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Project: Library Outtakes are here! 

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Week 13: Interview with Tim H (12.11.2013)

Q: Tell me a little about yourself personally and creatively.
A: I’m a young aspiring filmmaker and I’m currently wrapping up my first web series. :)

Q: When and what made you get into filmmaking?
A: I got into filmmaking when I was about 13. I was obsessed with Star Wars and my early films consisted of myself and my younger brother awkwardly swinging toy lightsabers at each other. I slowly began to involve more school friends until I eventually decided this was a passion I wanted to take seriously :)

Q: I understand that you’re in university, how is it so far? What has been the most memorable lesson that’s taught you to be the great filmmaker you are now?
A: I’ve recently graduated actually! I’d never be able to name all the things I learned over my time at university, both on the course and by extension during my extra-curricular work… I think I learned to appreciate all aspects of filmmaking. I learned the value of team work and how important every person is on a film crew. It’s a truly collaborative art form. 

Q: What are your post-graduation plans? Internship? Dream jobs? Or just stick with YouTube?
A: I’m applying to a variety of jobs and master degrees. Keeping all options open I guess. Seeing what sticks. Hopefully by working hard and never giving up I’ll eventually wind up working on features. But who knows?

Q: This is possibly the most difficult question I could ever ask a filmmaker, but I’ll give it a go - what are some of your favourite films and television shows? (Breaking Bad?????? am i right????)
A: I could go on for ages! Films: The Social Network, 12 Angry Men, Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, … TV Shows: Breaking Bad, classic era Simpsons…

Q: What makes a film great and amazing, rather than just alright?
A: Great characters. I think characters stick with us most… sometimes more than the story does. 

Q: So as everyone knows, you and a couple of other YouTubers just finished creating “Project: Library” (which, by the way, I’m so very excited for). What inspired you to create this project? What did you learn from this project? Both the positives and negatives.
A: “Project: Library” was a series I created with my friend Mike Cannon who I studied with at university. He pitched me the concept of a man who owes a library 1 million pounds and I fell in love with the idea. Together we created the world and the characters, Troy Bennett, Michael Foster, … Two years later, add a sprinkle of Benjamin Cook, a dash of Jack Howard and loads of other people in the mix and you’ve got yourself a web series. I couldn’t even attempt to summarise all the things I’ve learned from “Project: Library”

Q: Did you make this film for yourself or for an audience in mind while writing it? Why?
A: I made it because I loved the characters and something about the idea stuck with me. I couldn’t get it out of my head. Though I’d always imagined making it for YouTube.

Q: Who are your biggest film influences and why?
A: Steven Spielberg is my hero. I love his sensibilities. I love his ability to approach loads of different genres. He’s been able to go from war epics, to action adventure movies to comedy/dramas. If I become half the filmmaker he is, I’ll die a happy man.

Q: Any ideas about your next project?
A: Not a clue. Got a few ideas but I’ve yet to settle on any specific idea. Very tempted to try something radically different though :) 

Q: Okay, so, the thing is, my project is revolved mainly around capturing the audience’s attention from the first few minutes of it. Any tips and examples?
A: Watch “Mission Impossible III”, great example of how to instantly grab your audience! I think getting your audiences attention can be done through many ways. It’s hard to pin down any specific technique. But definitely make sure your opening is always strong. Your first show, first time we see your lead character or hear him/her speak… These are all important moments.

Q: What advice would you have for young students who are interested in pursuing a film career?
A: My advice would be to learn as much as you can. Get as much experience as you possibly can. Make your ideas happen, don’t sit on them for too long. Make something, learn from it and move on. If you make 100 films: your 100th film will be better than your 1st. I guarantee it!

Q: Any last words?
A: Thanks for interviewing me! Sorry for my response being late :( I hope my answers were good.

I was so excited when he finally replied my email! I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to interview someone as talented as Tim, especially with his new web series “Project: Library”. He’s help me to stop sticking around my comfort zone and to try new ideas because the more films I make, the more I’ll be able to learn from the previous ones. I’m excited to see what he has in store for YouTube and hopefully he’ll have more web series as successful (possible even more) than “Project: Library”.


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