Trailer Park - TimeSplitters Rewind (PS4/PC)

Future Still Perfect.



Another video game wallpaper! This time, the PlayStation 2 (one of my favorite consoles!)

This was also lots of fun, and I know I left out a bunch of other great games, maybe volume 2 soon?

Be sure to credit me if you plan on using this image please!


TimeSplitters: Rewind | Teaser Trailer 

:: So one of my favourite videogames is getting a sequel, and they announced it with the most godawful 90′s trailer I’ve ever seen… 

The second part of my Full Body Inflation sketche series!

I’ve been holding onto these for some time now and thought it was probably a good time to go ahead and upload them lol.

Like before we have from left to right…

-“Gretal” from the Timesplitters, in a perfect spherical body style.
-“Greninja” from Pokemon, spherical body with protruding limbs, similar to Way from part one.
-“Nova” from Warframe, classic full body style.