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after they had sex, dany falls asleep on jon’s chest and he is touching gently her hair, watching with teary eyes the goddess lying next to him and wondering how he got so lucky, he’s looking her angelic face, trying to catch in his mind forever how beautiful she looks while sleeping, so calm, so precious; he’s wishing she can open her eyes so he can surrender with pleasure in their deep and mesmerizing color, then he touches her cheeks with his knuckles, they’re cold like ice but there’s still a pure blush in them, jon procceds to her bottom lip, passing his thumb and touching it with tenderness, then, he leans carefuly to kiss her softly, aware that he can’t wake her up… she starts to smile slowly and he can’t help but laugh realizing she was awake all this time… god… he would really die for her…

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*in the middle of battle*

Pidge: good thing we’ve got an ACE up our SLEEVE!

Keith: pidge I swear to god if you use that one more time


it’s been 2 days but i still can’t stop thinking about how jin had to miss out on his once in a lifetime graduation ceremony for some awards show that wasn’t even that important since it didn’t include a comeback stage……how he must’ve worked so hard to be able to graduate university despite having hectic schedules and responsibilities of being a International Star, and yet, and yet, he didn’t even get to receive his diploma in front of his parents and celebrate with his classmates…..i wonder how he must’ve felt when those classmates sent him pictures of the graduation? god he must’ve been so upset but he still chose to share his self-graduation with us and made jokes to make us laugh…..i’m glad we got to see those cute ot7 moments but at the same time i wish we never had the chance to see that because jin was too busy attending the actual ceremony

in conclusion: please love and appreciate university graduate kim seokjin because he really, really deserves better 

rest in pieces, you meme-loving fuck

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Scout, your art for the supernatural artbook is awesome!!! So beautiful and funny!!! I can't get over all their little archangel faces x)

thanks so much! i’ve been getting sweet DMs and little messages here and there from people who’re starting to receive their copies of @supernaturalartbook. it’s the first time i’ve ever contributed to a big art book with tons of artists, so i’m really happy that you guys are liking it!!

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One of the reasons why I love following your blog is whenever you post art, you’re excited about it. Like “I had lots of fun making this!” Even if it’s something you’re trying to improve on. There’s just a lot of positivity and good vibes here and I dig it.

aw geez, that’s really sweet, thank you. art is just something that gets me so pumped!! it’s so satisfying when i see any scrap of progress real-time, it’s hard not to get amped about it, y’know!? just turn on those funny podcasts and start applying techniques i haven’t and dammit i have a good time

which is something good to practice!! try to look for the improvements in work, not how much still needs to be done. from experience, i’d say an artist in a good mood makes their best work!

You wanna really show a fanfic author you love them?
Marry ‘em


okay I felt bad leaving out the others I know of cause they’re so cute you guys, so cute.

So of course there’s @dinovia-grant who met her wife through the Startreck Voyagers fandom

Then @rtarara who I’m fairly certain met her wife in a roleplaying forum where her wife changed the gender of her character to make it gay (so the story fit better).

And then!! There’s @zennie-fic and @inspectorboxer who are married to each other and I s2g, no lie, they are the cutest people. FOR EXAMPLE. One time we were all in a group chat together and Zennie wanted something and Box saw it in the chat and went and got it for her and I was like, “god damn, that’s love.”

So anyway, I wanted to share. They’re all so lovely and I am so impressed. What initiative it takes to cross the country to get your bae


This is THE GREATEST coming out story you will EVER hear y'all it’s a classic and I will never live it down but I love it

So I do theatre tournaments for my school and we go out of town for them, and theatre kids are like 10% gay so you’ve got a good enough chance that, like, everyone hits on everyone at these things and we’re all in suits and it’s just awesome cuz you’ll never see these people outside of tournaments so it’s not like coming out will come back to haunt you cuz they can’t contact your parents! It’s great

Anyways, it was round 2 of the Auditioning event (basically you perform a monologue you’ve never seen before for a panel of judges and they rate you and say “yes I would cast you” “no I would not”) and I am GOOD at that event, so I placed 1st in my round 1 room.

I’m sitting on the floor with a boy and a girl who look to be about my age and we start talking about the event and our lives.

Eventually I make a casual comment about my homophobic mother and the girl kinda sits up and asks me a little bit about my home life and I’m like yeah it’s shitty but it’s fine, and she kinda smiles all reassuringly at me and gives me some advice and I’m like “dang she’s actually…really hot”

And she WAS oh god she was

A little later she asked “do you have a girlfriend then?” And at the time I didn’t, so I say “nah I’m not too good at that” and she says “at what?”
“Being…being gay, actually”
“Oh I’m sure you’re plenty fine at being gay.”

And time goes by (about fifteen minutes) and idk if she notices I’m hitting on her but I think the boy starts to notice so he switches the topic back to the competition and asks me “what place did you get in your room last round?”

I say “first! You?” He says he got third place, and I turn to the girl, kinda wink at her, and ask what place she got.

She laughs and said “oh no sweetie, I’m not competing! I’m his mother.”

Yes: she was his MOTHER.

So I kinda freeze and I laugh awkwardly and say “oh”

She says “aw you thought I was a high schooler? You’re so sweet! Did you not see my wedding ring?”

And I kinda laughed and said “yeah uh no I gotta go” and luckily they called my name to go read and she hugged me and wished me luck.

That’s the end, right?

There was another girl from my school, my now girlfriend, who witnessed this event and told the entire group from my school. I didn’t care. It was a great story. Until…

Outside of another one of my events, group improv scenes, I see HER WITHOUT HER SON outside the door. She comes up to me and started talking and wishing me luck and I’m over here dying because my friends are all waving and giggling about my “sugar momma” (oh did I mention—SHE HAS A RADIO TALK SHOW AND IS A MILLIONAIRE FOR FUCKS SAKE) and says “yeah I came to watch you perform! You’re so sweet!”

And I was like “haha yeah…”

We ended up doing great in that event, and I never saw her again (thank god) but to this day I still hear about the time I hit on a married 45-year-old millionaire with seven kids, one of whom was sitting right in between us.

I hope you all enjoyed my story.

ronan lynch: *looks at adam parrish*
ronan lynch: *continues to look at adam parrish for six fucking paragraph breaks even while other people are conversing right in front of them*
ronan lynch: *is an actual lovestruck dweeb with no chill*

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when did you start feeling confident about your art? like i wanna be able to post drawings online but i just feel like its not good yet and i would be embarrassed :/ did you ever feel like you didn't want other people to see your art because it wasn't good enough?

I started posting my art online since I was 11 years old haha. My art was complete shit, but I was always proud of it for some reason, probably because it was one of the few things that made me happy in life. Which is kind of hypocritical of me to say because I am SUPER critical over my own art. When it comes to artists, you improve along the way. Like I look back at some MM art stuff I posted back then (which was only back in September) and I’m just like “Wow, I drew that??? It looks like crap compared to how I draw now!” But, honestly, if you don’t think you’re good enough now, then when? There’s no set skill level you have to be when you can post your art. You just do it lol.

Here, if it makes you feel better, let me show you one of my FIRST works that I posted online that my very childish self was super proud of lmaooo

You see this shit? It was supposed to say Dark Angel (I was super into DNAngel at the time lmao) but dumb ass me spelled it Dark Angle. This was actually for this online magazine club I was part of in 6th grade that my teacher created. And you know what makes it even worst??? It’s the fact that I misspelled angel, aND MY MOTHERFUCKING ENGLISH TEACHER DIDN’T EVEN POINT ANYTHING OUT… AND HE WAS THE ONE RUNNING THE DAMN CLUB smh. 

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Adrien and the letter Y


This is not the first time they’ve been alone in his kitchen, in his big and lonely house, with no words whispered between them. 

Adrien can barely see, his eyes screwed tight as tears try to fall. The knife in his hand bites into the butcher block cutting board and he leaves it there stuck in the wood. 

Turning around, he uses the back of his hand to wipe his eyes. Leaning against the counter, fingers grip the surface. “How could you?” 

And Marinette has tears in her own eyes, he knows. He just can’t see because it stings too much to look. Her voice is small from where she stands, the width of his kitchen seeming miles long as they stand on opposite sides of the room.

“He seemed like such a nice guy at the time…” Marinette voice trails. 

He bites his thumb, the pain in his eyes too much to handle. However, the distraction doesn’t stop the tears that finally spill over on his cheeks. 

With a hoarse voice, he lets them fall and blearily looks at the woman on the other side of the room. For a breath, green eyes find blue despite all the tears. 

But then, he exhales and the biggest smile breaks across his face as he wipes the tears away again. Laughing, he moves across the room and grabs her in a bear hug.

“I swear to god, Princess,” he breathes into her hair. “Next time we go to the farmer’s market, let’s skip the onion stall.”

And though her cheeks are still tear-stained, he can’t ignore how happy she looks when she peers up at him. “Of course, babe.” 

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Thomas Hamilton is ALIVE and was reunited with his truest love in a scene that was the most pure expression of love I've ever seen with my own two eyeballs and they are happy and will spend the rest of their lives together and this is an actual thing that happened on a television show what the fuck. I'm still not over it. HELP


also. just. imagine james just crying so much and thomas saying ‘ten years - feels like twice as long’ to try and make him laugh. imagine thomas’s kind smile and james laughing through the tears. and then thomas starting to cry because oh god he’s wanted this, needed this, for such a long time 

The secret [to success] is… are you capable of understanding what went wrong and why it went wrong. That’s the real key.
—  Some drunk asshole youtuber called Markiplier

so today (4/4) is the tenth anniversary of the first episode of the ouran high school host club anime airing! (god it’s been ten years i feel old :’‘‘‘))

happy bday to an anime that’s kept me more than entertained over the last few years and still makes me laugh and cry to this day. remember to cherish your friends and family and good times in your life!

(shoutout to @starry-eyedandstormy for her patience while i struggled with this monster ahahahehe)


Every episode of Ghost Whisperer: Lost Boys

You were the brave one, Rat. You were trying to save us. You always knew the right thing to do. I can’t tell you how many times when I was out on the road and I’d think back on all the things you taught me. And not book things. Like how to survive and laugh at yourself. And I’m still always thinking, “What would Rat do if he was here?” He wants to know if you really think that. Yes, I do. Rat, I would give all the money I have in the world to see you one more time. All of you.

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I'm surprised no one said this yet. Naegi gets his ahoge cut off and no one in his class recognizes him. They're all wondering who this stranger sitting in Naegi's seat is. Naegi is oblivious.

A/N Hinata version here

Naegi Loses His Ahoge and Everyone Loses Their Shit

Ever since Naegi got his haircut, everyone was staring at him strangely.

That’s the weird thing. All they did was stare but nobody approached him. They were all whispering and talking with each other in hushed tones but nobody tried talking to him at all. Did he look that bad? He could take brutal honesty, seriously. It was better than being ignored like this. But he wasn’t going to be ignored for long since it looked like someone was finally approaching him.

“Who the fuck are you?”


Naegi was too stunned to reply accordingly which pissed them off even more.

“I said who the fuck are you?” Mondo repeated as he cracked his knuckles threateningly. “Better talk before I make you talk.”

“Violence is prohibited, bro!” Ishimaru yelled from the sidelines.

“Relax, it’s not like I’m going to beat him up…” He paused. “Too much.”

“He’s totally gonna beat him up. Poor guy.” Leon commented.

“Um… I think he’s too scared to talk. So why not try a different approach?” Fujisaki timidly suggested.

“Good idea, Chihiro! Let’s send out our friendliest!” Asahina seconded.

“Unfortunately, Naegi is absent today.” Sakura remarked.

What? WHAT?? Absent? But he’s right here! Guys, he’s right HERE!!

“Oh, yeah…” She tilted her head in thought and then her eyes widened as she gave light push to her fellow classmate. “Then how about our runner up!”

“Me?” Maizono asked her incredulously but didn’t turn her down. So she then walked to Naegi and asked, “Excuse me but you’re sitting in our classmate’s seat. Are you a transfer?”

Naegi blanched. Were they really serious about this? This has to be a joke.

“It seems that he remains unresponsive. How unfortunate.” Celes commented.

“Move aside. I’ll do this before we waste any more precious time.” Togami commanded as then he glared at Naegi. “A peasant like you has no place here. Get out.”

“Y-yeah! You heard h-him! Get going!” Fukawa seconded from behind him.

First he wasn’t recognized and now he was getting kicked out? All because he got a stupid haircut?? Is this even real???

“Guys… it’s me… Naegi, your classmate.” He weakly tried to explain.

“Eh? Naegichi? Is that you?” Hagakure asked in disbelief.

“Impossible!” Yamada firmly objected. “You lack the tell-tale characteristic of his! I refuse to accept that you are the same person when you’re clearly lacking a ahoge!!”

Aaand that’s it. He just confirmed his suspicions. Just how exactly did everyone see him? A walking ahoge?? Nobody recognized him just because of his haircut. Well sorry for wanting to try something new.

He wanted a new look, not a new identity.

“Hold it.” Kirigiri interrupted. “It’s still too early to confirm or to deny his claim.”

Naegi internally screamed. Not Kirigiri too!

“Who cares? This is way too funny!” Junko cackled.

“Please take this seriously, sis.” Mukuro admonished her.

“Yeah, yeah. Sure. Oh, what EVER happened to POOR Naeggs?” Junko wailed dramatically and then discreetly winked at Naegi.

!!!! She knew! She fucking knew! But knowing Junko, she wasn’t going to let anybody know. Not when she was having so much fun watching this unfold. Naegi sighed. Trust his luck that the only person on his side… wasn’t really on his side at all. This was just too painful to deal with.

So Naegi quit.

He got up and walked out of the classroom. He skipped classes for a month just until his ahoge grew back. The school excused him as “missing” since even the faculty couldn’t recognize him and thus, no news was heard about him. When he came back to class, he let out a sigh of relief as everyone flocked to him in worry but most importantly, in recognition.

From time to time, he unconsciously checks his ahoge if it’s still there and if his identity is still in tact.

Ever since Naegi got a haircut, he decided to never get one again.