timid arts


@pewdie, Marzia, @therealjacksepticeye, @wiishu, @markiplier, and Amy (Peebles)

I’m always kind of timid about posting my art on here, but I’ve been working on these for a long time. So long that you can actually see my progression as I got more comfortable with digital art (which is why some of them are sloppy)

Please don’t repost any of these anywhere. Reblogs are obviously okay.

Here’s something (late) that I have been working on for a while. It’s an anniversary picture for MOTHER3 in a vibrant and lineless style. I’ve been trying to work with backgrounds and lighting more, as most of my art lacks those things, so it’s something a bit new!

Here’s to 11 years of this spectacular game! 🌻 💕


This weekend has been hectic so far with workin the job and mothers day, but ive been able to work on some of the sketches for lineart experiments! not as many as I would have hoped to finish by now, but im still goin goin! o3ób

Tested out a new brush in the first pic, which requires each line to be one stroke compared to my usual tendency to “sketch” clean lines. while it saves time smoothing out rough edges, to get the line right can be quite tedious :U Also experimented with some lineless cuz it seemed interesting! Im actaully very pleased with how @ask-nyanshine turned out, however going lineless takes a lot more time than regular lineart at this point :y who knows, maybe ill offer it as a variant in comms in the future? :0c

Featuring sketches by @ask-dazed-timid