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Wild West Wolf

This piece is a recreation of a photograph with the client’s character as the stand in, some details changed in an attempt to make it more accurate to the late 1800’s.  The $20 bills on the table should be period accurate, and to my knowledge so are the cards and poker chips.  Not that I was going for straight up historical accuracy, there’s plenty of leeway to for matching the original photo, and for making it a fun to look at piece.  Feels great to get my teeth into a more detailed piece after doing so many small commissions, and this one was truly a pleasure to make!

Prints available here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/517631242/wild-west-wolf-print

11 hours in PS6 with an Intuos pro tablet

Dan and Phil should play (2/?) : Bendy and the Ink Machine

So, apparently I am making this a series :D I’ll update it veeeeery sporadically, but it’s gonna be a series! :)
Anyway! I really hope they play this game, if not now at least when more chapters come out.
(also pls don’t repost this without asking or erase my watermark thnx)

Happy 10th year anniversary to one of my all time favorite Doctor Who episodes! Thought I’d bring this back to honor this pure genius of an episode that taught me not to “Blink” in front of weeping statues. I really miss these types of episodes—great cast chemistry, cleverly woven storylines that are not overly complicated but enough to make you think, and relatable characters. This, and “Vincent and the Doctor” are the total game changer episodes that made me fall in love with show. How I wish we get to see this side of Doctor Who again.

Edgartown Lighthouse, Martha’s Vineyard

I went on a day trip to martha’s vineyard yesterday hoping to do some watercolors with the little travel set I bought last week, but I just wound up pedaling around on my rented bike exploring and sweating all of my makeup off instead.

I posted to facebook for the 1st time in forever and thought I might dust off my old tumblr account and do the same. I’m a little surprised I managed to pick up a handful of followers while I was away. Thanks guys. : )

I’m going to try and update here more in the future, probably in tandem to my facebook posts. For now, here’s a print I did for Comicpalooza: The Sailor Senshi in old-timey sailor dresses.


@forcearama: ask and you shall receive!

also the TV Trope article about Old Timey Bathing Suits says that at some point (when showing legs was scandalous) it was a porn trope (probably more for women but “men could be arrested for swimming topless” so…). Yup…

faetouchedinthehead  asked:

If you were a character in an old-timey cartoon, like what Bendy is based on, what do you think you'd look like?

This is the design I used for my character when I made my title card for my playthrough of Bendy and the Ink Machine. Even though I designed this for a title card, I kind of consider this to be the “old-timey” design for my character.