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└ My thoughts: Mao-chan was a lovely, courageous lady.  Thank you for your kind words Sho-kun.

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honestly the fnaf fangame streams are my fav -🌹

Speaking of fnaf games I’m still not over that time Scott Cawthon fake dropped Sister Location and Matt and Steph got trolled live that was like heartstoppingly hilarious.


“It’s impossible for English people to live in England and speak English and feel English in England nowadays because of multiculturalism. Which is why I’m living in England and speaking English and writing to an English newspaper to complain.”

I called my parents for arranging trying to get my dog back to me now that I have a house with a yard and I don’t have to deal with my roommates antics anymore.

And they’re refusing to give him back.

My dog was with them for two months and they’re too attached to let him come back to Washington 😭