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Maknaes being brutally honest at the EXO 90:2014 Time Slip Press Conference
  • Sehun:I'd give Jun Hyun-Moo a 67 out of 100 on his dance skills. When he dances, he dances until he starts get muscle cramps. I've seen him dance so hard it seems like his bones were going to break. But I'd still give him 67 points out of 100. I think he needs to try harder.
  • Tao:My thoughts are the same as Sehun's, except I'd give him a 68. Jun Hyun-moo sunbae-nim needs to practice harder.
On the Chinese members' knowledge of 90s KPop
  • Luhan:When I was young, I was a huge H.O.T. fan. I know almost all of their songs, and I know a lot of the other sunbae-nims' songs from that time period.
  • Tao:To be honest... I didn't really know much. But while filming the MVs, I listened to the songs and got to know them. The sunbae-nims were kind to me so I was able to film well. I'm sorry (made sad face).