times that i art

You might have to excuse me
I’ve lost control of all my senses


these were originally the doodles i sent to the Villainous zine by @nivilliain ;v;

honestly i’m proud of you for putting your health before anything else! Stay awesome ;;

In any case, if the project someday gets another start, i’d be glad to contribute to it again!

“Will you.. Will you marry me, Koneko?”

“Help me get my land back, and rule by my side. “

Koneko and Drazi’s proposal. 

The art is made by the amazing @lukreva, I love their art and they are such a doll! Go commission them for amazing art! Thank you once again for making this, thank you for capturing such an important moment! ♥

alright im gonna call it a night. 

but i must say nothing brings up my christmas spirit then staying up till 2:30 in the morning staring at cameras to find a glitch demon.

let me just say overnightwatch was amazing. it may have been long but the glitches are so worth it. im glad that we as a community can enjoy this stuff

so have this scary christmas anti i dont know how i was able to pull it off but i did :)

friend: *talks to me almost everyday*

me: i would;; die for them?

friend: *shows sign of the same level of friendship with someone else/finds someone new to talk to and talks to me less and less*

me: oh. ouch um a al r ig ghty ill just— yeah this is my hole i live here and I’ll just– b yE 👋👋👋