timmy barnes

Happy Birthday, Timmy Barnes!

Yesterday, November 10, 2015, was Timmy Barnes’s actual day of birth in the MPU. If the MPU kept up with reality, he’d be a fully formed little person right now! Let us celebrate with the following little story, written especially for him: 

For the first couple days after her brother’s born, Dot asks a thousand questions.

At breakfast:  “When will he smile?”

In the car after dance rehearsal:  “When does he start playing with toys?”

While Steve brushes her hair after a bath:  “Is he going to sleep and eat all day all the way until he’s able to walk?”

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anonymous asked:

I have so many feels about the Urban Ascent string quartet(s). Is the State of Ames in the band belt, where funding for music for schools is a given? Are there programs where children can get low cost instruments and lessons through their schools? Are any of the MPU children musically inclined enough that some of the MPU adults get to be Marching Band Parents or Show Choir Parents or Chamber Orchestra/Jazz Band Parents?

Because Ames is pretty much an idealized version of the world, yeah, arts are definitely funded adequately. I picture their school band programs working like the ones of my youth, where there’s instrument rent-to-buy programs that won’t break the bank and where at least the sort of early lessons are available through the school. With scholarships available for the kiddos who want to go further but might not be able to without financial help. 

Basically, I think it’s ridiculous we live in a world where kids who want to learn music can’t and I’d never allow that same sort of grossness in my fictional universe. Band was one of the best parts of my life. I’m not robbing my fanfiction children of that.

Dot learns piano (because Bucky plays and she begs for lessons to be like her dad) but never really latches on. But come band sign-ups, she cons her parents into letting her do percussion and the rest is history. I’ve talked before about tiny drumline badass Dot Barnes, and let me tell you: I can’t see or hear a drumline without thinking about her. Steve and Bucky will attend every marching band performance. Tony, Bruce, and the others will attend more sporadically.

Timmy plays trombone. Poorly. Very, very poorly.

Amy learns guitar at some point, one of her many attempts to find herself during high school, but I don’t think she sticks with it for very long. If anything, she wants to do a music thing because Dot is in music, but she never really feels as passionate about it as Dot.

Alex Fury plays the viola. Jackson Fury teases him relentlessly. He regrets it when his brother starts winning solo and ensemble contests and revealing that, okay, orchestra is maybe a little cool. Kind of.