times were much simpler back then

Bounding to his feet, he threw himself back at the stone doorframe. “Burn you, you can’t throw me—!” 

He hurtled through—and stumbled against the crates and barrels on the other side. Without a pause, he turned and leaped at it again. With the same result. This time he caught himself on the barrel holding his lamp, which nearly fell onto the already shattered things littering the floor under his boots. He grabbed it in time, burning his hand, and fumbled it back to a steadier perch. 

Burn me if I want to be down here in the dark, he thought, sucking his fingers. Light, the way my luck is running, it probably would have started a fire and I’d have burned to death! He glared at the ter’angreal. Why was it not working? Maybe the folk on the other side had shut it off somehow. He understood practically nothing of what had happened.

- The Shadow Rising, ch 15, “Into the Doorway”

A reminder that when Mat was thrown out of the doorway, the first thing he did was try to charge back in. Twice. 

I’m starting to wonder where I fall on the romantic spectrum. I’ve started to notice that my views on love aren’t really compatible with that of mainstream society. I’ve been questioning whether or not I’ve ever been in love or whether I could even tell you if I was for some time now.

I came across the term Quoiromantic (or WTFromantic, which I prefer and is much simpler), and I was a little surprised that there was a term for this. I suspected there was, but couldn’t find it until recently.

Back in middle school, I was firmly monogamous and SO CONVINCED I had experienced love with my two-year, on-and-off “boyfriend”(we were never officially serious or went on dates). I almost never think about him now.

I used to think there was something genuinely wrong with people who were non-monogamous, or that all non-monogamous people were basically dirty cheats and liars. But now, I’ve realized that monogamy just isn’t for some people, and that monogamy would be more hurtful than helpful in their lives.

All I could really tell you is that I’ve been obsessed or infatuated with guys and, well, that’s not necessarily the same thing. I remember thinking a few times if these infatuations was a reaction formation, or a defense mechanism to keep myself from questioning what I really felt about romantic love.

I used to think I could NEVER be capable of having a casual relationship/casual sex with someone (I basically had a casual relationship with my first “boyfriend”, but it wasn’t casual on my part). Now, i’m wondering if it’s the only thing i’m capable of.

As some of you already know, I dated someone for two months after about a year of constantly hanging with him all the time. But then, about a month into the relationship, I just got BORED! We barely did anything physical, save for kissing a few times (his breath smelled horrendous, but I digress). I started having fantasies of cheating on him, him finding out, and me not giving a fuck if he did. Now I know some of you are thinking that it’s just a fantasy, and maybe it is. But it FREAKED ME OUT. Again, up until recently, I’ve had a firmly monogamist view about love and thought I could never even THINK about cheating or having more than one partner without feeling like a piece of shit. I was shocked and felt like I had stooped so low into thinking that cheating on my boyfriend would be more fun than being faithful to him. Whenever I thought “ I have a boyfriend”, I would cringe. It felt like such a burden, and I just wanted to be single again.

Even with the person in my “Personal” tags, as infatuated as I was with him, I can’t say I loved him. Even when that thought crossed my mind, I questioned it and wasn’t convinced. I felt like that was such an exaggeration, and I think people often take the word way too lightly or only use it when their vocabulary is too limited to describe the true nuances of their feelings.

With all three of my relationships, to some extent, I secretly resisted against them. As much I was infatuated with all three of these guys I mentioned (OK, second BF, not so much), I was always looking for the exit and at least somewhat hatching an escape plan.

I have a better understanding of my sexuality than I do of my romantic feelings, if I have any. Then again, I’ve always thought more about sex, so that makes sense.

“xxx time was so much simpler and the people were nicer”

I can’t speak for other countries, but I know for certain that North American schools gloss over everything negative that we US/Canada were doing at these times. They never talk about the bad events, or the racism, or the sexism, or how we treated our first nations people, or how we treated immigrants. None of that is ever mentioned, and I feel like this leaves people with this understanding of the decades like, “the twenties had parties and cool dresses”  and “the fifties had poodle skirts and television” and “the sixties had drugs and hippies” and no one ever remembers the huge civil rights movements going on at these times.
People were fighting for basic human rights, and while I’m not saying that we’re perfect now, far from it, as there is still a very long way to go, these periods were not fun.

if by ‘the times were so much simpler’ people mean, “there wasn’t internet and I didn’t have to text” but that’s it. “the people were nicer” that’s a raging lie. Everyone was a racist/sexist/homophobe with very very few exceptions, and that’s what frustrates me when people say that ‘the fifties’ would be more fun than modern day, and the people were better.

“The life that they had led together could not be described as bucolic. The life that Parker and Eve pursued together was not one which you could have a mere dalliance with, instead it was a life that required commitment and hard work, a life that she was willing to lead as long as he steadily stood by her side. For an extended period of time, Parker was the cynosure of her eye, the focal point of her attention, everything led back to him. In a much simpler time, where there were two twelve year olds much too in love with life to perhaps notice that they were in love with each other, they would mirror this position. But instead she would not be nursing him due to the poison coursing through his veins but instead due to a sore leg after he was sure that a cape would mirror the function of wings. She had evolved, much like people did. From a demure girl with ebullience seeping from her pores to one who radiated light. She was effervescent and he was the gas fuelling that. “

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Take me back to being a child
When life was free and wild
When mommy kissed you better
When you screamed “daddy higher”
When playing in the rain
Wasn’t to forget your pain
Take me back to being a child
To a place much simpler and mild
Where sticks were swords
And the tree house was the kingdom in fantasy world
Take me back to simpler times
When my heart was unbroken and mine
When pain as far as you knew
Was a boo boo
When the clouds made shapes
And towels were capes
Take me back to being a child

A time where things were much simpler. A time of discovery. A time I’d like to go back. This was “once upon a time.”

Every time I see a little kid come into the library, I’m just like “Ah, yes, I remember those times. Those were much simpler days. Where you could come to the library to search or books and DVDs for the fun of it. No research papers lingering over your head. No pressure to decide on your future” and while yes I was being sarcastic, in reality, we will never get those days back. 

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Bitcoin Is Not A Sprint, It’s A Marathon (Op-Ed)

The first time I heard about Bitcoin I wasn’t very impressed. As an anarchist with an Austrian economic background, it didn’t make much sense to me right away. I was hard pressed on the collection of precious metals – after all, I had studied the likes of Rothbard and the great gold standard.

But when I began to research the integrity of the Bitcoin protocol I had become more addicted to learning about it. I spent hours of my evenings trying to figure out where the value came from. Its regression as far as Mises was concerned and all the great economists. Little did I know at that time the answers to questions such as value and regression were much simpler than I had expected.

Its value can rightly be regressed back to its users giving substance and trust to its algorithmic equation; to the encryption itself. Users of the network trust that bitcoins cannot be digitally printed out of thin air. Trust in these algorithmic equations can be said for the same trust in physical space atomic equations. Meaning we believe that no human or alchemist can produce gold and silver out of thin air.

Bitcoin Fever

I had finally got it. Now I was still in the Bitcoin fever of it all. The Bitcoin bug had bitten me. I was all over the place after this. I saw that Bitcoin could cure many of societies ailments and not just the financial sector, every sector. From financial, political and social. Bitcoin can bring about new ideas of autonomous governance. Like using the blockchain for identification purpose and reputation.

Organizations and corporate entities could be built on top of the ledger as well. Trusts, escrows, land deeds and future markets. Remittances could be lower than ever in history. For mere pennies, you can send millions of dollars from one side of the globe to the other.

Third world communities could use this tool. The people who don’t have access to the common banking system could now become banked. We could crowdsource anyone in a matter of moments. Let’s say a small tribe needs better access to clean water, maybe build an aqueduct. We can fund that now with bitcoin.

I’ve suddenly smashed head first into the overwhelming part of the sickness. What can’t Bitcoin solve?

I now figured I’ve been down the path of utter Bitcoin utopian bliss. Might as well go down the other end of the rabbit hole. Let’s find the weaknesses.

The Hurdles of Bitcoin

Does Bitcoin solve the Byzantine Generals problem? Isn’t that the holy grail of Bitcoin? Slowly sliding down the elements of weakness I question everything. What’s all this centralized mining talk? Research on the 51% hack and that evil witch, the Sybil attack.

My fundamentals are crumbling now. Bitcoin isn’t anonymous you know, it’s pseudo-anonymous. And suddenly I’m rooting for the altcoin space. Go Proof-of-Stake! That will distribute better. Go Darkcoin, I mean Dash. Go Monero! Those coins will bring anonymity.

But something’s missing now. I’ve realized I’ve gone too far. This can happen when you get deeply infused in the crypto space. While all the while looking at all the different aspects, both positive and negative, in the Bitcoin world, I forgot about the most important thing – the standard.

Bitcoin has changed the standard. It’s had massive and beautiful network effect that has changed the paradigm to a new standard. While looking at all the many wonderful things Bitcoin has yet to offer, sometimes we forget that it’s early, and concentration on the standard itself is key.

The New Standard

Bitcoin has yet to see mass adoption, and we are already talking blockchain octopus theories. We need to continue to get ‘use to’ the new standard of money. That’s not getting used to blockchain technology without bitcoin. This is how far ahead of ourselves we have gotten. We’re now talking two separate things. How can we push the simple idea of common adoption while our heads are lost in the land of smart contracts and Ethereum?

There is no network effect or standard bigger than Bitcoin in crypto-land. The blockchain is Bitcoin. We need to focus back on the basics. People are still not handling wallets correctly and keeping them secure. Less than 6 % of wallet users use multisig.

We need to continue to spread why Bitcoin is important. Tell people that it does all the things mentioned above without the need for a third party. Especially cutting out the costs of the middleman.

Its the simpler things I think we need to regress to. We have to remind ourselves that Bitcoin is the first, and largest distributed consensus record mastered in digital real time. It’s not going to be an overnight success.

As it’s been said to me in the Bitcoin world many times, I will say it to you all. This isn’t a sprint people. It’s a marathon.

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Have you ever cried listening to a song? When it brings back fond memories when life used to be much simpler and happier, when we were free of all worries and problems. And it makes you wish you could go back to that time. But you

Immunity - Jon Hopkins (asleep version)

Bubble Tea

There was once a time when my family had to drive to another town thirty minutes away just to get some bubble tea. Those were rough days, and today many bubble tea fans do not remember, but I remember, and it was hell. Now everyone knows about bubble tea in my town and there are three BT stores on Main Street. Back in my first year of bubble tea addiction, life was difficult, but much simpler than having a choice of smoothie, milk tea, tea fusion with coffee boba, popping boba, tapioca boba(original), or fruit boba. I GUESS I AM A TREND-SETTER  BUT I FEAR MY POWER IS TOO STRONG.

You know, the worst part of thinking about the past and people you’ve parted with is… probably the loneliness. When you sit back and remember the good times and all of the fun you had together back when things were simpler.

I miss those times. But then I also remember why I cut those people out of my life, and I feel relieved. I feel relieved, and free, and much happier because of it. Even as I revel in a bit of nostalgia now and again.

Such is life! It keeps going, regardless of all that. And I’m glad for it.

Blog #6

The top take away that I got from this class, and have applied it not only to my other classes, but also to my job and daily life, would be to think of my brain as a closet.  I know this seems weird, but this makes sense to me as I am all about closet organizations with different types of clothing chunked together organized as ROYGBV. This makes not only storing information in my head a lot easier, but also gaining access to the information is also much easier.  For example, in our methods class and the integrating technology class, we were both talking about formative assessment and summative assessment at the same time. Putting that information into two classes made access to that information much simpler.  When it came time to do my midterm in my methods class, I was able to think back to not only the methods class, but also to my technology class.  Having it explained in two different ways really helped my understanding of the material, and having it be involved in multiple classes gave me more practice with the different types of assessment.  By integrating that subject into multiple facets of my life, the information was more readily available.

Another thing that I took away from was how just repetition is not always the best way to grind things into students heads, which is what I knew before, but it is nice to see it in a professional book. I know from experience that just memorizing is really not that great, because you do not fully understand the conceptual meaning.  That applies to mathematics as well.  I hated those one-minute tests because I never did very well on them, even though I was doing very well in math. I understood the concept and was able to apply it rather than memorize some equations.

Also, I learned that any kind of hands on activity that is pertinent to the lesson is a GREAT idea.  We hold classes far away from the actual thing that we are teaching about, and it is hard for students to imagine what is really happening.  So going outside for biology and identifying trees will help students retain more information about trees or whatever they are learning about.  From experience, hands on activities are one of the best ways that I learn; I am a very visual person.  I believe in different types of instructions but I am a fan of group work and collaboration. However, activities done individually also have their merit and I would love to get a mixture into my classroom.

Something else that I took away was to not make every single part of the learning experience required for everyone.  And that sounds weird, but it is true. For example, sending home extra sheets for practice doesn’t have to be mandatory.  If the students need the practice then they have the option of doing it, however, if they don’t the student is going to hate you for giving them busy work when they genuinely do not need it.  Instead, give them websites that go further in depth that they can do if they want, give them resources that will help them in a different way than other students. Make sure that they are being challenged and not hitting a learning plateau. Because then they are going to get bored and hate the class, keep them interested.

Something else that I learned was to engage the elephant.  This really stuck with me.  Before, I felt kind of silly trying to get student’s attentions because they really aren’t my students and I don’t want them to think that I am weird. But, making it more personal with stories about my life or just a story that goes with the lesson, even if they are older students, can make a world of difference. Don’t be afraid to surprise the elephant with a wild experiment, or showing it a “shiny thing” to get it’s attention. This really helps me put in my mind that I am there to get their attention and when I have it I want to keep that elephant’s brain on me. And if that means I have to give directions in a British accent to get them to laugh and do it, I will.

This class and book have been so beneficial to me, and has given me a lot of confidence when I go out into the world and have my own students to teach. I know that I can help them organize their brains, use different methods to capture their imagination and help it blossom, and to not be afraid to be personable with my students.

…Not to say that I’m not happy, I just don’t think this will last.
- @polarscout
// glad I made it out to this release party Saturday.. It’s was nice to see friends from back home I haven’t seen in a while.. It was also great to hear this guy perform for the first time in a long time.. Seems like forever ago we were staying up late nights on the front porch smoking cigars and writing lyrics.. Good to see much hasn’t changed since those simpler times.
Check this guy out, give his music a listen, because it’s something truly special and unique! //
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Music takes me back in time. Music takes me back and reminds me of the moments that I had forgotten. Moments that have been locked up in my long term stored memory. I thought this was just a habit I developed in my recent years.. But I think it’s been in me since I was a little girl.

Listening to the Disney piano collection takes me back to the memories and moments when I went to Disneyland with my family as a little girl. Things were so much simpler back in the day.. I miss those days.

Thank you family. For sticking with me through thick and thin. I know that we’re a smaller family than most.. But I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with such loving parents. I honestly don’t know where I’d be.. Who I would be today.. And who I could grow to become.. without you two.

Those cherished memories will always be with me. And I can’t be thorough enough about how much you two mean to me. I thank God that even though I don’t have siblings, he has found plenty of ways to really touch my heart through the various people in my life..

Family always comes first. Because real friends are family. Blood doesn’t necessarily have to be thicker than water. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.