1st day concept art, the point was to create a general idea and the themes of each basic enemy archetype, Knightower was made during the last day howether due to running short on time.

In order of appearance: 

Spunkster Boo and the Timespunk Buckler, the main hero and his plot device.

Devil Planet Enemies

Dragon Planet Enemies

Ice Planet Enemies

Plant Planet Enemies

Robot Planet Enemies

Sand Planet Enemies

Knightower Boss

Shwig, BNeutral and I made our first game together! It was a 72 hour game jam for the Ludum Dare competition - Timespunkers is a small run and gun endless arcade game. You have ten seconds to vanquish as many foes as possible before you quantum leap between increasingly difficult worlds. Shwig did the arts, BNeutral did the codes and yours truly did all the music and sounds.

This is the first time I’ve ever witnessed works of mine be employed in a fully working game, something I’ve long aspired to hope doing, and it’s incredibly exciting for me. Although it is a small game I think I speak for all of us that it was something really fun to be a part of. I hope to be able to do more music work like this soon, and more than anything I hope we can revisit the concepts here and eventually turn it into an even bigger game in the future.

You can play the game here.