Our Love

A/N: This is a Bucky one shot for buckysnotes for helping me with my theme ♡ I was in the mood for some creative/abstract writing so it’s a poem of sorts. I unfortunately haven’t learnt much on poetry so it doesn’t really follow any proper structure; just went with it.
I feel a bit unsure about it so I’d love your feedback as always - especially on this different style :) x enjoy

Sitting in him arms, drinking up the warmth
it’s his, it’s fire
fitfully sparking love.

Smokey skin and salty lips
a coarse shadow graces his jaw
senses delightfully overwhelmed.

Persistent midnight creeping closer,
but we’ll be here forever.
Prussian, carmine incandescence
a lazy sweeping horizon.

Body of water
embodying feelings
swelling, rushing
a boundless entity.

Dancing in his arms, drowning in his eyes
his heart, his spirit
a safe haven to return.
Shattered no more, though
chipped, dented, bruised.

Laughter lost in ash and wind
drifting across the sea
to find another.
Breathing promises, whispered hopes
of a tomorrow.

When we’re gone forever
bring us back here.
Let us have this moment one last time