Today we celebrated the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts with a pop up, surprise parade! It started as time traveling characters spilled out of the Time Machine, continued to some of Philly’s most recognizable spots (including Love Park, Rittenhouse Sq, Reading Terminal Market, Washington Square, the Art Museum, Suburban Station, 30th St Station, and more!), and culminated in the courtyard at City Hall and a processional to the Kimmel Center. Check out the photos on PIFA’s facebook (don’t worry – you don’t need an acct to check them out! Just follow the link!)

The Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts
Mar 28 - Apr 27
All tickets on sale NOW at www.pifa.org

see how philly came about!!

I would want to fast forward through the entire history of Philadelphia, starting with the indigenous indians and going all the way through to today. it would be so amazing to return to the present day knowing exactly how the streets I walk and the buildings I pass came to be, and also the stories of the people who lived her long ago.