I call this my “Circle of Life” theory because ANDREW HUSSIE is the PUN MASTER and he would TOTALLY do this.

Okay first of all.

All the trolls featured above are D.E.A.D. in canon okay? BUT! I think they’ll be back (maybe alive, maybe not- who knows how Hussie’ll do it) and fighting when The Update occurs. Why? Please look at the diagram above. Also note that I wanted to do this quickly and with the kids featured in the alpha session and with the dead trolls solely because they are the ones who play the biggest parts I think.

Eridan- PRINCE of HOPE- meaning he links to both Jake and Dirk.

Nepeta- ROGUE of HEART- linking Dirk and Roxy

Equius- HEIR of VOID- linking Roxy and John. Why John? John can go literally anywhere now, thanks to that ultimate weapon glowy house thingy. And he has already featured within the Alpha session, and wants to help Roxy in any way he can.

Tavros- PAGE of BREATH- linking John and Jake, completing the circle of life.

The Circle is surrounding both Feferi and Jane, and links outside the circle to Jade. Feferi links both Jane and Jade as the WITCH of LIFE.

And Vriska links to Aranea, both light players, and both trying to defeat Lord English (or at least Vriska was going to do that, but who knows if she was just speculating with Meenah. She got so far, why would she just stop herself without going over it in her head extensively? Probably wishful thinking, I know, but I just am so surprised Vriska would just… give up like that.). Aranea, even if she does succeed, will take the Condesce’s place. So she’s going to play a huge part either way.

On top of all this, why would Hussie link the dead beta trolls into the alpha session as well as to some of the beta kids who will play a big part in the session? There has to be a reason for it. AND why would he even feature Nepeta and Equius in —>Roxy: Wake up? And not to mention- all those dead trolls as well as Sollux, featured as the sprites for the alpha session. WHY??? It’s all very fishy if you ask me- pun intended.

quimmish  asked:

ah hello! I don't know if you do requests or anything, but could I ask for a drawing of the tenth doctor? my moirail is having a rough time right now, and I wanna cheer her up nun

We can’t have that now, can we? Especially not on moirail day!!! The Doctor’s going to try and fix it, and he believes in you.