times square fansign

yeongdeungpo time square atrium fansign ♡ 170506
translation: fantaemsie via ace20hero28

at the fansign jonghyun had “site” jotted down on one of his hands and he said he wanted to ask a lot of fans about making a shinee fansite. something like a fan page so, as to not forget, he jotted it down. jonghyun said, even though there is already a fan page, it died down a lot compared to how it was before. that he doesn’t use sns that well so: “it’d be comfortable to me, a one place where everyone is gathered.” a place where he can see fans’ written letters and pictures they posted. everyone said they didn’t like it. (lol) 

then he said: “i won’t come in to it then! i’ll just write everything in one single bulletin board and then, just between yourselves, you can write things to each other in a form of letters. wouldn’t it be nice if you’d collect pictures there too? if you don’t like it then just like this, kee~~ep meeting each other this way~.” he was really cute. then he added: “it wouldn’t be like something i’d check every single day. ㅎㅅㅎ”

translator’s note: in case it’s hard to get he was asking fans to make their own fansite where he could comfortably see letters and pictures of them and, when they said they didn’t like it, he kind of sulked and told them he won’t come see it but just as a place for them to gather around.