Science leads to war. Ignorance leads to war. Wealth leads to war. Poverty leads to war. Pacifism leads to war. Religion leads to war. Atheism leads to war. Capitalism leads to war. Communism leads to war. Socialism leads to war. Democracy leads to war. Dictatorship leads to war. Anarchy leads to war. Gold leads to war. Land leads to war. Sex leads to war. The war between the Hatfields and the McCoys was started over a pig. Everything leads to war.
—  Wyatt Kaldenberg, in response to First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans’ statement that nationalism in Europe “is the road to war”

The ever breathtaking, hike to Stuart Falls. Nestled away in the Mountains surrounding the Provo Canyon, and Sundance this was by far one of the most breath taking hikes we took while film #timtimmerman

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Frans Timmermans, a Dutch diplomat and Vice-President of the European Commission, urged all members of the EU parliament to increase efforts to “erase single, monocultural nation states” and accelerate the process in which “every single nation on earth must eventually become diverse”. During his speech in the EU Fundamental Rights Colloquium 2015 he put special emphasis on the importance of “not allowing even the remotest places on the planet to exist without diversity”.

The future of humanity, so he says, no longer belongs to individual nations and cultures, but rather a mixed super-culture. Contemporary conservatives, who value their own traditions and want a peaceful future for their own communities, value a “past that never existed” and can therefore not dictate the future. Timmermans therefore implies that European culture and heritage are nothing but social constructs and anybody who says otherwise is narrow-minded. He concludes his speech by stating that Europe has always been a continent of migrants and European values inherently mean accepting diversity.

I’m sorry, but a past without mass immigration very much existed.

The Europe you “built” with the money of European peoples and rights and competencies taken from their elected governments to incorporate them into a “diverse” superstate ravaged by mass migration and permanent crisis can go to hell!

Nobody asked for it and no one still wants to pay the price for if it means erasing our very identities.