One for the Books: Chapter 1


Summary:  Dan never expected Phil to seriously notice him. Sure, maybe he’d glance at his sign and laugh, but not even in his wildest dreams did he imagine actually getting called up onstage to do the one thing he’d dreamed of for years. But what happens when a simple kiss unexpectedly turns into something more? Musician!Phil/fanboy!Dan AU

Word Count (for this chapter): 3.1k

Genre: Fluffy smut

Extra tags: Musician AU, concerts, first kiss, getting together, first time

Warnings (for this chapter): Smut (but nothing explicit), swearing

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A/N: Based on a prompt from phanfic:

basically, dan is a total fangirl of phil, who’s a musician. phil does this thing, like halsey does, where he’ll be people’s first kiss at concerts. dan goes to his concert and phil notices dan, they kiss but it turns out to be a total make out session. you decide what happens next…

Yeah. Can you imagine how much I wanted to write this? Well, after nearly 3 long weeks, it’s finally here! I hope you enjoy!!

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First Time - Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted by moonlovesthedarkness

Requested by Anon-  Arkham Knight x reader’s first time


It was three days before Halloween when you were woken from sound sleep by the opening of your bedroom window. A shadow figure entered your room as you slowly and subtly grabbed the baseball bat you kept at your bedside for such emergencies. Quietly you rose from the bed, creeping up behind the figure when they turned to close the window. Raising the bat to strike, you prepare yourself to let out a healthy scream. The figure spun around to see you.

Panicking, you swing the bat only to have the figure catch it in his hand. A tiny squeak erupted from you, far from the scream you had wanted, as the bat was taken from your hands. 

“(Y/N), it’s me,” the figure said, flicking on the lamp to reveal himself to be Jason Todd, your…well you weren’t entirely sure what he was to you. Calling him your boyfriend seemed wrong. The closest title you could think to give him was soul-mate.

You sigh with relief, holding a hand to your chest. “God, you scared me,” you scold. “Announce yourself next time.”

“Sorry,” Jason said, moving to set the baseball bat in it’s rightful place. “I had to see you.” It was unusual for Jason to come by so late. Obviously, you were happy to see him anytime, but he never came when you were sleeping before. You blush when you realize this is the first time he has been in your bedroom.

 “Oh,” you say as Jason turned to face you, looking at you with his dazzling blue eyes. Your heart melted.

Placing his hands on your shoulders, Jason stared at you with a seriousness you had never seen before. “You need to leave Gotham tomorrow.”

“What,” you asked, confused by what he meant.

His hands tightened on your shoulders as his eyes bored into yours. “Something bad is going to happen, and you need to leave while you can,” Jason explained. His eyes developing a wild look. 

“Jay, I don’t understand,” you say, reaching up to stroke his cheek. Your fingers traced the “J” scar. Jason’s eyes closed for a moment, enjoying the feeling of your hand on his cheek.

“Please,” Jason begged, taking your hand from his cheek. “I need to know you will be safe.” He squeezed your hand so hard, you thought he’d break it. The fear in his eyes froze your heart. How could you refuse him?

“Okay,” you agree, finding yourself relieved as he looked soothed by your answer. “I’ll leave, but what about you?”

Jason let out a breath, looking away from you. “There is something I need to do, but I’ll find you after everything is over.” You wanted to ask what that something was, but you decided against it. After all, you trust Jason to come back to you.

“Alright,” you say, wrapping Jason up in a hug. He returned it just as tightly. A moment later, his lips met yours with a passion. You felt him pick you up before laying you gently on the bed. He crawled on top of you, carefully to keep his weight off of you while never losing contact with your lips.

“You know,” you begin after Jason placed kisses down your throat. “It will be quite a while before I see you again. Maybe we should go farther this time.” Jason and you have made out before, but you never slept with each other yet. It wasn’t because either of you didn’t want too, you both did, but it was rather because it would be the first time for both of you.

Jason paused his kisses at your throat to look into your eyes. “Are you sure? We might mess up,” Jason worried, studying your face. “I don’t want to leave you on a bad note.”

You laugh before bringing his face down for another kiss, “We’ll be fine.” Smiling, you reached for zipper of his sweatshirt, pulling it down. Jason smirked at your actions, whipping off the sweatshirt and his t-shirt before crashing his lips into yours.

Your clothes and Jason’s were thrown about the room in your passion. Feeling his naked body against yours felt right, making you wonder why you two never did this before. You both fell into utter bliss. 

You woke up the next morning to movement around your bedroom. Barely opening your eyes, you saw Jason was already dressed and ready to leave. He was bent over your desk, writing something. You closed your eyes to pretend you were asleep because you couldn’t bare to see him leave. 

He set the pencil down, and you felt him approach you. Jason bent down, placing a light kiss in your hair. A few seconds later, you heard the window open and close. Your heart ached, you didn’t want him to leave. 

Opening your eyes, you got up slipping on your bathrobe before going to see what Jason wrote. The note was written on the back of an old envelope with a stack of hundred dollar bills next to it.  

 Here is some money to help you get out of the city. Be safe, and I’ll be with you soon. Love, Jason.

Two months later, you had just finishing hanging up your last picture on a wall in your new apartment when a knock sounded from your door. You open it to find Jason Todd standing there with a bag over his shoulder. He smiles sheepishly at you while you stare at him shocked. Recovering, you jump into his arms, kissing him hard. 

“I told you I’d find you,” Jason said once you let him speak. He tightened his arms around you.

“I know,” you say, raising your eyebrows at him. “I’m just surprised you didn’t use the window.” 

Drabble #1: You’re First Time

Warnings: mature content

Word Count: 434

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Slipping in the door after Justin your movements were feverish and quick, his hands firmly held your waist keeping you flush against him as your arms found their way around his neck, your lips molded together moving in sync.

“God you’re so beautiful.” He groaned emitting a whine from the back of his throat, his words sent bubbles throughout your body “Let’s get you out of this yea?” His fingers fumbled with the back of your dress before the zipper was pulled down making the dress loose around your body.

After that was shed your bra and panties followed, leaving you bare and vulnerable to Justin’s touch while he remained completely clothed. Taking matters into your own hands you tugged the bottom of his black V-neck over his head throwing it to the depths of the dark room carelessly, fidgeting with the button of his pants and the zipper you finally managed to get them to the floor leaving him in his Calvin’s.

His eyes locked with yours for a moment before he took you in his arms and pressed you against the california king, his flushed chest pressed against yours as his lips worked magic against your lip leaving you a panting, moaning mess.

“Are you ready?” He asked gently tugging the condom on himself so it was in place, tugging your lip in between your teeth you nodded doing your best to relax against his touch and he palmed the inside of your thighs “I’m right here, just relax and take a deep breath for me baby.”

Without warning he plunged into you with one swift motion the feeling left you gasping and flinching slightly in response to the foreign feeling “It’s alright, you’re okay it will be over soon.” Justin’s words were fuzzy and seemed distant, your eyes were clamped shut holding back the tears threatening to spill.

Finally your moved your hips slightly wanting him to move, he did so slowly and carefully, the feeling was still uncomfortable but now manageable.

His motions picked up, a sheet of sweat broke on the surface of his skin leaving him to glisten against the dim lighting of the moon light streaming in through the windows. The intimacy was thick in the room as both of your moans filled the silence.

In a final snap of the hips he met his high, cussing quietly before his body fell with a thud next to you, almost instantly he drew you against his sweaty body and pressed a kiss to your head “I love you.”

You Are Mine

‘You Are Mine’- MuteMath

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Warning/s: Kidnapping and creepy obsessive stuff
Rating: Mature (bit of violence, not much)
Pairing/s: Jefferson x Reader

Summary: You see him come into Granny’s Diner every day. He seems nice. He seems friendly. You chat sometimes, maybe you’ll ask him out sometime. He seems to like you. He seems to have a good heart. He seems like a good person.
But when have things ever been as they seemed?

Words: 1,010


“Jefferson’s here,” Ruby told you quietly, as she passed you with a coffee pot.

Turning and spotting him, you patted your clothes down and check your hair before going over to his table and smiling. “Hiya, Jefferson,” you greeted warmly, producing a small notebook and pen, “What will it be? The usual?”

Returning your smile, he nodded. “Yes thanks, that would be perfect.”

“Alright, I’ll go get that for you now,” you told him. “Nice weather today, isn’t it?” you commented as you jotted the details down.

“Lovely,” he agreed, “I’d sit outside but you don’t serve outside, do you?”

Looking up from your book, you met his playful gaze and felt yourself blush lightly under it- gods, this man was gorgeous and he always knew how to play with your heartstrings. “Oh, umm, no, Ruby does outside,” you mumbled, biting your lip a little.

He nodded and smiled at you. “Well then, I think I’d prefer to eat inside,” he informed you, adding, “Under your service.”

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About Time

About Time

Warnings: alcohol, smut (the smut part is shit tho sorry)

It’s been about a year since you’ve been integrated into the friend group of YouTubers; you was fairly small on YouTube, having a few thousand, which looked almost like nothing against your new friends, who had millions.

Recently, one of your friends had hit three million subscribers and had decided on having a party at Google HQ, where there would be many more YouTubers, some of which you knew. You wasn’t really into parties that often as you were quite an awkward person and would usually never go anywhere where there’d be sweaty, drunk people; but your friend had insisted that you go anyway; after all, you might enjoy it.

You looked over yourself in the mirror one more time before deciding it was a nice outfit. You was wearing a plain black dress, but the shoulders were off shoulder and had lace around the collar; also donning some black high heels as well obviously. You stepped out of the bathroom and saw your friend,

“Wow! You look amazing y/n!” she squealed, you pretended to blush,

“Oh senpai you’re too kind”

“You’re such weeb trash” she laughed, y/n pretended to be very offended with her hand over her heart,

“Ouch” you replied. You grabbed your purse and shoved your money and phone inside (and a few other things just in case), “So, who’s going to be there tonight?” you asked, taking a sip from the water bottle.

“Oh you know, Zoe, Alfie obviously, Phil, Louise, Dan and-”

Y/n spat out her water at the mention, “Dan’s coming?!” you exclaimed. Your friend was dying of laughter on the bed as your cheeks went red, “Well you forgot to mention that detail, fuck! Do I look ok?!”

“Calm down, haha! I know you’ve been dying over him ever since you saw him but damn” she taunted.

“Oh my god, what am I going to do?…” you asked yourself, it was as if the world was ending. Your crush of whom you’d been interested in since you met him under a year ago was going to be at the party.

“Well…” she friend started, you looked towards her suspiciously, “…you could go on your own little mission” your friend winked at you and you laughed hysterically.

“Oh come on!”

“What?! You think Dan’s hot right?”


“And you have a crush on him hardcore right?”


“Well, you’re a grown woman. You’re 22 for god’s sake, go and get that D!”

“Ye-Wait no. My mission is to try and seduce Dan Howell?”

“Why not?!”

You thought for a moment, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea. You were immensely attracted to him, so why not I guess?

“You’re a bad influence”, you said to your friend, accepting the mission at hand.

You were already a little drunk by the time you’d gotten to the party since you and your friend had predrinks beforehand, and as you met up with the others the party really began. There were so many people that it was difficult to see who was there, you and your friend were being silly on the dancefloor, dancing together ironically. Sure a few guys were grinding up on you the whole time, but you put them in their place. You was having such a good time with your friend; you’d almost forgotten your mission.

Uuuuuuntil your friend found herself some D first, leaving you to fend for herself.

Worn out, you walked over to the bar asking for a drink when you felt a hand on your shoulder. You jumped at the touch and spun around, seeing a very tall, slightly intoxicated Dan Howell smiling at you. It made your heart beat a little faster when you saw him smile,

“Hey! Y/n” he smiled, red in the cheeks from the alcohol.

“Jesus, Dan! You scared me”, you laughed back. He took a step back and looked at you, it wasn’t very subtle.

“You look amazing tonight!” he complimented, his hand going up to fix his hair, something that he did which you found extremely attractive. Biting your lip slightly, you blushed,

“Thanks” you smiled, turning around and grabbing your drink.

“Mind if I sit with you?” he asked, holding a beer in his left hand he used his right to steady him as he sat his tipsy butt down on the stool. You giggled a little as he struggled, “Hey, you’re just as bad. I’m surprised you’re not dead already being drunk in those heels” he joked.

“Excuse me, Daniel Howell. I am not drunk” you joked, pushing his shoulder slightly,

“I love it when you say my name” he replied. That’s the last thing you expected him to say, so you blushed a dark shade of red, sipping your drink a little more. The little shit looked really proud that he’d managed to make you blush; so you thought, it’s time for the mission.


You slammed your drink down and turned towards Dan, he was still smiling, “Listen here you li’l shit” you joked, he laughed loudly as you tried to be intimidating, stepping slowly closer to him; “What are you trying to get at?” you asked, with a smirk on your face. Dan raised an eyebrow as he saw you come closer.

Feeling confident, you sat on his right leg and he was not complaining. You caught a whiff of his aftershave, “You smell really good” you complimented. You were literally inches away from his face, the alcohol getting rid of any personal bubbles that both of you have, the awkwardness seeming to fade away.

“And you have very nice eyes. I know because you’re very close to my face” he joked sarcastically; you rolled your eyes playfully.

“Is there a problem with that?” you teased.

Dan was silent for a moment, placing his now empty drink on the counter of the bar; he looked back at you to see you smiling at him, your hand dangerously near his crotch.

“Fuck it” he said, you barely had any time to process it when he leaned in and kissed you. You pressed your lips against his as he cupped your face in his hand; at the same time your hand was slowly sneaking towards his crotch, everyone else at the party was way too occupied to even take notice of what you two were doing. Before the kiss could even be deepened, Dan pulled away, standing up and leading you by the hip.

You giggled, “Dan! Where are we going?” you laughed. Dan didn’t reply, all he could do was smile. He opened a door that led outside and he took your hand, leading you around a corner where there were no people. He gently pushed you up against a wall and looked straight into your eyes, as you looked into his brown eyes you saw a completely different personality to what you saw fifteen minutes ago. He didn’t look cute or adorable, she looked sexy and you knew exactly why.

“You’re such a fucking tease” he smirked; he leaned into your neck and started to kiss at the tender area as his hand snaked around your hip. You breathed into his ear as he continued to smooth his hands over every bare bit of skin he could get at, including inching between your thighs.

Blushing furiously now, you kissed him deeply, pulling him into your embrace. Every now and then he would break apart and just look into your eyes, but this time he had a sneaky look on his face and you liked what you saw.

“Let’s go back to my hotel room” Dan whispered. Biting your lip, you share one last kiss before setting off laughing like two young souls, wanting to get to the nearby hotel.

Throughout the walk to the hotel, he couldn’t stop touching the hot skin of your legs and you kept swatting his hands away playfully, which only made him want you more.

Minutes later he pushed your through the door playfully, kicking it closed; his hand never leaving your hips he pinned you against the wall kissing you passionately, as if it was oxygen. You pulled him closer, needing his lips against, your hands brushing against his neck drove him crazy and he shifted you towards the bed.

As you fell onto the bed, he clambered on top of you, supporting his weight on his elbows as he joined his lips against yours again. His hand wandered to your breasts and he was happy to find that you were in fact not wearing a bra at all, so he massaged slowly, making a few moans erupt from your throat while he kissed you.

He pulled the sleeves down to your waist so he could see all of you, he took a moment to just look before kissing from your chest all the way down to the hem of your underwear, “God, you’re so fucking beautiful…” he breathed his hot breath onto your skin.

The moments went by so quickly; he was leaning into you, his lips against every part of skin he could find that he hadn’t kissed yet. Sure, you’d had sex before (and clearly so had he), but this was a moment you knew you were not going to regret. As he made love to you, he looked into your eyes, kissed your lips with more passion than you ever would have thought.

And when you both finished, worn out, naked and in awe; he pulled you into his embrace and dug his face into your neck, kissing the area one last time before you fell quickly fell into the long awaited sleep.

You woke the next day with the sheets barely covering your chest and with his arm still firmly around your waist. You shifted your body so that you were now facing him, but he was still asleep but you could only smile. The ends of his hair were curled up from the sweat of…last night and his sleeping face was adorable; a huge oxymoron from the night before.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked. You hadn’t realised that his eyes were now open, now with the addition of the rising sun his brown eyes appeared lighter and his smile somehow brighter.

You blushed and placed your hand on his cheek, “Maybe”

He smiled and cradled your hand with his big ones. You were happy but something was on the periphery of your thoughts,

“What’s wrong?” Dan asked bluntly, you looked up, raising an eyebrow, “I can tell something’s on your mind”

You laugh, “You sleep with me once and think you know me, Dan Howell?” you joke.

“Ooh, say my name again”

“Dan Howell!”

“Still like it” he smiled.

“It’s just…now what? Was I just…” you didn’t need to finish your sentence. Dan sighed and simply got on top of you, crushing you intentionally; you giggled pretending to struggle to breath.

“I’m sorry what did you say? I thought you said something stupid” Dan said, looking straight into your eyes,

“Dan!” you laughed, “Get off~!”

“Were you insisting that you were a ‘one night stand’?” he asked, semi serious this time. Still crushing you of course.


“Yeah you did. First of all, Miss, I don’t do one night stands. Second, I really fucking like you, have for a long time. What happened last night was because of that” he smiled.

“Okay! Okay! Can I breathe now?!”

He supported his weight, remaining on top of you, “I guess what I’m trying to say is…I would really like it if you were my girlfriend”

Raising your hand to your chin you pretended to think long and hard about it, “Hmmm, you know what I think I’ll sleep on it”

Immediately, he ticked you in the sides, making you squeal out in laughter, “Sarcastic little!” he said continuing to tickle you.

After he was finished torturing you with tickles, you looked up at him smiling, “Of course I will” and pulled him into a kiss.

Home Sick

Fandom : SPN

Pairings : Reader x ? - If I say who it would spoil it the surprise

Word Count : 1116 - Just a cheeky lil one shot this time

Warnings : Angst  - Yeah I know, back at it with Angst. I can’t help myself  Edit : Apparently this is fluff. No idea how, but people have said this is Fluff.

A/N : This was written for @mrswhozeewhatsis#LoudenSwainSPNChallenge. My song was Homesick. This one kinda wrote itself, as soon as I chose my song. I really really like this, despite it being angsty. Un beta’d, so all mistakes are mine. Italics are speech, and Bold Italics are song lyrics.Tags at the end of the fic.

“Falling down to my knees, here I am again, talking nonsense. Hoping that someone out there is listening. I don’t know if any of you even care any more, but what else is there to do? There is nothing else to do, time is almost up. Hiding this, hiding this fear is going to kill me, before they do… Well, I guess here goes nothing…”

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Dean x Reader - Better in Time

(This fic was made for this new and incredible challenge #SPN Days off Challenge )

This challenge was created by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Music: Leona Lewis - Better in Time

Warnings: There might be a few of these and a few of those, but I really have no idea at all.

You were looking at yourself on the mirror touching and tracing the newest scar that you gained after the last hunt. Since then Dean made his duty to take some weeks to rest and enjoy them until you were healed and ready to go back.

You covered the place with the towel that you had around your body when you heard someone knocking on the room.

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IMAGINE: Charles Reminiscing About You (Based off of  I STILL FEEL THE BRUISE - THE MOUNTAIN GOATS)
TITLE: Once Upon A Time

Charles Xavier was a man that got back up when he was shoved and pushed into the dirt. He was the type of man that wasn’t fazed by most of anything. There were only three people who could break his walls; Erik, Raven, and you. Boy, did he regret giving you the power to do such.

Even now, many years later, he can still recite the moment he met you. The moment he fell in love. The moment you left.

It hurt.

This is just to say hello
And to let you know I think of you from time to time

The paper that he placed in front of him remained blank. He didn’t know what to write. After all these years, he still stumbled over his words when it came to you. Ink flew across the paper as a smile graced the man’s lips as a memory took over his mind.

“You know, staring is rude.” Your voice wasn’t one of irritation or annoyance. It was amused.

Charles hadn’t realized he was staring. How could he not stare? The way you held yourself, sipping your drink slowly while you watched the people in the bar, eavesdropping on other’s conversations. Of course, that wasn’t the only reason he was staring—no—he was also staring because he knew.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause you trouble.” His light, British accent brought a smile to your lips.

You turned in your seat to face him. “Then what did you mean to cause?”

You really sucked at flirting.

“I’m here to recruit you,” He answered with a chuckle. “I’m currently working with a government organization for mutants. Which, from what I know, you are. A mutant, I mean.”

Your smile turned into a grimace. “Look, I’m flattered, but I’m not interested.”

You chugged down the last bit of whiskey, replaced your dark sunglasses onto your face, got up and left. Charles watched in amazement as you smirked at the men you walked passed, the way you swayed your hips causing men all around the bar to stare, the way you didn’t even look at him once as you left. He knew, in that moment, he wasn’t going to let you get away that easy.

Now, he wished he didn’t bring you into it. After what happened—after what you did—he wished he didn’t follow you and beg you to join. He should’ve kept his bloody mouth shut.

I know I never really knew you, but somehow I miss you
And wish that you’d stayed in my life

He looked down at his neatly written words and frowned.

You deserved better than this rubbish.

Even if he did write something else, would it even satisfy you? Charles always believed you deserved the best. Especially for this.

Making contact gets harder as the silence grows longer
And isn’t it only me

The two of you never stood a chance, did you? That question always echoed in his head. Never ending. He could faintly remember the way you smiled, the way you laughed, the way you held it all together. All these memories were slipping away.

It had been years since you last spoke. Five years, to be exact. Five long, hard, lonely years. There were many things to blame: Erik, himself, Cuba. If he hadn’t been so stupid, then maybe none of that would’ve happened. Maybe he would’ve had a chance. Just one, small chance with you.

Who’d like us to see each other?
How I would hate to be a bother
The way we left it was you’d ring

“I’m sorry, Charles, but you know we have no choice.” You stood beside Erik. “They’ll continue to hunt us down. I won’t allow myself to continue to live in fear.”

“(name),” Your name escaped his lips through shallow breaths, “We all have a choice.”

He couldn’t feel anything. Charles laid there in a state of utter despair as he watched two of the most important people in his life turn their back on what he tried to teach them. What he tried to teach you. He failed.

“You’re wrong.” You answered.

His heart clenched in his chest. He knew that you were scared. He could tell. All you ever wanted to do was protect the people you cared about and you couldn’t do that if you lived in fear. You chose to follow the path that wouldn’t bring you peace, but would give you the ability to keep everyone you cared for safe. He didn’t have it in himself to deny you that. He watched you leave. If only he had known he wouldn’t see you again then maybe, just maybe, he would’ve called out to you.

I’m under no illusion
As to what I meant to you
But you made an impression
And sometimes I still feel the bruise
Sometimes I still feel the bruise

He was no idiot. He knew you didn’t love him. He knew simply because you were you. He didn’t need to read your mind to know. He just knew. He hoped that one day, just one day, you would return his feelings. He would’ve waited years for it, but now it would never happen.

Now and then I stumble on
What I’ve misplaced but never lost
An ache I first felt long ago

Even after so many years, he could still feel the way his heart fell into a dark abyss of heartbrokenness because of you. He tried everything to get rid of it; he drank, he did some acid, he even tried dating. Nothing helped. All it did was remind him more of you.

Though you’ve appeared and disappeared
Throughout these past few years
I’d be surprised if you now showed

He would be lying if he said he hadn’t kept tabs on you. He tried letting you go, but he couldn’t. There were many places you went to after Cuba but never did you come close to even coming back here. Then, one day, he couldn’t find you.

Making contact gets harder as the silence grows longer
And why would you think of me
When you were not the one in love
When you were not the dreamer
When you were just the dream?

He clenched his fists around the paper. The tear stained paper, that is. They’re gone. A voice told him. They weren’t coming back. He didn’t even realize he had been crying until he noticed all the smeared and smudged words. He crumbled the paper into a ball and then proceeded to try to tear it apart before throwing it across the room. They’re dead.

I’m under no illusion as to what I meant to you
But you made an impression, and sometimes I still feel the bruise
Sometimes I still feel the bruise

If only you told him how much you did love him.
DATE: March 27th, 2016

NOTES: I hope the Annie who requested this was satisfied. I hope this was also what you had in mind.