TImeCard Special Chapter 1 scene 9 (Your last move: B)

EXT. Outside Cafe Day “Street”.

Looks like the “Pro” App requires good reception. So you walked out of the Cafe, and Clicked on that App ( -1 Gold ).

//Player now has:( Gold: 6, Health: 4/5, Victory Points 1/3 )

While waiting for something to happen, what would you like to do?
A: walk to your Left
B: walk forward and cross the street
C: Walk to your right

If you need more Time, want to take a close look, You can Interact with the street view @ http://jkart.net/autopan.html
//One vote per person. I will pick the most popular vote from the comments make the next drawing to Advance the Adventure!


Music Ft. MapMaker from Timesplitters