Quentin Tarantino Blasts Killings By Cops As Nationwide Police State Protest Kicks Off

Thursday morning hundreds of people gathered in Times Square to launch a three-day nationwide protest dubbed #RiseUpOctober.

Families of victims of police killings, as well as activists, intellectuals, and celebrities, came together to kick-off the protest movement with a“Say Their Name” rally. The gathering was held to commemorate the lives of people unjustly killed by police, with the names of around 250 men, women, and children who died at the hands law enforcement being read aloud.

Academy Award-winning film director Quentin Tarantino took to the stage during the rally to read the names and stories of numerous victims killed by police. Tarantino honored 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was killed by Cleveland police for holding a BB gun.

He went on to highlighted the case of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old unarmed black man who died after being given a “nickel ride” by Baltimore police after being arrested in April. His death sparked days of protests that engulfed the city.

According to a report by Al Jazeera:

Tarantino also highlighted the deaths of Antonio Guzmán López, a 38-year-old unarmed man shot and killed by San Jose State University Police on Feb. 21, 2014 after officers said he was “acting strange”; and Michael Brown, an 18-year-old unarmed black teenager killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri, on Aug. 9, 2014, sparking a national movement to protest police treatment of minorities. Those demonstrations evolved into a civil rights movement known as “Black Lives Matter” and resulted in attempts to form a unified legal strategy against police violence.


That is what I love to see and hear and what lets me know for sure that the Black Lives Matter movement does serve a good cause. Hopefully the fact that such a renown director as Quentin Tarantino supports BLM will make more of his fans get involved. Together we’ll change our country for the better and someday it’ll be free of police violence and racism! We’re sick and tired of being abused by the police who are meant to protect us. Cops have to be people we can rely upon, not the people we are scared of!