And that’s the last they see of each other for the next two years: Dudley in the back of an obnoxious red truck with three members of his former gang, someone’s mother and someone’s little sister…

And Harry, in the street, zombies tripping around him, two ice picks held loosely in his hands.


The Addiction

It’s all normal

You’re sitting on your couch

Checking your laptop or phone

Browsing Tumblr

Checking what’s new

All the new posts

All the new wonderful hypnotic posts

You keep reading them

Until you come to this post

The title and my picture

You’ve seen my picture 




You know by now that probably by the end of this post

You’ll have fallen in trance

woke up

Feeling wonderful

Feeling so good

Just like it has happened many times before

You realize it now

You realize that my words

My Posts

have become addictive

have become irresistible

Just starting reading my words

You can’t stop

You don’t want to stop

The moment you start you don’t stop until the end

the end of

My Posts

My Words

and you can’t deny that turns you on

You feel turned on from how you got here

How you reached this point

The point of My Words

My Posts

Becoming addictive

becoming irresistible

A Turn on

Unable to stop reading

Not wanting to stop reading

Wanting to surrender

To give in to them

As you have

As you have many times before

So many times before

You’ve experienced this many times

And it never stops feeling wonderful

And now

With the realization

The realization of your addiction

Your addiction to My Words

My Posts

It all became so much better

So much better 

To give in

To give up to them

You can’t help yourself

You can’t help but slide your hand down

Slide it down between your legs

Start touching yourself

Without even realizing it

You start touching yourself

From the pleasure

The pleasure of giving in to My Words

You can’t help it

You don’t want to

You keep touching yourself


Focusing more

more and more

On My Words

As you let go

let go

let go and drop


Drop Deep

as you continue to read

read and follow

read, follow and touch yourself

looking just like this

It’s unbelievable how much this resembles you

How you look just like that

Whenever you get on My Blog

Whenever you read My Words

My Posts 

You automatically drool

open your mouth wide

Your eyes widen

As you start to read

To Follow

And give in 

Give in completely

As you touch yourself

Touch yourself

And the more you touch yourself

The deeper you go

The Deeper you go

The more you touch yourself

closer and closer

deeper and deeper

Giving in

Giving up


Loving how irresistible

How addictive

My Words 

My Posts 

have become 

How you’re still touching yourself

Dropping deep

Deeper and Deeper

Deeper than you’ve been in such a long time

Turned on



Hornier and hornier


Closer and closer


Deeper and deeper


More and more

Loving it

Loving it all

touching yourself non stop




So close now

Knowing by now

Knowing that I control when you cum

When you Orgasm

loving the helplessness

loving the addiction

The joy and pleasure of being and addict

An addict to My Words

Once you realize that

Once you realize 


and accept it

You go ahead

Reblog and type

“I’m an addict to your words”

once you do that

you count down from 3 to 1

once you reach 1

you’ll have such an intense

such a powerful


So Powerful

So Intense

Like you haven’t felt in such a long time

Knowing that’s what happens when you give in

Surrender to me

Once you finish the orgasm

You’ll wake up

Fully awake


Extremely happy 

Loving my words and trances

Now that you realize how addictive they are

Looking forward for more

So go ahead now

Go ahead

My hypno addict


A Time-Turner is a special timepiece in which an Hour-Reversal Charm has been encased, for added stability. It is a device used for time travel, and it resembles an hourglass on a necklace. The number of times one turns the hourglass corresponds to the number of hours one travels back in time (although, it should be noted that the longest period that may be relived without the possibility of serious harm to the traveller or to time itself is around five hours).

My Sweetest Downfall.

He fucking hated her.

Every nerve tingled with hatred, his bones shaking in anger. How dare she leave him like this.  How dare she.

It was the first time in Tom Riddle’s life that he experienced the sinking, crushing, agonising feeling in the pit of his stomach. He would never admit it, especially not to her. But it was there. Growing. Festering.

He couldn’t breathe, letting out desperate gasps and clutching his stomach tightly. It felt like he was in physical pain- but he wasn’t. There was no spell to cure this kind of pain. He let out an anguished yell, and gripped his hair with one hand. What had she done to him?

He’d gone against every single one of his rules, his very understanding of how his life was. He was Lord Voldemort. He used people then discarded them the next second. He wasn’t emotional. He was fucking lethal.

Then she came along. With her big hair and her big mouth and her big ideas. She infuriated him. Her thoughts about the world were wrong. Everything was wrong about her. But then one day he saw her reading by the lake and she tossed her hair out of her face and the sun highlighted the blonde strands and he saw she was reading about the Dark Arts and he confronted her about it and she said “knowledge is power” and she smirked. And that was when he should have left but he stayed with her on the boulder by the lake, talking to her like an equal.

Like an equal. And then they decided to go to the Annual Yule Ball together so they wouldn’t have to suffer alone. And she came down the Grand Staircase in a blue dress and she’d tamed her hair and he knew he wouldn’t let anyone else take her. And as the months passed, and every day he woke up to the weight of her head on his chest, he convinced himself he didn’t feel emotion.

But then he found her crying and he went to comfort her, but she slapped him away and in the shock of it didn’t realise she’d stolen his wand. She cursed him to his knees and sobbed something about “Harry” and “I’m sorry Tom” and then she did something to the strange necklace she always wore and she was gone.

She’d left his wand.

But his finger where the Gaunt ring lived was bare. She’d taken his horcrux.

And now he was there, still on his knees, hating her with every fibre of his fractured soul. He hates her. He hates her he hates her he hates her.

And he’s in over his head, he feels like he’s caving in and he feels everything. He can’t move and now he knows he should have walked away from the lake, but he didn’t. He realises that she used him and she knew who he was and it kills him. 



anonymous asked:

Hi there! Could I get some headcanons for McCree with a crush on an s/o who was brought from 2017 to the future by Tracer? Thankies! ^.^

I love McCree baby omg


  • When he first saw you, he felt that there was surely something different about you
  • He couldn’t put his robotic finger on it, but it was there
  • He asked Lena how the two of you had met, and she seemed to dance around the subject with ease
  • Her chipper attitude seemed to distract him, and he seemed alright with it 
  • You, on the other hand, didn’t see a reason to keep anything secret from him; Lena had already explained what had happened and you felt he should know, too
  • So, you told him
  • And he didn’t believe you
  • But when Lena finally admitted to it, he was kind of in shock
  • He was familiar with her timely abilities, but he had no idea she was capable of going back and bringing someone to their time
  • Turns out, Lena didn’t either, and she had no clue how to send you back
  • Basically you were stuck there in the middle of the future without any clue about what was going on
  • So, naturally, McCree took you for himself
  • Showed you around, told you about everything and anything you wanted to know
  • He’s seen movies about time travelers and how you weren’t supposed to tell people from the past what happens, but he didn’t really believe in that stuff
  • As time flew by, he began to realize he was kind of in love with your personality and your charms
  • Without a way to get you home anywhere near top priority and things looking grim for your past, he figured you’d be stuck there forever
  • And, of course, he was right
  • Considering this the green light to try to see if he could maybe get with you, he went right ahead and asked you out
  • And when you said yes, you better believe he was the happiest cowboy in any timeline
Right Here, Right Now

Gabrielle “Gigi” Delacour by @femme-fatality

Fleur Delacour Weasley by @positivity-and-possibilities

Louis Weasley by @akumapheles

Victoire Weasley by @space-marauder

Dominique Weasley by @girlswillbeboys11

Cedric Diggory by @askthehufflepuff

“When everyone was applauding Harry and Cedric’s return, Gabrielle realised that Cedric was actually dead and clapped a hand to her mouth in horror.”Harry Potter Wiki (this is the only place I’ve seen this, but I ran like mad with the idea)

Fleur: remember, Mes bébés, Tante Gigi will be here soon! What are Tante’s trigger words?

Dominique: Grindylows! I don’t blame her… *shudders*

Fleur: *gives her son a look, he’s hard to resist, though she must be firm*

Fleur: Oui, but only after.

Victoire: Or the Tri-Wizard Tournamnet. You know they’re thinking of holding it at Hogwarts again this year, Maman?

Fleur: Oui, mais non! *agast* Rumors, only. It will never happen again. Not after…

 *Fleur is lost to the past*


*Sisters sit in Shell Cottage with café au lait*

GiGi: This is the only good café au lait outside of France! I wish you and Bill would consider moving. The children–

Fleur: As much as I miss home–

Fleur: Oh! Ma chérie! I am so sorry. I should not have mentioned Hogw–

Fleur: How goes your apprenticeship? My sister–a Wandmaker!

Fleur: Of course, you are so gifted–

Gabrielle: I have spent some time seeing…err…what you call–

Fleur: I had no idea!

Fluer: What did your therapist do?

Fleur: A Timeturner?!

Gabrielle: Non. She has adopted a Muggle treatment, called

Gabrielle: The bad memories…the Muggles, they call this

Gabrielle: It is like…

Fluer: Gigi…

Gabrielle…for a moment…I did not see him…

Fleur: *puts her hand out for her sister to hold*

 I am safe, Gabrielle. I am alive. I am here, beside you, now.

Gabrielle: Oui, yes, I know. I see it now.

Fleur: I am so happy!

*outside Fleur’s sitting room, the children can be heard, impatiently waiting to go swimming*

Gabrielle: *stands, leaving the remains of her café to cool*

Gabrielle: And I would like to go swimming with my nieces and nephew!

Fleur: Gigi, are you sure you can?

Gabrielle: You will be beside me. 

ncrissamalfoy  asked:

Narcissa/james or timeturner au narcissa/harry?

i’m doing narcissa/james!
first take at this pairing, hope you like it :)
warning for angst and almost-canon-compliant-ness

  • Narcissa Black was precisely the type of girl James Potter thought he would never like. Let alone love. And especially not after all those things he’d heard about Sirius’s relatives from Sirius.
  • He knew what most of the Blacks were like – blood purist, elitist, snobs, basically everything James wanted to stay away from.
  • Over-expensive robes, an air of holier-than-thou superiority, and an attitude like Ice Queen – those were definitely not the trait James expected himself to fall in love with.
  • No. James expected himself to love girls like Lily Evans, bright and vivacious and energetic, with a sense of fairness vocal about it. Girls without prejudices.
  • But no one ever said that falling in love had to be logical. And when he was fast drowning in that regal, posh, enchanting mystery that was Narcissa Black, he had no time for logic anyway.
  • He’d slowly learnt that the things about the Black family were not as clear-cut evil as he first thought, and not everyone grew up the same way as he did, even if they were both purebloods.
  • Not rebelling against the tradition wasn’t automatically a trait of cowardice – things were ever so more complicated than that, when your family had been forcing certain beliefs into you since birth, and when your elder sister had chosen to defy them, leaving even more pressure on you.
  • James Potter loved Narcissa Black, and it was because of her that he started realizing that the world wasn’t black and white, and everyone was an unreliable narrator when it came to someone’s story – or even their own.
  • Lily was pure like light, but the different shades of grey had their own beauty. And when James finally realized it, he was already in too deep.
  • And maybe he didn’t regret it.
  • Maybe.
  • Until Narcissa told him about her betrothal to Lucius Malfoy.
  • “I think we both know that this,” she gestured vaguely, “are not going to end with us getting married, right?”
  • “But why?” James asked, his voice coming a lot more hoarse, a lot more broken that he’d like.
  • “You said you understand,” she murmured slowly, “when I told you about family pressure. Especially after Andromeda.”
  • He froze as he looked at her, and she gave him a watery smile, still one of the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.
  • “I’ll always love you,” she whispered into his ear, and then, as elegant as the first time he’d seen her, she turned away and left, leaving him staring as she faded away in his sight, but never in his heart.
  • (He never knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep that promise, because after his death, she would spend the rest of life wondering if he’d been alive if she’d married him instead, and decided that she didn’t deserve to love him.)

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