestions/opinions/comments to make this work better (research can only help so much, esp when its not technical and medical stuff). That’s a lot more helpful than just saying “You’re disgusting” which literally does nothing in helping the problem.

If your going to criticize something go all the way and actually help me and point out exactly what I’m doing wrong and what I should be doing to fix it. Like really. I am MORE than open to such things.

EDIT: Not sure if you misread/only saw that last update but, just in case theres a misunderstanding.

Clyde is temporarily disabled. The only long term effect of this is going to be a funky knee. He’s only in a wheelchair and not crutches because his left arm AND leg are fucked. Which…u kinda need a left arm to use crutches in that situation.  ]]