three ways to keep the signs happy in a relationship

1. show excitement and enthusiasm for their interest, hobbies, ideas, and most importantly for them
2. let them think everything is their idea
3. change up your routine as much as possible to keep things feeling new and fresh

1. pamper them with massages and plenty of physical affection
2. make them feel safe, secure, and comfortable
3. allow them to maintain a level of independence within the relationship - don’t ever make them feel trapped!

1. keep the lines of communication flowing at all times
2. find a way to keep things light and playful in the relationship, even during tough times
3. love their friends and support their active social life

1. spend as much quality time with them as possible; they should be your, if possible, top priority!
2. master the art of snuggling
3. do your best to understand and accept the ebb and flow of their moods

1. shower them with love, affection, and praise on a daily basis
2. support and encourage their passions and creative ideas
3. let them take lead whenever possible

1. be honest and open with them - don’t try to hide anything
2. keep your house as clean as humanly possible
3. help them talk things out whenever they get worried and/or anxious

1. pamper them and, in turn, let them pamper you
2. be generous with compliments and praise
3. don’t rock the boat too much - learn how to keep things peaceful and harmonious

1. share emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy
2. commit to them and ensure they know how deeply committed you are
3. be passionate about everything in life, especially the relationship

1. engage in intellectual conversations and listen intently to their ideas
2. give them freedom to live life on their terms
3. support their adventurous spirit - and join in as much as you can!

1. find ways to continually show your dedication to them and the relationship
2. deal with reality - don’t focus too much on “what ifs”
3. use your intelligence and humor to keep them engaged - and laughing

1. don’t be intimidated by or jealous of their active social life - learn how to be a part of it!
2. give them freedom to do what they want and think for themselves
3. be aware of your value system and always act accordingly

1. keep things romantic and sensual - don’t ever lose the “magic” of your connection
2. support and validate them when they feel insecure
3. appreciate their go-with-the-flow attitude and don’t question their intuitive decisions 


Gotham City Sirens Print Giveaway Contest!

Well this hit 2,000 notes in a pretty short amount of time, so to celebrate I’ve decided to hold a little contest!

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5. Doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll mail to anywhere—as long as you’ve got a legit mailing address somewhere and a mail person can reach you it’ll get there

I believe that covers everything!  Contest begins now, good luck everybody!

How Does Death Work on Teen Wolf

Okay guys look as we’re nearing the end of the show I’m still confused by half of the character deaths. Let’s make a list of what has killed a werewolf and what has not ( * means Alpha at time of injury):

Dangerously Hurt but Still Alive:

Scott McCall, Alive - 

1. Inhaled Wolfsbane for an extended period of time

2. Stabbed through the stomach roughly four times* (granted he was an Alpha during some of these periods)

3. Electrocuted*

4. Actually murdered but was resurrected by Melissa *

5. Turned into a Berserker*

6. Suffocated*

Derek Hale, Alive -

1. Shot with a Wolfsbane Bullet

2. Clawed through the chest by Peter

3. Electrocuted

4. Stabbed through the chest/stomach with a pole that he was impaled with for roughly an hour*

5. Fell down multiple stories and presumed dead*

6. De-Aged

7. Dangerously injured by Berserkers

Peter Hale, Alive -

1. First Degree burns three times*

2. Stabbed with a Wolfsbane tomahawk

3. Throat slashed but was resurrected by Lydia 

Cora Hale, Alive -

1. Somehow escaped the Hale fire (never explained)

2. Poisoned 

Isaac Lahey, Alive - 

1. Electrocuted 

Quinn (6B), Alive-

1. Shot in the head (presumably with a regular bullet, not wolfsbane)

Theo Raeken, Alive -

1. Went to Hell

2. Experimented on by Dread Doctors 

3. Shot with multiple guns

4. Electrocuted 

Malia Tate (WereCoyote), Alive -

1. Poisoned multiple times

2. Suffocated

Lydia Martin (Banshee), Alive -

1. Hole drilled into her head

Literally All of Theo’s Pack, Alive -

1. All died but were brought back to life by Theo (obviously only Hayden and Corey survived in the end)

Gerard Argent (Human), Alive -

1. Bitten ‘by’ Derek to cure his cancer, but poisoned with Wolfsbane by Scott

2. Seriously this guy’s entire body was decaying 

Kate Argent (WereJaguar), Alive  -

1. Throat ripped out

2. Supposed to be dead but was turned by Peter’s claws lol k

Dead in Ways That Don’t Make Sense According to the Above:

Erica Reyes, Deceased -

1. Never actually explained but something to do with fighting the Alphas 

Vernon Boyd, Deceased -

1. Stabbed through chest with Derek’s (alpha) claws 

Aiden, Deceased -

1. Stabbed by Oni

Victoria Argent, Deceased - 

1. Stabbed through heart (okay yeah this one makes sense but still)

Brett Talbot, Deceased - 

1. Stabbed with Wolfsbane

2. Hit by a car

Lori Talbot, Deceased -

1. Literally only hit by a car how did she die

Tierney (6B), Deceased -

1. Shot (with Wolfsbane???)

Jiang (6B), Deceased -

1. Also shot

Endings ( Girls Version )

Click here to go to Main Walkthrough.

Still in Progress, images and other information will be included soon in the next updates.

The following ??? endings have yet to be confirmed.

Endings may have a slight difference in English version compared to Chinese version. Just like in Sebastian’s ending.

If there’s any experience that you would like to share with others regarding the endings, please send them to The Post Office on this blog or at chowqing@ymail.com.

Feel free to head over to Curious and Curiouser on this blog if there’s anything you wanna ask about this game.

Big thanks to everyone who help on any part of this walkthrough ! :)


Romance Endings

Butler’s Wife ( Sebastian’s Ending )

Intel >500
Charisma >300
Temperament >600
Morality >350
Emotion >300
Care 999
Housework 40 times

1. 1st year The Cursed Land
2. 3rd year The Cursed Land
3. 5th year The Cursed Land
4. 6th year Market

Suggested Classes : Cooking, Literature, Dance

Comment :

Nearly ran out of months to increase Care. Advisable to not attend the Spring Festival and Harvest Festival so you can decrease your fatigue. Make sure your coins are well stock up, perhaps around 30000 coins. You need a lot of coins to go on Vacation and for classes as the Housework job does not pay you any coins.

Priority Order :

Cooking ( until Stamina 190 ) -> Housework ( Until Care is reach ) -> Literature and Dance

Sweethearts ( Snow’s Ending )

Intel >700
Mana >600
Charisma >500
Temperament >500
Morality >400
Care >400
Wizardry 40 times

1. 1st year Wizardry 3rd, 8th, 18th times
2. 1st year Market ( Dec - Visit Market twice - not neccessary )
3. 2nd year Wizardry 25th time
4. 2nd year Wizard Alley
5. 3rd year Elf Valley ( Dec )
6. 4th year Elf Valley x2
7. 5th year Market
8. 5th year Moonlight Forest
9. 5th year Market ( Leslie & Snow )
10. 6th year New Years Event

Suggested Classes : Cooking, Wizardry, Literature

Comment :

On first try, I did manage to get Snow to 5 stars but somehow I got the Ordinary Life Ending. And when I did get this ending, it was accidental due to the fact I was actually going for Sorceress Ending.

Weird right? Well, for the first year, I accidentally met Leslie at the market while looking for Snow. Because of that, I unlock what it seems to be a missing scene which involves Leslie and Snow at the market.

This scene doesn’t seem neccessary for Snow, but it’s probably for Leslie’s ending or just as an extra scene.

Priority Order :

Wizardry -> Literature -> Cooking

Happy Foes ( Al’s Ending )

Intel >300
Attack >420
Mana >350
Charisma >500
Temperament >500
Stamina >600

1. 1st year Combat 3, 5 times
2. 1st year Dance 3 times
3. 3rd year Moonlight Forest, Jasmine Lounge ( Dec )
4. 4th year Moonlight Forest, Jasmine Lounge
5. 4th year Blackjack x2
6. 5th year Blackjack
7. 6th year Combat ( Feb )
8. 6th year Moonlight Forest ( May )

Suggested Classes : Combat, Dance, Wizardry

Comment :

Save up for the shop items to fill up the lacking stats. Do not go for Alchemy or Bodyguard. Blackjack Dealer job will help increase Intel stat.

Also, thanks to a mysterious person for the image above and for confirming this ending ! Thanks chosi for helping with this ending :)

“I managed to reach the stats required for this round by becoming an expert in both Combat and Music and doing the Waiter/Waitress job as well. You gain money this way and you don’t have to spend any for the lacking stats.”


Priority Order :

Combat & Dance -> Wizardry ( Until you can unlock job )  -> Blackjack Dealer -> Wizardry

Millenium Reunion ( Nia’s Ending )

~Contributed by crazedhobbit~

Intel >700
Mana >600
Morality >100
Popularity >300

1. 1st year Wizard Alley x2
2. 2nd year Moonlight Forest
3. 3rd year The Cursed Land
4. 3rd year Wizard Alley
4. 4th year Moonlight Forest
5. 5th year The Cursed Land
6. 5th year Wizard Alley

Suggested Classes : Wizardry, Literature

Comment :

This ending is quite straightforward. Increase Popularity by going to Expert classes. Make sure you collect sufficient coins beforehand so you don’t have to worry about it while going for this ending.

Thanks to crazedhobbit for confirming this ending :)

Priority Order :

Wizardry and Literature

Lovers ( Leslie’s Ending )

Attack >600
Charisma >400
Stamina >300
Popularity >300

Care 50-500

1. 1st year Market ( Dec - increase Care to 50 )
2. 2nd year Market x2
3. 2nd year Orphanage
4. 2nd year Orphanage Assistant x2
5. 3rd year Orphanage Assistant
6. 4th year Orphanage, *Orphanage Assistant*
7. 4th year Moonlight Forest
8. 5th year Moonlight Forest
9. 6th year Moonlight Forest - Choose Nope

Suggested Classes : Wizardry, Cooking

Comment :

For this ending, you must meet Leslie at the market on the first year, that is latest on December. If you do not do this, you will not meet Leslie ever again. To meet Leslie, you need at least 50 Care before meeting her at the market.

Unlocking the Orphanage area is a must. This cutscene will occur during one of the encounters with Leslie on the second year.

Also, do not increase your Care to more than 500, otherwise you will head towards the Demon Hunter endings. Thanks to KN for confirming this !

Priority Order :

Cooking ( until Stamina is Reached ) -> Meet Leslie at Market on Dec 1st year ( need Care >50 through Cooking ) -> Unlock the Orphanage -> Orphanage Assistant -> Wizardry and Cooking

First Lady ( Ian’s Ending )

~Contributed by Angelique~

Intel >800
Mana >600
Charisma >600
Temperament >600
Morality >600
Care >600
Popularity >500
Emotion <100
Rebellion <20

1. 2nd year First Meeting Cutscene ( June - automatic )
2. 3rd year The Cursed Land ( Jan )
3. 3rd year The Cursed Land ( July ) 
4. 4th year Moonlight Forest ( Jan )
5. 4th year Plaza ( July )
6. 5th year New Years Event 
7. 5th year The Cursed Land ( Jan )
8. 5th year Plaza ( April )
9. 6th year Waiter ( Feb )
10. 6th year Market ( Sept )

Suggested Classes : Dance, Music, Literature xxxx Cooking, Dance, Wizardry, Literature or Music

Comment :

There are a lot of ways to get Ian’s ending, find the most suitable one for you to play with !

Get the Waiter/Waitress job at the Jasmine Lounge is a must, which you need Charisma >100, Temperament >100 to unlock. But be warn that, your Intel will go down if you do this job so be sure to monitor your Intel so it doesn’t drop below 800 at the end of the game. You need this job to boost Charisma and Mana, as well as encountering Ian at your job on the sixth year ( February ).

For Popularity, I suggest mastering Literature and Music to Expert Class because they help out a lot on your stats.

Also, there’s a New Years Event for Ian, which will only happen if you fulfill all the encounters before the fifth year <3

Priority Order :

Cooking ( Until Stamina >150 ) -> Dance ( at least until you can unlock the job ) -> Cooking & Wizardry -> Literature or Music

Thanks to unwrittenwordsbycky for this order :D 

Dancing Duet ( Caroll’s Ending )

~Contributed by Caroline Del Pierro~

Intelligence >500
Attack >600
Charisma >600
Popularity >400

1. 1st year Combat x3, Dance x8 x9 x18 x28
2. 1st year Market, Waitress
3. 3rd year Jasmine Lounge
4. 3rd year Jasmine Lounge  (Jun)
5. 4th year Jasmine Lounge
6. 4th year Market
7. 6th year Jasmine Lounge

Suggested Classes : Dance, Music, Combat

Comment : 

Combat is needed since you need to also have a friendly relationship with Al for this ending to work out. Both Music and Dance classes will help with the stats.

Waiter/Waitress job is also a requirement for one of the meetings in this ending.

Thanks to fantasymaintenance for confirming the stats for this ending ! Also, thanks to Aki for the meeting places :)

Priority Order :

Dance ( at least until you can unlock the job ) -> Music ( at least until you can unlock the class ) -> Waiter/Waitress -> Dance  -> Music

Love at the First Sight ( ??? )

Charisma >550
Stamina >300
Temperament >550
Care >500
Popularity >300

Suggested Classes : Cooking, Dance

Comment :

I haven’t got to this ending yet, still in progress for meeting places if there is any.

Priority Order :

Cooking and Dance

Marriage ( Your Ending - Accept )

~Contributed by Aki~

Int >400
Charisma >500
Temperament >400
Emotion >900
Care >500
Morality <20
Rebellion 0

Comment :

Only if you are playing as a Male character. Doesn’t work if you’re playing as a female character. 

On the end of the 6th year, accept the Child’s proposal, otherwise it will lead to a different ending which is the Outing ending !!

Thanks Anonymous and lilithlium for these tips :)

Also, thanks to Aki for the extra information below !

It has the same order like boy’s version.

1. Job - Choreman until emotion ist around 800-820

2. Class - Music (or until Int >100 and unlock Tutor to save/earn money)

3. Class - Dance (if you want to earn money then get to expert level as fast as possible and enter the dance competition at the harvest festival)

Emotion Boost:

1st year Apr. Choose answer: Look to see if she’s ok

Same as Boy’s version except new year’s eve events.

Vacations are not neccessary, even though they’re good to get the Emotion up, it’s possible to do this ending without them. 

Outing ( Your Ending - Reject )

~Contributed by lilithlilium~

Comment :

Same stats as Marriage ending BUT you will have to reject the Child’s proposal at the end of the sixth year to get this ending.

Credits to the Anonymous and lilithium for this info !


Job Endings

Street Vendor - Intel >100

~Contributed by hellomysticstudentprincessworld~


Street Thug - Attack >100, Rebellious >100

If it doesn’t work, try spam Blackjack + Max Intel & Rebellious :3

~Contributed by StrangeoneXD~


City Guard - Stamina >350, Attack >300, Rebellious <100


Orphanage Teacher - Unlock Orphanage Area by going to Market and meeting Leslie, Intel >200, Temperament >200, Care >200, Morality >300, Rebellious <20, Orphanage Assistant 20 times

Note : Keep your stats to minimum to avoid getting The Dean Ending.

~Contributed by Sayuri~


Chef - Stamina >300, Temperament >500, Care>300, Popularity >300, Cooking 30 times


Magician - Mana >300, Temperament >500, Charisma >500, Popularity >300, Wizardry 20 times


Musician - Intel >300, Temperament >500, Charisma >500, Popularity >300, Music 30 times


Professional Dancer - Stamina >300, Temperament >500 Charisma >300 Popularity >300, Dance 30 times

~Contributed by lilithlilium~


Casino Card Dealer - Intel >500, Charisma >300, Rebellious >100, Blackjack 20 times


Doctor - Intel >500, Care >300, Morality >350, Emotion >100, Popularity >300, Medicine 30 times


Martial Artist - Stamina >400, Attack >600, Emotion <50, Rebellious >200, Popularity >300, Combat 20 times


Hunter - Stamina >400, Intel >300, Attack >600, Charisma >450, Morality<100 Emotion <50, Rebellious >200

~Contributed by Aki~


King of the Casino - Intel >400, Charisma >360, Rebellious >260, Moral 0, Emotion 0, Blackjack 20 times


Scholar - Intel >700, Temperament >400, Charisma >480, Morality >400, Popularity >300 Literature 30 times

Note : Since the stats is conflicting with Lounge Owner, it’s best to avoid going for Waiter/Waitress job while going for this ending. Thanks 


Knight - Stamina >400, Intel >400, Attack >300, Temperament >500, Charisma >500, Care >400, Morality >400 Popularity >350

~Contributed by oblivionmemento~


Witch - Mana >300 

~Contributed by crazedhobbit~


Sorceress - Stamina >450, Intel >480, Mana >600, Temperament >300, Charisma >300, Morality >200, Rebellious <20, Popularity >400, Wizardry 30 times

Took cooking, music, wizard. Be careful with stamina or attack. As long as you keep stamina below 600 or attack below 600, you won’t get city official by accident.

~Contributed by StrangeoneXD~


Alchemist - Stamina >500, Intel >500, Attack >500, Mana >500, Emotion <50, Rebellious <300, Alchemy 30 times

~Contributed by KN~


City Official - Stamina >600, Intel >500, Attack >600, Mana >400, Morality >450, Rebellious <50, Popularity >500

Got this by taking cooking music and wizard classes, you can probably replace it with literature.

~Contributed by StrangeoneXD~


~Contributed by margareth13~

Castellan -  Stamina >600, Intel >800, Charisma >600, Attack >700, Temperament >700, Mana >700, Morality >650, Popularity >500 ( you must have Coins >1000000 )


Lounge Owner - Intel > 500, Charisma > 500, Temperament > 500, Waitress >30 times

Classes: Literature or Music

Jobs: Waitress (unlock with dance classes)

~Contributed by Aki~


Pirate - Attack >650, Charisma >400, Stamina >300, Rebellious >300

~Contributed by Cheryl~ 


Other Endings

Beggar - Coins <1

According to Black Tulip, you can get the two endings, Freelance AND Beggar at the same time. All you have to do is aim for beggar first, you will get the Beggar ending cutscene in the end. 

After that, click Continue at the main screen to get the Freelance ending. This works for both Girls and Boys version !

“ When u don’t have money thats mean you can’t support classes or vacation, then if still to choose go to classes or vacation, it’ll end up you do the ‘have nothing to do’, but still attend event, there you’ll get 2 ending in the same time “

- Black Tulip

Freelancer - No Work, No Class, Still Attend Events


Ordinary Life - No specific area of interest


Blue-collar - Housework ( or any jobs ) only with occasional sleep, No Class


Traveller - Unlock all vacation images.


Millionaire - Intel >300, Charisma >300, Coins >1`000000

~Contributed by Caroline Del Pierro~


Sleeping Beauty - Sleep all the time


The Demon Hunter - Turn yourself into a female. Intelligence >400, Charm >500, Temperament > 400, Morality <300, Care > 500, Emotion > 900, Rebellion <20

~Contributed by nekobetty~


The Demon Hunter - Turn yourself into a male. Intel >700, Attack >900, Charisma >500, Mana >700, Temperament >500, Morality >500, Stamina >900, Emotion >600, Rebellious >900, Popularity >600

~Contributed by Aki & KN~


Resurrection of Lucifer - Intel >900, Attack >900, Mana >900, Temperament >900, Charisma >900, Care >900, Morality >900, Rebellious >920, Housework 30 times

~Contributed by Black Tulip~

Suggestion :
1st year - Cooking
2nd year - Housework (30 times) + cooking (until care 900)
3rd-4th year - Dance
5th-6th year - Alchemy (buy items to increase Intel and rebelllious)

Need a lot of coins to fill up the lacking stats. It will be good if you have > 100000 coins 

~Contributed by yummychoco~


Millenium Rebirth - Intel Attack Mana Charisma Temperament Morality Stamina Emotion Care Rebellious Popularity >999

~Contributed by darkangellilly~


The Reflection

Note : 

Since The Reflection is an ending where the Girl falls in love in herself and become narcissistic, do not have hearts with any of the characters.

In order to get Reflection ending, go outing and click home for six years without attending any events or talking to the Girl. If you happen to get the Falling Down Girl cutscene, close the app and re-enter the game to continue playing.

However, on June - 2nd year, there will be a cutscene where the Girl goes to the Plaza and meet Ian, which automatically triggers, and add heart to Ian.

Once you reach this cutscene, immediately close the game. Then, re-enter and continue the game. You will see no hearts for any of the characters. Keep going and finish the game. You should be able to get the Reflection ending.

This one is confirmed working 100%, just avoid events that can gain affection from any of the characters, including yourself. Birthday events are exceptional because you can’t avoid them and it doesn’t affect the ending.

You also don’t need to buy anything for the Girl.


~Contributed by HashiRukito~

The Guardian - Charisma >300, Stamina >400

Note :

It seems the stats alone won’t be sufficient.If it doesn’t work, try talking a lot with the Guard at the Castle since this ending is the romance ending for him.


Ultimate Endings

You need to purchase the Ultimate Ending Package to access these endings. Except for The Ying Yang Master, The Dean & Dark Force endings, which I’ve received submissions saying that these endings can be achieved without purchasing the package.

These ultimate endings will be updated from time to time.

Queen of the Pixies

~Contributed by giang-nam~

Intel >800
Attack >800
Mana >800
Charisma >800
Temperament >800 
Morality >800 
Stamina >800 
Care >800

Spirit Guide ( Death’s Ending )

~Contributed by platano-slice~

Mana >800
Charisma >700
Temperament >700
Emotion <100
Popularity >600

Suggested Classes : Wizardry, Literature

Note :

According to a submission, you can get this ending by spamming wizardry and literature. Thanks Scarlet for your submission :)

Also, thanks to giang-nam for confirming the name of this ending :D

Dark Force

~Contributed by Rebecca Tham~

Attack = 999, 
Intel =492, 
Popularity = 296, 
Stamina = 480 

Suggested Job & Classes : Combat, Wizardry, Blackjack Dealer

~Contributed by Sayuri~



Found while aiming for Martial Arts Ending

~Contributed by yuiheart~

Despite not having the Ultimate Endings package, I got this ending THRICE by spamming Blackjack, Wizardry and Combat. No outings are needed for this ending.

At the beginning, keep on doing Wizardry and Combat until Blackjack is available. Blackjack is used to fund all the lessons and raise the Rebellious value. Not very sure which values are necessary for this ending but I would say that Rebellious, Attack, Stamina and Popularity are somewhat important.

~Contributed by Rebecca Tham~

I was going for the Hunter ending and I was specifically watching them so they don’t go over certain values and send me towards Martial Artist or Card Dealer endings). I mostly took Combat and Wizardry classes and Blackjack Dealer for money and Intelligence.

It seems to me that Attack, Mana and Rebelious should be maxed out or close to max. Charisma might or might not be important.

~Contributed by Sayuri~

The Ying Yang Master

~Contributed by giang-nam~

Attack >800 
Mana >750
Charisma >900
Temperament >900
Emotion >100

Doctor - Intel >500, Care >300, Morality >350, Emotion >100, Popularity >300, Medicine 30 times


Note :

You only have to raise your stats with medicine classes and literature and get emotion to 100 just like you would if you were to get a doctor’s endings.

~Contributed by summerdreams2009~

Found while aiming for Snow’s ending.

~Contributed by yuiheart~ 

Hi! In Love Story, I got the Ying Yang Master ending, even though it’s supposed to only be available if you buy the “Ultimate Endings” package (I didn’t). I forget what exactly my stats were, but I really only took Medicine classes and worked as a Physician for the entire game (I had about 20k carried over from an earlier game). The stats that those two thing raise were close to or above 700, with some at 999…

It’s Ying Yang Master anon again… This time I got it doing only dance class and waitressing. Maybe it’s a glitch? Mana was 750+, Attack was 800+, charisma and temperament were 900+

~Contributed by Anonymous~

Also found while going after Snow’s ending, my Emotion was not >100 since I didn’t do any housework, choreman, and only greeted my character for Care points.  

~Contributed by M~

Accidentally got the ying yang master ending while i was aiming for the magician ending. attack +900 charisma +900 mana +900 temperemant +500 popularity +500 0 morality 0 emotion i think its all waitress job and dance + wizardy class

~Contributed by arcueidd~

The Dean

~Contributed by nonbinary-mutsu~

Orphanage Teacher - Unlock Orphanage Area by going to Market and meeting Leslie, Intel >200, Temperament >200, Care >200, Morality >300, Rebellious <20, Orphanage Assistant 20 times 


Note : 

Can obtain without purchasing the package. Found while aiming for Orphanage Teacher Ending

~Contributed by Anonymous~

The Dean ending pretty much had me wanting to throw my phone away. I got it MULTIPLE times while trying to go for Orphanage Teacher. The first time I played, I met the required stats pretty early, around 2nd or 3rd year, so for the rest of the years I pretty much spammed Orphanage Assistant. This gave me the Dean ending. In subsequent playthroughs I only did Orphanage Assistant 20 times and then spammed Literature, Tutor (and maybe Guard at some point, I don’t remember exactly) after getting the required stats for Orphanage Teacher. It still got me the Dean ending. I believe this happened because I got Morality and Care at MAX. Emotion and Intelligence were pretty high too, but I don’t know if they were relevant. To get Orphanage Teacher, I got the MINIMUM required stats for the ending and did Orphanage Assistant only 20 times (I counted), and then slept for the rest of the years. I FINALLY stopped getting the Dean ending.

When you really start to make money in this game, after a few playthroughs, it actually gets really easy to max out stats. Ironically though, this makes it harder to get endings with lower stat requirements, because the game automatically pushes you into an “ultimate” ending of some sort. As such, you ar pretty much left to do nothing for months to keep your stats low and get those “lower” endings.

~Contributed by Sayuri~

Event Info - Ikemen Sengoku - Shot thru the Heart

This is IkeSen’s first collection event~

Exchange rate is 1-1. Collect Exchange item Hearts by:

  • 5 when you read 5 scenarios
  • 3 when you clear a Love Challenge
  • 2 for going to lessons 5 times
  • 2 daily at event page login (max 2 times, morning and afternoon)
  • 10 when you change a route
  • You can also purchase hearts in sets

Collection Items. Turn hearts in to collect avatars, items, voiced files, and special stories. Press “Bonus” to see all bonuses.

  • Final item requires 400 exchanges
  • If you do 10 hearts at once, you will get a special voiced clip!

Levels. Each character has three levels where the stage scenario will change. Collect more hearts to get more interactions. After clearing a characters level, you will either be rewarded a story or a voiced message.

  • Stories: Nobunaga, Masamune, Hideyoshi, Ieyasu, Yukimura, Shingen
  • Voices: Mitsuhide, Mitsunari, Kenshin, Sasuke, Kennyo

Early clear bonus. There are two this event.

  • Exchange 100 times within 72 hours of event start and receive Flirty Pink Room (+150 Beauty).
  • Exchange 200 times within 168 hours of event start and receive Cupid’s Little Helpers (+150 Beauty) .

Lucky time. During the event, the news will alert you to there being a special Lucky Time. There are two types: Lesson and Story. During each of these lucky times, which ever one it is designated for, you will receive x2 hearts for that action.

Event ranking bonus. These will be given out after the event ends.

  • Final Rank 200 - Two Limited Pieces of Attire & Closet +1
  • Final Rank 1000 -  One Limited Pieces of Attire &  Closet +1
  • Final Rank 5000 -  Closet +1

Event runs until the 25th of July 6:00pm PST.

Good luck!

Just saw "The DUFF"

Things I expected to happen:

1) Already decent-looking main girl is treated like she’s hideous, gets a makeover, and once she’s “beautiful” she ends up with her crush ala “She’s All That”. So I almost didn’t go see the movie.

Things that did happen:

1) It was hilarious; I plan to get it on DVD and watch it many more times
2) The main girl was a sass master of epic proportions and I loved her; I lost count of how many times she dumped a drink on a guy or punched someone in the face
3) The movie did not treat the main girl like she was actually fat or ugly, in fact when she is offended by the acronym her friend explains it’s just a turn of phrase and that “the duff” doesn’t necessarily have to be those things, they just have to be the least attractive of their friend group. Main girl’s friends were REALLY hot and she was just cute. Nobody ever treated her like she was a hideous troll.
4) There WAS an attempt at a makeover, but it was just a hilarious montage, it didn’t work out, and throughout the movie she hardly changed (if at all), and her love interest fell for her without her having to change
5) The moral of the whole thing is that we shouldn’t let other peoples’ negative comments about us get us down because there is ALWAYS going to be someone prettier or smarter or funnier or richer etc, therefore we are all somebody’s DUFF. Main girl spent part of the movie upset that she was considered the least attractive of her friend group and in the end she got over it because fuck that noise, she can’t always be the most attractive and as long as she’s confident with herself who gives a fuck

What WILL happen because Tumblr is a shithole:

“Omg the DUFF is so offensive she’s not even fat!!!!ONE!! Let’s boycott!”

murdock82  asked:

Hey Razorfist, why are dudes like Yankee Marshall so gung ho against the NRA? Hell, a certain amount of people are against the NRA over minor shit. Do they really want New York/California to rule America with bullshit pro criminal rights like you'd see in a Death Wish movie???!!!

The NRA have an admittedly checkered past (they were proponents of the original Gun Control legislation in the U.S.) but his argument in favor of Philando Castile is transparently political in nature and flagrantly crafted as a cloying supplication to virtue signal his ‘pragmatic’ bona fides. He could wave a hot pink banner that reads ‘#NotAllGunOwnersVoteRepublican’ and be infinitely more subtle. 

He rambles for interminable duration - aided by his eternally omnipresent jump-cuts - about how the “NRA don’t support ‘brown people’”… all the while ignoring that the police officer involved in the Philando Castile confrontation was, himself, brown. In fact, while Castile had darker skin, both he and the police officer were of Latin heritage. So, no matter who the NRA supported in that instance, it would have disproven the Wankee Marshall’s contention out-of-(chubby)hand. 

However, his most alarming omission in the Castile case, to my mind…? Is that while, yes, the police officer overreacted. Yes, even if he was justified in using lethal force, to empty 7 rounds into a suspect is overkill by any reasonable metric. No argument on that point. 

…but at what juncture does a responsible gun owner (as the Wankee Marshall contends he, in fact, is) see fit to mention how profoundly irresponsible Philando Castile was - as a permit-holding Gun Owner - in his conduct with a police officer? In that traffic stop, he did virtually everything objectively wrong, from a concealed carry standpoint. For reference: Here’s a video primer on the most effective method of informing a police officer you’re carrying a concealed firearm during a routine traffic stop. These are things anyone who has ever taken a Concealed Carry course (which Castile would have been legally required to take in order to acquire his permit) has been long since apprised of. 

In cursory summation:
1) Hands remain on the wheel at all times
2) NEVER say the words ‘gun’ or ‘firearm’. These put police on-edge, and they are trained to enter a heightened state of alert upon their merest utterance. (You can see in the dashcam video that the moment Castile says ‘firearm’, the officer’s hand moves to the hilt of his weapon. That’s what they’re trained to do.) Say ‘defense weapon’ or some alternate thereof and you handily avoid all of that.
3) Once informing the officer, ask if they have any special instructions for you.

There literally is not one rule on this list Philando Castile did not break.
Does that mean he deserves 7 rounds in the chest? Absolutely not. But breaking any one of these rules can result in use of lethal force. Castile broke all three at once, even as the officer reminded him - THREE TIMES - not to. 

If the officer is more calm? MAYBE Castile lives. We’ll never know, given how erratically he was already behaving. 

But if Castile was 1) Not smoking pot while armed, and 2) Complying with standard Concealed Carry policy? We literally would not be discussing this situation at all. Castile would be alive today. 

There’s absolutely a conversation to be had on the alarmist nature of police training and gun owners’ rights, where the Castile case is concerned. But as a gun owner? Philando Castile’s mandate that day was to obey the self-imposed strictures of responsible carry. Rightly or wrongly, when you strap on a defense weapon, however you behave? Each and every one of us will be judged by thereafter. 

And if he was merely mentally impaired due to marijuana use? Then the question becomes A) What in front-flipping fuck compelled him to light a fatty with a five-year-old in the fucking car? And B) On what planet is it appropriate to ingest a mild-altering substance while armed with a projectile weapon? 

The cop’s conduct is sketchy and debatable.

Philando Castile’s is not. He was a garbage gun owner, full stop. And fuck the Yankee Marshall in his five chins for whitewashing Castile’s appalling disregard for how his reckless actions while armed could prospectively affect everyone’s (including his) Concealed Carry rights.


DPH: Rules for your sitter

1. Stay with them at all times

2. Stay very calm. Your friend will be dealing with a lot of paranoia.

3. Do not let them go outside unless it’s an emergency.

4. Don’t bother trying to convince them that they’re hallucinating unless they’re panicking. It will only confuse them further.

5. Your friend will have brief moments of lucidity. Do not be fooled, they are NOT sober. Stay with them for at least eight hours.

6. Don’t try to mess with them. If they panic they may do something stupid.

7. Before they take the pills, ask them to empty their pockets and hand everything to you. Make sure there is plenty of water for them and hold onto it yourself. They may want something and forget where they left it.

8. If you see them smoking a phantom cigarette leave them be. They might burn themselves by accident with a real cigarette. However, if they’re drinking from a phantom water bottle, hand them a real one.

9. This trip will last a long time and your friend will be very lethargic. Bring something to entertain yourself that will allow you to keep an eye on your friend.

10. Your friend will likely talk to you. If they ask you a question about if something is real, feel free to tell them the truth. Keep in mind that they will hallucinate you speaking to them.

10. If they begin to panic, remind them that what they’re seeing isn’t real.

11. Your friend may become increasingly irritated at you for not letting them drive or go outside once they start to feel sober. Don’t give in, they could seriously hurt themselves.

12. Feel free to keep a log of everything they say or do that’s out of the ordinary. This will help jog your friend’s memory. They will likely forget almost everything that happened.

Paramore Release New Song ‘Hard Times’, Announce New Album ‘After Laughter’

We’ve known Paramore were up to something for a while now, and it’s no wonder as it’s been four years since their self titled album was released. 

The song “Hard Times” is the first single from their upcoming 5th LP After Laughter, which is due out May 12th via Fueled By Ramen. The track is the first we’ve heard from the band since original drummer Zac Farro has rejoined.  

Album art for After Laughter

UK & EU Tour dates, as well as track listing under the read more

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Marcus Kane’s Most Frequently Used Words

This analysis is about Marcus Kane’s dialogue, specially discussing word choice. I made a transcript of Marcus Kane’s dialogue, seasons 1-3. Every word he said. It was for organization purposes, but once I had it, this seemed appropriate. 

Other characters: Abby Griffin / Bellamy Blake / Clarke Griffin

Please note: this is meant to be taken out of context; instead this gives insight about overall averages: what’s commonly on his mind and how he thinks.

“Abby” is number one on the list.

I ran the data through a generator that took Marcus’s most frequently said words (top 150 words minus common words like “I,” “is,” “can,” etc) and turned it into a chart. The larger the word, the more often he said the word. In this analysis, I give an exact word count of his most commonly used words each season, his most siginifant words, and a short explanation of what that word says about his character.

Marcus’s words, overall (seasons 1-3):

Most said words throughout all of seasons 1-3:

1. Abby - 46 times
2. Need - 42 times
3. People - 37 times
4. Know - 35 times
5. Right - 24 times
6. Clarke - 21 times
7. Going - 21 times
8. Think - 21 times

Most consistent words used (the three words that made the top-five word list each season); “Abby,” “people,” and “need.”

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Survey #112 : 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Seven Things About You

How old will you be on your next birthday: 19
Where is your current residence: My college
How do you feel about your surname: I like it
What is your heritage: Mostly Irish
What is your sexual orientation: Straight
What are your parents’ names: Joe and Cheryl
Do you have a birthmark: No

Six Relationship Questions

Are you currently taken?: Yes
What is the longest you’ve ever been single?: If you mean in between boyfriends, then a little over 2 years
Have you been in a relationship for more than a year?: No
Do you think marriage is an old-fashioned tradition?: Not at all
Have you ever felt pressured to do something you weren’t ready for?: Eh
How far did you go with the last person you did something with?: We made out

Five Places You Want to Go on Vacation To

1.: Disney World, even though I’ve been there 3 times
2.: Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas
3.: Italy
4.: California
5.: Nashville

Four Days You Look Forward to Every Year

1.: Christmas
2.: My birthday
3.: Thanksgiving

4.: Christmas Eve

Three People You Talked To Today

1.: Kayla
2.: Marina

3.: Chris

Two Things You Can’t Live Without

1.: Food
2.: My family

One Person Who Made Your Day Today

1.: Chris

anonymous asked:

Any headcanons for Russia?

1. his hugs are amazing, although he does tend to hold on slightly too tight at times

2. he blushes and tears up extremely easily, although often hides the blush with his scarf and looks away to hide his teary eyes

3. he’s an excellent cook and spends lots of time baking cookies and sweets for other countries, as well as often inviting them over for a meal

4. he’s a very cuddly person - he adores hugs and always falls asleep cuddling either his duvet or a pillow

5. he always cries at sad films, no exceptions


Bellamy Blake’s most said words, seasons 1-3

By popular request. This is a lot of work, so hope you enjoy. 

Other characters: Clarke GriffinAbby GriffinMarcus Kane

I made a transcript of all of Bellamy’s dialogue, seasons 1-3. I ran the data through a generator that took his most frequently said words (top 150 words minus common words like “I,” “is,” “can,” etc) and turned it into a chart. The larger the word, the more often he said the word. 

I also divided Bellamy’s dialogue into individual seasons. In this analysis, I give the word count of his most commonly used words each season, his most siginifant words, and a short explanation of what that word says about his character.

Overall (seasons 1-3) 

Most said words:

1. Get (112 times)
2. Need (71 times)
3. Going (60 times), Go (59 times)
4. Clarke (56 times)
5. Octavia/O (54 times)
6. Know (53 times)
7. Back (53 times)
8. Now (52 times)
9. People (47 times)
10. Right (47 times)

Overall most significant words:

- ″Get.” Get is the ONLY word that is on the top-five list each season. Despite that, I’m not sure it reflects too deeply on Bellamy’s character. “Get” is a goal-oriented word, which reflects on Bellamy’s actions, but it’s also a weak word. There are many contexts to use the word. “Get out of my way.” “Get back” “I will get you home,” etc. Bellamy uses it as an all-purpose filler, in a way that makes it a common word for him. Because of that, I won’t be talking about the use in each season.

- “Going/go” - again, these are weak words in there are so many contexts for them, but also again, they are action words. It’s very much suited to Bellamy’s character, who definitely wants to be moving and going in a direction. 

- “Clarke.” Clarke is important to him.  Interestingly enough though “Clarke” doesn’t overwhelm the charts like certain names for certain other characters do (*cough* both Kane and Abby’s most used words). Clarke is Bellamy’s partner and someone he cares deeply about, so she’s his #1 name, but he also has a broad focus in general, which is why he has several words that are said around the same amount.

- “Octavia/O.” Octavia is the other name that is high on his list. You won’t notice her name as big in the images, because he calls her “O” the majority of the time, and the program I used doesn’t recognize “O” as a word. Don’t be fooled though. Octavia is extremely important to him as well.

Most used phrase:

- “You okay?” He says that 12 times! He also says “she okay?” 2 times. Bellamy really cares about his friends’ wellbeing, physically and emotionally. 

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