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The Sheikahs have always been into engineering

It’s not a breath of the wild thing

This is Impa’s house from OoT3D

She has -very simple- blueprints of the ocarina and gate of time (which proves she knows about Timeshift Stones (c.f. Hyrule Historia), the uses of blue fire (which again would be featured in breath of the wild), how the Jabu-Jabu entry puzzle is solved… 

They’ve been at this for millennia.  


Shift by Deathsnovice

A Gemsona crossover between Steven Universe and The Legend of Zelda.

Gender: Agender
Pronouns: he/ him/ his
Height: 5’11”
Weapon: The Timeshift Blade. Has the ability to cut and manipulate spacetime. 
Gem Type: Timeshift Stone
Likes: He’s very young, for a Gem, and very curious, so he likes to explore and try new things out. 
Dislikes: After being left in solitude for so long in the Lanayru Mining Facility, he’s absolutley terrified of being left alone. 
Hobbies: Pressing flowers, adventuring, and writing
Talents/Skills: He has developed a very warrior-like fighting style that other opponents find challenging to predict. His timeshift abilities allow him to basically teleport wherever he needs to go by tearing through space.
Personality: Very childish at heart, and loves being around his friends. He’s very in tune with nature and can find beauty in almost everything and everyone, which may also be his character flaw.
Fusion Preference: He has no idea what that is ~ 

AU where they have access to timeshift stones from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (which basically create a temporal shift in an enclosed area) and Jean uses them to be with Marco, who’s unaware of what’s going on. 

Not a perfect AU, lots of complications and plotholes and whatnot, but oh well.

getting really lazy with my colouring

anonymous asked:

ONESHOT PROMPT: the process of ghirahim being bound to link as his new master.

Send me a prompt and I’ll spit out a oneshot.

I wrote this as a continuation from a previous oneshot.

Once an agreement was made, Link wasted no time in making the necessary preparations.

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just some residual thoughts about Breath of the Wild

it is very very heavily focused on the magic and lore of the Sheikah, magic which, in other games recently and from before, has been very heavily tied to Time Magic

the Ocarina of Time and the sheikahs role as protectors of the royal family

the timeshift stones and time gate thing from skyward sword is where the connection really got going though

and now in BOTW, Link is “resurrected” after 100 years by presumably Sheikah involvement, not dissimilar to how back in OoT Young Link was put into Time stasis until he would become the hero necessary for the world

which coincidentally, is the starting point for when the Timeline first split

the fact that this series has an officially recognized timeline

this new game has a heavy focus on the powers of the sheikah tribe

and the fact that two elements from different timelines are in BOTW

The Koroks and Wolf Link, as game mechanics in the game, and the theorized King of Hyrule as the old man wanderer, the fact that its heavily based on ALTTP and Zelda 1 and is an effort to “go back to the series roots”

What if Breath of the Wild is the result of separate timelines happening in this universe for too long?

What if BOTW Link is a version of OoT Link thrown into a timespace contiuum?

like, Young Link goes into stasis, and the timeline splits 3 ways, one where they win and hes an adult (Wind Waker), one where he wins but is a child (Twilight Princess) and one where he is defeated

but what happens to the original timeline? where Link is put into Stasis? what if the splitting messed up that process and he didnt wake up til 100 years later?

What if that was on Purpose by the Sheikahs in an effort to reunify the 3 split timelines? Because as arbiters of Time and its Magic, they would know if their Universe was split in 3?

What if Breath of the Wild has elements from all the timelines because it’s a world in Limbo, and Link’s job as the hero here is to help the Sheikah fix and unite the split timelines back into one again?

like maybe thats why hes relearning all the skills through the Sheikah tablet thing, its part to gain strength, part ritual to merge himself with all the various reincarnations of himself in order to “ground” the universe around himself as the centre using him learning their skills as the centre point?

maybe thats why he doesnt have his signature green tunic at the beginning? because he isn’t the “Link” yet, he gets the tunic when he becomes the “Link” between all Links

at beginning he’s a “Link” thats been seperated from the rest of the “Chain” of events/Links, so he isnt truly a Link yet not being part of the rest of the chain, purely because Sheikahs want him to be the “Link” that connects to every other Link in the universe

Zelda U Theory Time

Okay, so everybody’s been saying that the markings make them think of the Twili but…. To me, they remind me of the markings on the timeshift stones in Skyward Sword???



anonymous asked:

Have you seen that post going around with the theory that zelda u takes place before skyward sword, what do you think?

Do you mean this?

I have, yes! And it’s not the only time I’ve seen the suggestion that Zelda U takes place before Skyward Sword because of the lasers and robots. It’s been a pretty common theory - and one that I’m actually fairly certain I can debunk.

I’ll give a lot of credit to the guy who wrote this particular version of that theory for pointing out that the mechanical monster is missing part of one of its legs - that’s something I never noticed! - but I think we’re pretty even, because he makes no mention of the plants all over the thing that were one of my first impressions of it.

Look at it! It’s covered in grass, vines, and moss. That means it has to have been sedentary and left unattended for at least a few years until something reactivated it, and quite probably more. This isn’t a shiny new mechanical wonder fresh off the assembly line - it’s a relic of a lost era, abandoned somewhere that eventually became overgrown. I’d say the missing leg is probably just another part of the monster’s design intended to communicate this. It seems like kind of a big leap to go from “the monster is attacking Link and missing a leg” to “the monster is capable of feeling emotion and is angry at Link because they were the one to break it”, though I will definitely agree that the way it deliberately traps Link by breaking the bridge shows a certain amount of reasoning.

More under the cut - this is gonna get long.

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