times were much simpler back then

August 26th, 1346 | The Battle of Crécy

Things were different back in the Middle Ages on so, so many levels. You didn’t get to vote your leaders in, they pretty much decided themselves. Well, that is if other country leaders allowed them to. You see, these were not lawless times … there were processes and agreements … and by-and-large the rule of the day was: if you die, your oldest son takes the reins. And it doesn’t get any simpler than that, right?

Except things can get messy, real fast, if blood legitimacy, the lack of a son, a son by from a casual fling in the hay, previous promises from generations prior, or IOU notes are brought into the mix. Suddenly “my eldest son,” becomes “what, that bastard child from the farmhand? My ass he’s taking the crown! Anyway, it was promised to my uncle Phil six generations back, so I’m cashing in!”

nd thus we find ourselves in the early part of Medieval times; times in which English rulers – following the Norman conquest of 1066 – are vassals of France for anything that they happened to own in France; yeah, you’re a king over THERE, but the minute to come and hang out playing croquet in Gascony, you’re my VASSAL, and you’ll damn well kiss my feet.

And then you have the whole problem that French aristocracy spent way too much time stealing back everything that belonged to England that used to have a French flag in it; “Guyenne? Ours now, get your arse back across the channel!”

Let’s just say that the situation was … tense.

“But what has this got to do with birthright and such?” I hear you ask. Well …

Through his mother, Isabella of France, Edward III of England was the grandson of Philip IV and nephew of Charles IV, both of France. Which means that the English king had some mighty fine French royal blood pumping through those veins of his. Shoot, if something were to happen to Charles IV, well old Edward III would have a GREAT claim on the throne, right?

Well Charles did die.

And he died without a male heir.

And with him the senior lineage of the House of Capet went with him.

France had a succession issue.

But … but hold on a second! He had a 1 year old daughter, Mary, surely she coul-NOPE! You see, France passed a law twelve years prior that forbid “the wimmen folk” from being eligible to succeed to the throne, so Mary could never become queen. France still had a problem.

But wait, all was not lost! His wife – Jeanne – was pregnant with his child when his passed, so holy heck in a handbasket, there was hope that she would have a boy! Philip of Valois – the next most senior branch of the Capetian dynasty – was set up as the heir presumptive, and the country sat on their hands for the next two months in wild anticipation of the royal birth.

*bites knuckles* I’m excited.

“It’s a GIRL!!!!!”

Oh … poo.

So, Philip became the King of France, there was wild rejoicing, lots of bunting, a few drinks, and the Medieval times rolled on as peaceful as a Barry Manilow concert.

Except …

A Look Back at Geek Fashion in Japan
By Brian Ashcraft

“Remember the 1990s? I do! While there were some very cool styles, there were some truly awful ones, too. Then, there’s this: 1990s Akihbara fashion.

Recently posted again online, these scans show off what some people (well, these people) were wearing in Tokyo’s geek district of Akihabara in a much simpler time.

Note that some of these styles have become otaku (geek) stereotypes, such as ponytail hair, backpacks, bandanas, anime-themed shopping bags, and button-up shirts. The tough guy in the black tank top, though, sure is something else! “

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a shadow of a former self

I haven’t wrote anything in a long time. So, I am a bit rusty. So much came rushing to my head that I just spewed what was in there.

Let’s go back to simpler times
When we were happy
There was nothing to hide
Back to days of better times
Where that spark was in your eye
That was what made me happy
I found a place where my heart could reside

Now it needs revived
It’s no longer in sync
My head is turning up side down
And as I look at my feet
They are frozen in place, not moving forward
You see this race was finished before it was over
It wasn’t meant to be a sprint
It was meant to go the distance
Yet you walked off the Track
Said “I can’t do this ”

Not even to my face
Yet you were behind a screen
Saying how this so difficult for you
How does that seem to me?
Not even in person
You couldn’t wait til I was back?
You said no more and that was that?

I was upfront
Had nothing to hide
You hid yourself from me
You didn’t even say it to my face
Was I not even worth it
You said that you tried
How can I know that was sincere
When it all feels like a lie

As my heart beats
I raise a fist to my chest
Clutching, seeing it slip through
At least what was left

When I fall I fall hard
Because I felt this would last
They were just empty promises
Was nothing real?
Now you’ll be a ghost from my past
A shadow in my mind
Plaguing me on what could have been
I saw some something in you
Now I’ll never see it again.

They could not be permanently hurt or killed! They could fall out of planes, get hit by trains, get shot, blown up by dynamite, run over mountain cliffs, and so much more! Yet, they always managed to bounce back & keep going! Only if life were that simple & easy to recover from!

No matter how old I get, I will always be a big kid somewhere in my heart! I love having fun & reminiscing on simpler times! Looney Tunes definitely takes me there…no matter how many times I have seen them! Some of you may not understand…but, then again, I’m really not trying to get you to either! Those who know…KNOW!!

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Going through my email cleaning out unnecessary junk and I happen to spring onto the folder titled with your name. I haven’t looked, nor wanted to look at that in god only knows how long. And yet, there is still this part of me that just can’t find it in myself to delete it. Why is that. Maybe its because that when I look at those old messages, photos and whatever else, it takes me back to a simpler time in our lives when we were happy knowing we had each other. I am honestly so over all of that, and yet I find myself sitting here staring blankly into space, wondering why in the hell I didn’t delete the folder months ago. I guess no matter how much I say it, there is always going to be a piece of me that loves you with everything I have. And I don’t know if that will ever change.



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The PS2 and Xbox may have spawned the best racing games to date. Today, games like Forza, Drive Club, and The Crew pride themselves at how many frames per second the game can run at, how real that spoiler looks on the back of that Skyline, and a multiplayer experience that spans across the country in races that seem a little too long for my liking at least. Back when Need for Speed Underground was released, times were much simpler my friends, and sometimes its not such a bad thing to keep things simple.

I’m sure 100 racing games have hit stores since 2003 but very few even come close to how great the first Underground game was (Underground Two was also incredible but we’re pushing this nostalgia thing!). A few that come to mind would be Midnight Club: LA and Need for Speed Carbon…but really, that’s it? I’ve had my fair share of fun with the new Forza and Grand Turismo games but maybe because I was only nine years of age when I got my grubby little paws on NFSU, it makes it seem all that much better and far superior to any game since.

Easily one of the best parts of the game was the level of customization that went into making a car feel like your own. I modeled my cars after superheroes I was into at the time so my line up looked like the garage built Avengers with a ton of nitrous in the trunk. The drifting was just insanely fun and the game mode made for some of the best physic breaking game engines I can think of while the racing still felt great in circuit races and a very technical drag racing feature!

Say what you will about the Need for Speed franchise now, but a decade ago, they were putting out the best racing games known to man with style, speed, and dare I say swag…The series crashed and burned then exploded, then got hit by another racer after Blacklist, but at least the movie was pretty damn good, right? 

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How did u met your skype friends? I want to make a friend online, but I'm too shy to talk to someone u know... can u give me some advice?

alright anon so way back when times were simpler I used to use this website called DevianArt and Iscribble. I’ve met pretty much every skype friend I have right now through those two sites lmao! Ummm I have a few from tumblr too so really it’s just about making friends who all have microphones/ are willing to participate etc etc! My advice to you is to make sure you have a really nice microphone for skype calls, also get a steam and play some games online because it’s so easy to join skype calls like that! Also one of the main reasons I can talk online despite really bad anxiety is the fact that I didn’t have to look people in the eyes it’s a lot easier I believe! 

Nick Carter Absolutely Refuses to Quit Playing Games with Your Heart:

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Think back, dear friends, all the way back to the late 90s, when times were so much simpler and the fashion infinitely sillier: remember how those Backstreet Boys owned so many adolescent hearts? The heartthrob, as strange as it seems looking back on it, was the young blonde one, Nick Carter, and he was, as we would say in 1998, all that. But that was then and this is now, and trust us, you are definitely going to want to see him now.

And in case you’re a little confused, the  reason we’re going on such a pleasant stroll down memory lane is because Nick is going to be on the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars,” isn’t that exciting and sad?! As if we weren’t already infinitely blessed with boy band nostalgia today, Nick celebrated the news by sharing this beautiful clip of his dancing in years past:

You ain’t seen nothing yet. #DWTS @DancingABC #NickCarterDWTS pic.twitter.com/qfg4FcPxWl — Nick Carter (@nickcarter) August 26, 2015 Give thanks to the 90s gods, y'all. They really pulled through today.


Set the scene, 8th grade, back when blackberry phones were popular and your bbm status was the first letter of your significant others name, life was much simpler, didn’t have to much school work, didn’t matter anyways, just a year long social event, memories made, usually they aren’t that great and just fade (#bars). One thing I do remember is laying on the floor in a park with her hand in hand with not a worry in the world and distinctly remembering the lyrics playing in backdrop ‘life couldn’t get better, this gon’ be the best day ever’ and moral of the story I’ve never lived music lyric before until that one, k bye guys

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It just threw me all the way back to 14 years old again lol

haha those were great times 😋😋
so much simpler back than; it’s unreal!

we were pretty cool back then! then you went and forgot about me and all 😎

Can I go back to the time of being a child ? And the only drama was some one stole your favourite crayon / colour crayon. And or we had the “cuties ” thing ? Where all time was simpler and much innocent . Where you dreamed of actually jumping over the moon , where you wished upon a shooting star with all your might . Where you wanted to live with Peter Pan for ever and not grow up . Where (for me ) I worried bout the stage fright in the school choir but was enjoying my self not caring in the world . Where you were eager to meet the neighbor hood friend ? Where you spend hours on the phone with a friend from school getting the cords tangled / playing with the cord as you spoke ? Where the world was your stage ? Where even playing with a stick out side was fun .

I just rewatched the pilot of Arrow and I forgot that he used kill people like it was nothing, and I kinda want him to go back to that. Kill them all, Queen. So you don’t have repeat offenders. It makes sense! 

I liked Oliver so much more in the beginning:/ I feel like I might even like Laurel this time around, too! AND I LOWKEY CRIED BECAUSE LIL DIGGLE. And Moira! And Walter! Omg and they changed Sara’s actress so hard, it’s WILD. 

Things were simpler back in season 1.