For 300,000 signatures Crytek will release TimeSplitters HD collection

Ah, good old Timesplitters. If you remember the game you probably have some good memories. If you don’t remember it you are really missing out and I feel a little bad for you. Of course you could always go pick up a used copy somewhere to refresh your memory.

Well anyway, as you may know, Free Radical fell apart in 2009. Crytek swooped in and bought them out and basically left Timesplitters to die. They feel like there isn’t enough of a demand in a game like that in today’s market. The CEO however stated that he would be happy to push forward with a HD remake if this petition got 300,000 signatures. Sales on that would of course show them whether or not they should move forward with Timesplitters 4.

If you’d like to see this happen then go sign the petition! If you want to help even more, head over to Reddit and upvote the thread about this.


“The Manion of Madness” from Timesplitters: Future Perfect, PS2.


The “Horror” tileset theme from Timesplitters: Future Perfect’s Mapmaker mode, a track that I’m annoyed I forgot to include in the spooky VGM playlist.