Sport climbing in the sun! Is there anything better?

Here’s a throw back to one of the places I’ve most enjoyed shooting. Harriet jumped on this amazing 7c and flew up it so I didn’t really have too long to get shots. The sun was going down in the background and the Spanish scenery just cried out for a nice wide shot.

Traveling with photography is one of the most amazing things we do at CBTV. We can go on adventures discovering places people have been going to for years and bring back a fresh perspective.

Really enjoyed @timkemple talking about how, on a photography course, his teacher told him to always look for a fresh perspective!

Hope you enjoy the shot! This trip was mainly filming so we didn’t get too much of a chance to shoot photos. But it’s always fun to go on an adventure!


Life in Focus E01 - Tim Kemple

Sometimes you just have to take a moment to appreciate where you are.
Adventures come in all shapes and sizes from scaling mountain ranges to going for a walk with some friends. It’s hard sometimes to take the time out to realise where you are or what you’re doing.
Adventure for us is not just about the photos or the stories. It’s about the experience when you’re out there.
We see amazing shots from people like @natgeofound and @timkemple which show us adventure but we need to go out and experience it for our selves!