Tim McFarlane, acrylic on 5 panels, 2015, @bmayergallery #timmcfarlaneart #timmcfarlane #bmayergallery #phillystylemag #philadelphia #art #donartnews (at Bridgette Mayer Gallery)

timmcfarlane answered your questionMy aunt asked me if I was going to see The Help

Haven’t seen it, but it looks like the standard “spoiled white person learns about life from hip, oppressed minority…no need to see it.

That’s what it seems like to me as well. And just seems so obvious. Just another Hollywood movie where they acknowledge the racial minorities and “give them a movie.” I sound jaded but something just isn’t sitting right with me.

Throwback Thursday: “Figuring it out” (2008)

Messing around with my father’s old carpentry ruler. It’s one if the very few physical reminders of him that I have. I remember seeing it around the house when I was little, but not being allowed to touch it. Had he seen this photo, he might have had a fit…or laughed his ass of at my goofiness 😂😂
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Big changes at my job, in addition to holiday stuff have kept me out of the physical studio for a while. Things have calmed down a bit, so this week I’m beginning the next phase of activity. Let’s see what comes of this…
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