My First Day with the IQ250

In case you missed it, at the end of the last week PhaseOne announced the worlds first CMOS sized sensor for medium format cameras systems – the IQ250. Now at $35k its not something that I think most folks are going to run out the door and buy, but there’s no question in my mind that if you are a professional photographer and want the very best of the best; this is it.

The reason I’m able to say this with such confidence is because I’ve been shooting with the IQ250 for the past month alongside my favorite DSLRs (largely the D800 and a7r) and the IQ250 is by far the king of the heap. You can hop over to the PhaseOne site and see several of the images that I shot last month with big league mountain bikers Kyle Strait and TylerMcCaul – or if you like moving pictures – check out this video that we put together about my crazy first day shooting with the IQ250.


Do What You Love.

I love hearing people give speeches about work they love.  The inherent pressure of public speaking makes us try hard, and to do a good job.  I had the pleasure of hearing Northface photographer Tim Kemple (http://www.kemplemedia.com) speak and he said 3 simple and very profound truths.  

Above photo by: Tim Kemple

1.  Do what you love.

2.  Do personal work.

3.  Don’t quit.  

As I sat in the seat, the third resonated deeply.  Don’t quit.  Exiting a career that was successful, paid well, was surely fun, there were days I would doubt if this transition to sports.  Chasing down dreams, doing what I love?  Was this silly?  Childish?  No it’s not.  

I wake up daily, excited for what’s to come.  My mind is constantly stimulated, thinking up the next series I’m going to work on, who will I cast for it, what will the output be?  My soul is bright, I’m psyched on life, because I’m doing what I love.  These three truths do seem to be very connected.  The wonderful thing about doing what you love, is you seem to attract people in your life who are doing the same.  People such as Caroline Jordan, (carolinejordanfitness.com) a San Francisco, writer, fitness expert, coach, athlete, dancer, amongst other things who is on a similar path.  We’ve not only been able to collaborate on projects together, but share in the encouragement and excitement that comes when venturing past fear, and actualizing more in the real of possibility.

Above photo of Caroline Jordan, by Mark Kuroda

Or Natasha Wong, co-owner of Seldom Seen (seldomseen.co) who is actualizing her dream of curating fashion, and is brave enough to go for it!  

We tend to get hired for the work we show.  And if you’re not doing personal work, you’re getting hired for stuff you were excited about, a month, year, several years ago.  This drains the fun out of projects, no-fun leads to burn out. Hence, the necessity of personal work.  This is where you’re free to be bold, without client expectations, and show the world how bad ass you are.

So dear friends, please I urge you do what you love.  Thank you Tim Kemple for these re-assuring words.  Thank you too for your inspiring work that you put out there.


Life in Focus E01 - Tim Kemple

TECH TIP TUESDAY: Capturing images from the air is one of the most fun ways to create unique photography - the world looks a whole lot different when you get up in the sky. Whether it’s from a drone, hot air balloon, a fixed wing plane, or a helicopter the general rules are the same:
1) Shoot faster than 1/1000 of a second
2) Absorb the vibrations with your body (don’t use a tripod)
3) Learn exactly where infinity is on your lenses so you don’t have to autofocus
Flying high above the clouds in a Heli may seem far fetched but there are companies like @nyonair and @verticalcfi that offer flights over the cities at great prices. Maybe something to put on the list for 2015?
[Camera Info: This shot of the North Side of Denali was shot with a @phaseonephoto IQ180 digital back, ISO 100, 1/1250 shutter at F5.6 on a 28mm lens] - timkemple http://ift.tt/1A1VILe

@timkemple http://ift.tt/1MPZZan TECH TIP TUESDAY: The classic shots are classic for a reason - shoot ‘em and then get creative!
Sure we all want to be creative, and feel like what we are capturing with our cameras is cool/special/unique but don’t let your ego get in the way of capturing the classic shot. I almost always start my shoots with the ‘safe’ classic images so that I know that the client, myself, the model, etc have something to show for their hard work… AND what I’ve found is that the creativity starts to flow quickly after I’ve done a few of these ‘safe shots’. -
So, whether you’re camping on top of a mountain (like @renanozturk and I are here) or shooting in the studio, get over yourself, get a couple classic shots in the bag and then see where the creativity takes you. #techtiptuesday

A little throwback to one of the coolest first ascents I have ever done, “A Wrinkle in Time” V11 in Joe’s Valley. Thanks for showing me this one @timkemple and taking this rad photo! #bouldering #climbing #rockclimbing #rei1440project @prana @asanaclimbing @evolvusa @petzl_official @justins @mountainsmith @soill @clifbarcompany

A first person glimpse from behind the lens of the personal project I’ve been working on here in Iceland. You didn’t think it was all waterfalls and northern lights did you? •

A subterranean exploration of the glacial world combining athleticism, environment, and art. Stay tuned for more •

Thanks for all the hard work so far @smugmug @blackdiamond @klemenpremrl #rahelschelb by timkemple http://ift.tt/1HEx3Bc

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