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I can’t even believe that 1k+ of you follow me because all I do is click that reblog button. But you all deserve recognition so here is a follow forever.

❤️  Drunk Grandmas!  ❤️

❤️  @snowflarry : Audrey, I cannot even believe how close we’ve gotten this year. You have been there for me when I didn’t think I had anyone else. Even from hundreds of miles away, you comfort me, make me laugh, and of course indulge my 1d and Larry craziness. Love you to the moon and back. P.S. I ship AUDRIAM so hard. 

❤️  @christmashoranments : Sarah. Oh my. Where do I even begin? You have provided me with so much wisdom and adult advice. You are life goals, tbh. Thank you so much for always being there, welcoming me to a gc I didn’t feel welcomed in and until now, you still respect my opinions and never make me feel bad for anything. Love you so much! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE EDIT FOR THIS FF! And of course, you and Niall still make the hottest couple.

🌸  irl friends  🌸

🌸 @curlsandvans : I know you still live like 7 hours away but I feel like you’re an irl friend because we’ve met like twice and spent time with each other in a prolonged period of time. Plus, WE FUCKING SAW ONE DIRECTION TOGETHER and it’s a memory that I will never forget. P.S. WHEN IS THE MICHOLE WEDDING??!!

🌸 @booksandchocolatesmears​ : Sam, you are my actual roommate and I love you and even though we aren’t in the same tumblr world, you still tag me in things and make me happy and duh ilysm. OH AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY BLOG ROLL OUT LOUD SO I CAN JUST TYPE IT ON TO THIS MASSIVE FF.

🌸  @urthepineappleofmyeye : Ydrisse, you are my ACTUAL sister!


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♡  My most FAVE mutuals!  ♡

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hi so i’ve never done a follow forever which seemed weird bc i follow a lot of really rad people so here we are. ok hopefully i’ve included everyone but i’m v forgetfull so it’s 100% likely i missed a few people but these are the ones who i either think are pretty cool, i reblog from quite a bit, or both of those things. also i didn’t alphabetize this bc i’m lazy so i hope you support that. anyways thanks :))))


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