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Maknaes being brutally honest at the EXO 90:2014 Time Slip Press Conference
  • Sehun:I'd give Jun Hyun-Moo a 67 out of 100 on his dance skills. When he dances, he dances until he starts get muscle cramps. I've seen him dance so hard it seems like his bones were going to break. But I'd still give him 67 points out of 100. I think he needs to try harder.
  • Tao:My thoughts are the same as Sehun's, except I'd give him a 68. Jun Hyun-moo sunbae-nim needs to practice harder.
Timeslip (Open RP)

There’s only one more crate left to unpack. Unlike humans, EOS doesn’t need food or water to survive in space (though she does keep a supply in case there’s an emergency and needs to house someone temporarily), but she does require supplies from Earth on occasion. Things like new hardware, replacements for parts that got damaged or are likely to in the future, upgrades, and even sometimes something small from home, courtesy of Fermat or John or Brains or one of the Twins. So the small box inside the crate doesn’t alarm her, but it does rouse her curiosity. Likely a small gift from the family, even though there’s no outward indication of who sent it.

She smiles when she opens it. Earrings. It must be from Fermat, or possibly Gordon, though they’re a little tame for a Gordon gift. If it was from John, they would probably look like stars, or planets, instead of being simple studs with sparkly little green gems on the end. She finishes unpacking and storing the rest of the crate, before returning to the earrings.

They really are lovely, and they match her hair clip so perfectly. Not to mention they’re practical, and not likely to interfere with her work like the more dangly ones she’d wear on Earth. It really was a great idea to talk Brains into letting her have pierced ears in her new body. One at a time, she takes them out of the soft cottony filling of the box and fixes them to her earlobes.

She can’t see the way that they pulse with light when she puts them in.

She doesn’t notice them syncing with her systems.

She doesn’t notice the tiny device inside the cotton packing turning on.

She does notice the sickening jolt as an unseen something passes through the ship and the power fluctuates wildly, the lights going dark and switching back on again moments later. Her vision dims and gets too bright and fills with garbage data, before her systems force a hard reset and she collapses to the floor inert, still clutching the box, her internal sensors trying and failing to connect to a ship that is suddenly twenty-some years younger and not actually hers at all.






眠りが深ければ深いほど、眠りの深さ(縦軸)と時間(横軸)がねじれてしまい、ものすごく長い時間寝ていた気分になる。 実際は2、3時間の昼寝なのに、翌朝まで寝ていたような錯覚をしてしまい、「これから起きてシゴトに行く用意をしなければ」と勘違いする場面もしばしばある。

わたくしは、これを「昼寝タイムスリップ現象」と呼んでいる。 昼寝のメカニズムを研究すれば、「時をかける少女」や「仁」みたいに自由にタイムスリップすることも近い将来可能になるはずだ。間違いない。

On the Chinese members' knowledge of 90s KPop
  • Luhan:When I was young, I was a huge H.O.T. fan. I know almost all of their songs, and I know a lot of the other sunbae-nims' songs from that time period.
  • Tao:To be honest... I didn't really know much. But while filming the MVs, I listened to the songs and got to know them. The sunbae-nims were kind to me so I was able to film well. I'm sorry (made sad face).