And I love it. I highly recommend reading it. It’s full of original storys and charakters and it’s easy to read into it.

They did a “Valiant Next” thing, a jump-on point for new readers.

You can start right here:







More Valiant stuff here.

I just

The logic behind WoD is so confusing.

Somehow, this two-bit wannabe Nozdormu gets it into his head that it’s a good idea to let Garrosh attack the true timeline, no doubt thanks to wrathion, who by this point if he’s even still good should have been slapped and told that he’s doing more harm than help.

And this bronze dragon (bear in mind that the bronze dragons are reliant on mortals to patrol the timeways) systematically recruits an army of mortals and infinite dragons and PEOPLE FROM DIVERGED TIMELINES to attack a gathering of the most important beings in history. And no one noticed. He hid it from everyone.

And then, after all that, he is able to escape with the most hated orc on the planet, jump into A DIFFERENT DIMENSION (not a timeline, apparently, because bronze dragons were clearly ALWAYS able to do that [they were never able to do that]) then, from said dimension, connect their dark portal to OUR dark portal, despite the dark portal being a PERMANENT BRIDGE BETWEEN TWO SPECIFIC PLANETS and a creation of immense magical capability that took the power of A DARK GOD to realise.

With no repercussions. No world-shattering events (Cata was a year ago in Azeroth, remember) and somehow, still, we are on the defensive. This magical interference is not a big I AM HERE arrow to all magically attuned creatures of a certain power level like the dragons or the titanic watchers.

This makes absolutely no sense. Either Kairoz stole the demon soul and ate it, or his power is completely wrong in comparison to the rest of his flight. His ability to remain completely undetected despite supposedly masterminding this huge thing is inexplicable, given how involved he is with the Timewalkers. The fact that he is able to literally connect the dark portal across two separate universes is something that should have galaxy-shattering implications.

So why is he so irrelevant? Why are the orcs the main villains? Why aren’t we more worried? Why have Blizzard created so many lore plotholes and loopholes and black holes all in the name of an ‘epic’ story that none of us can actually make sense of with only a couple of months until the expansion is meant to release??

Lutece Warcraft AU

I doubt many, if any of my followers like World of WarCraft, but the presence of Elizabeth Birdsong in WoW as well as Warlords of Draenor having a very constants and variables/Infinite type plotline, has kept me thinking… Would the Luteces exist in Azeroth? Headcanon time!

Rosalind Lutece was born to a lesser known but wealthy Gilnean family shortly after the first war. From an early age, she showed immense aptitude in magic, especially portal and teleportation spells. Wanting to continue her studies, she fled Gilneas shortly before Genn Greymane ordered the kingdom’s isolation and became a student of the Kirin Tor. 

She studied but remained relatively unknown until after the Third War. She was the one who suggested Dalaran become a floating city, and created the theoretical spell to do so. 

During the Cataclysm, Rosalind developed a fascination with dragons, especially the bronze flight and their time manipulating abilities. She traveled to the Caverns of Time and became one of the Timewalkers, specifically a Watcher.

While watching the timeways she discovered an errant timeline, very similar to her own. The most noticeable change was that she had been born a man, named Robert. He had followed a similar path, but became a Weaver. The timeline was unstable and fraying, Rosalind, not wanting to loose her new “brother,” pulled him into her Azeroth.

Nozdormu of course was not pleased, however with his timeway collapsed, they couldn’t send Robert back, and so grudgingly let him remain.
WOW TCG Sneak Peek

Cryptozoic Reveals ‘World of Warcraft’ Sneak Preview Program

Starting With October’s 'Timewalkers: War of the Ancients’

Published: 08/02/2012, Last Updated: 08/03/2012 04:33am

Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced a brand new Sneak Preview program for its World of Warcraft Trading Card Game that will allow retailers to purchase product before the release date and hold a Sneak Preview event at their store.  In addition to providing early access to product, Cryptozoic will also provide prize kits with each authorized purchase. Interested retailers can contact Cryptozoic via the World of Warcraft TCG Website to participate in the program, which is being run by Cryptozoic in conjunction with several distributors.   Hobby game retailers will be able to hold events for the October-shipping Timewalkers: War of the Ancients  (see “Feast of the Winter Veil Comes to TCG” for a description of the release) on the weekend of September 22nd and 23rd, a full two weeks before the standard release date for the expansion.  This marks the first time that Cryptozoic has held Sneak Preview events for the World of Warcraft TCG, but the publisher plans to make them standard practice going forward.

Awwww yis. Motherfucking WotLK Timewalking dungeons this weekend! 

Wrath, in my opinion, had some of the greatest 5man dungeons in the game. If anyone needs me this weekend, I’ll be in one of the sixteen Wrath of the Lich King dungeons with a massive throbbing erec enjoying all the nostalgia that comes with it.

If anyone wants to come with, hit me up! Horde, Alliance, doesn’t matter to me!

I spent all day in timewalking dungeons with my burly werewolf warrior Lusin(e) to try and get him a nice new fist weapon. Didn’t drop, but between dungeons while waiting for the queue I took Delvar Ironfist out on murderdates to Shadowmoon Valley to kill random mobs so I could level up our ~*friendship*~

Got him to level 2 and kind of don’t want to level him up anymore because his wingman outfit is stupid :<
So I drew this beautiful tribute to our everlasting friendship between the rest of the queues instead. (not pictured: piles and piles of dead Phloxes)