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beyonce is literally amazing all around this woman out here literally jumping around doin acrobatics and shit and next level dance moves in like 10 inch heels and still manages good breath control and delivers every song she performs live with the same amount of strength she had in the beginning like she is literally superwoman like thats why i hate when ppl says shes overrated like take into consideration how hard she works like even with smaller performances so much time and precision goes into everything and with bigger performances there is so much more work and she doesnt let that phase her like she literally puts her all in and then some like i love her so much


Club Effigy: Stone’s odyssey.

Hear me out

Genos was only like 15 when he became a cyborg, right? And even as he is now, he’s pretty damn naive. So chances are, he probably doesnt know much at all about sexual situations.
So he sees the manga Saitama reads, maybe accidentally comes across some of his sensei’s porno mags and he’s like “wow, sensei, likes women” so instead of being like “well shit, he cant like me” he instead goes
“Time to wear panties and crop tops.”
Cue Genos wearing lower cut jeans, leaning over to show a flash of pink silk. So Saitama wakes up one morning and Genos is cooking breakfast in booty shorts and a croptop– “i got these on sale, sensei, the sales representative says purple compliments my hair color”.
And Saitama is INTO IT.
But Genos realizes, like. He is too?
So even after they hook up and start a relationship, Genos is like “ I’m still gonna wear all these because DAMN, look at my fucking thighs” and yeah.

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ok but what would evil strawberry look like,,,, how would he behave,,, e v il s tr a wb e rr y

ok ok, so I was chatting to @incinerates and @kiakichi about this because his behavior would be VERY interesting to say the least- putting into consideration how happy Genos would be fused I don’t think he would be very interested in UNfusing, much to Saitama’s dismay- and as time goes on Genos would attempt to use the fusion as an excuse to forget he is a cyborg, having more skin/nerves than ever before and it just feels so GOOD SO HOW CAN IT BE BAD. Putting aside the fact HE STILL HAS ROBOTIC PARTS, which can go into disrepair if not properly taken care of can lead to well… glitches. 

Glitches that could end up hurting someone….

Even himself.

Sam Winchester Smut- Routine

Prompt- Anon- “ Can you do a Sam fic where the the reader and Sam have been dating for a few years and she’s watching him work out and she gets super turned on and he smirks at her and when he gets in push up position she slides under him and every time he goes down they kiss and eventually he can’t take it and they end up having sweet sex on the work out mats?”

A/N- well im going to hell just for the things i write ;)

     Sitting on the couch, Sam was in front of you, working out. You hadn’t paid too much attention to him until he started to do push ups. As he went down, his back muscles were flexing. The sight alone could make you have an orgasm. Curling up, trying to get friction between your legs, Sam continued. You didn’t want to disturb him, but he was sweaty and his muscles were flexing. And god, you just wanted to rake your nails down his muscular back. 

      It didn’t take long for him to realize the affect he was having. Chuckling, Sam turned. “Baby girl, get over here.” He looked at you, your day dream ending. You looked at him, sweaty and breathing heavily. Taking all self control not to fuck him right that second, you got up and laid on the mat. Your legs completely open, you put your arms above your head. 

      Every time Sam came down from a push up, he would kiss you. The more push ups he did, the rougher and hungrier the kisses got. Straightening up, Sam smirked down at you. At first you were clueless but then he dropped his hips down, rubbing his hard dick in to you. “You under me has the same effect me on top of you has on you.” Sam moaned as rubbed his clothed dick on your core. Moaning with him, you grabbed his neck, pulling him down and kissing him, nipping at his bottom lip. 

     As you made out, Sam’s hand went down to your waist band , teasing you slowly. “Sam don’t tease.” you moaned, bucking your hips upward, rewarded with the much needed friction. “Baby” Sam said, pushing harshly on your hip with his hand. Kissing your neck, he bit you, sucking on the sore mark. 

      Pulling on the hair at the nape of his neck, Sam thrusted his hand inside your pants, his hand holding your core. “Sam-” you were cut off when he quickly swiped up your slit. “You’re so wet baby.” Sam’s voice was muffled by the skin on your neck. Using his thumb, Sam rubbed a slow, soft circle on your clit. “Pleasee..” you moaned, kissing his lips. “Please what?” Sam asked, pausing his movements. “Sam. Please, just fuck me.” you moaned, your back arching as he continued his assault to your clit. Your body was on fire, but there were goosebumps everywhere. Sam plunged a finger inside you, feeling your hot walls around him. “Fuck” you moaned, closing your eyes. Sam kissed your collar bones as he began thrusting his finger inside of you. The fast pace was quickly working up your orgasm, but before you could achieve it, Sam pulled his finger out. “Not yet, beautiful.” He said, pulling your shirt up and removing your bra. 

      Sam paid immediate attention to your breasts, sucking on your nipple, pinching the other one. Tangling your fingers in his hair, Sam sucked harder, pinching roughly. “I just want to feel you cum inside me.” you moaned, pushing Sam a little. “As you wish” he responded, immediately pulling your pants down with your underwear. Pushing his shorts down, Sam put his tip in, running it up your slit before using his dick to play with your clit. “S-Sam.” you moaned, thrusting upward. 

     Driving you crazy with his touch, he finally thrust into you, making your walls quake at his size. Letting out a pornographic moan, Sam began to thrust fast and hard, his cockhead hitting the place that makes you want to scream. Pulling at his hair, you moaned, Sam’s grunts and obscene language encouraging your high. Before you could tell him you were close, he pushed you over the edge with just a few circles on your clit from his thumb. Your walls clenched around him, barely feeling him fill you with cum. 


     Both of your air intakes had returned to normal as you looked him dead in the eyes. “This should be a routine.” you said before getting up to shower.

Olicity post break-up pain

But you know that when Olicity breaks up…Oliver is going to have restrain himself from reaching out to touch her after they have been so tactile with each other. His hand twitch is going to return; his brood is gonna be back with so much man-pain heartache. 

Felicity is going to ask Diggle for help getting home or up her stairs because she just can’t handle being that close to Oliver ATM. And Oliver is going to die a little more inside every time his girl goes to someone else but him for help…because taking care of Felicity is his happy place. 

Oliver is going to be in real danger and Felicity is going to be conflicted. She’ll always want to help him, save him. But now she can’t let herself be pulled in too much because he cut her that deep.

OMG. I don’t know why I wrote this but it’s just been beating my brain up for a while and I needed to get it out. 

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(gg au) does Mabel ever find out about Bill and Dipper?

dipper decides to tell her, actually, because he knows he can trust her. and once he tells her he asks her to keep up this flirtationship with bill so nobody will get suspicious, and she agrees.

also i should mention that dipper’s dating wendy at this point, very casually though, like all they really do is go to parties together. so both of the men appear to be “normal” and they just occasionally will disappear at bill’s parties to go fuck upstairs but since dip lives next door and sometimes he goes home early and because nobody knows that bill is who he is, nobody notices and everything’s fine.


Xanthippe: Hey, Kimmy, 1996 called. It wants its clothes back.

Kimmy: Hey, Xan, 2090 called. You’re dead and you wasted your time on Earth.

‘Kimmy Goes to a Party!’ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 1x07

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I think Bucky shooting Tony is SPUTNIK because Tony is so surprised he's getting shot at, so something must have changed in a short time (when he goes to meet Steve and Bucky he's in full armor, where as with Bucky he has sunglasses I mean). Then Bucky gets taken away in the cryo chamber, the third act begins with Steve breaking him out (hence the WS outfit) and the shot of Bucky with the mountains behind him is just after Steve got him out.

but sputnik is a shutdown code i’m confused

LMAO okay so a wrong number texted me and yknow i did my usual thing of sorry wrong number and they were like okay bye. some time goes by and i get a text like “your really cute babe” and then they were all flustered like shit sorry and im just like lmao no worries and THEN theyre like….since i keep texting you on accident i might as well say hi and see if ur a chill person


Commissions are Open! Feb 2016

I will have three slots open at one time and there will be a wait for them, due to personal illness and circumstances atm emotionally (thank you for being understanding):
1. @sarnaiortharia-ffxiv - DID I NOT DO IT RIGHT!? SUPERSPANGLEART
2. @cats-and-potatoes - shoulder up illustration
3. - via email, tumblr!? - I’aeryn, shoulder up illustration.

You need paypal and some super clear references that MUST be in good light if they’re screenshots. Specify what you want. Payment required at sketchy lines stage where you confirm it’s what you want. One edit only after final product.

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Classy Dogs(P.13)

Title: Classy Dogs(P.13)
Pairing: NewtXReader
Warnings: Crude remarks, cussing, sexual content, other triggers to be present.
Summary: Newt, Thomas and Peter(OUAT), have always been good at getting the girls in their small school wrapped up in their blankets before ushering them out of their lives for good. Newt finds a new attraction in the girl that just transferred and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her before anyone else, but as time goes…He’s not so sure it’s just a chase for sex.


“Alright….Alright…Hold on.” Minho said with a shocked look, his hands raising up to stop Newt’s babble about the past two weeks. “You…actually like a girl? Damn. She must be something. You haven’t told me her name.”

Newt rolled his eyes, letting out a small laugh. “Min…Everything I told you…Peter and me…fist fights…yelling at Tommy, Amerie and angry sex…All of that and you’re hung up on the fact that I might actually be in lo–I might actually bloody like someone? Besides…Her name doesn’t matter.” He ran his hands through his hair with a sigh. “She’s done with me, honestly.”

Minho nodded. “Alright, well I’m not gonna force you to tell me, but…I gotta go meet an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen for awhile…Wanna come?”

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“Yeah…Yeah sure.” Newt nodded, grabbing his white hoodie and tugging it on. “Want me to drive?”

The brunette boy laughed, a bright grin on his face. “Well duh, man…I jogged here!”

Newt laughed, grabbing his keys as the two made their way out to the truck. The two talked back and forth as they drove to the mall. He parked, getting out a bit after Minho, but the boy was already rounding the corner of the truck with his arms out. 

“MINNIE!” A familiar voice called out and Newt’s head shot up at the sound only to see her launch herself into Minho’s opened arms. 

“Y/N!” Minho lifted her up before setting her down, roughing up her hair as he did. She grinned brightly, a bigger smile than Newt had ever seen her with. He lingered back, refusing to show himself.

Minho laughed a bit, hugging her again. “How have you been little sis? Still with that asshole? Need me to beat him up?”

“That’s never gonna be a good idea, Minnie.” She said with a giggle. “And no…I left him. Actually, I’m going to your school now!”

“Really?” Minho said, a sudden realization showing in his tone as his eyes flicked over to Newt. “How long have you been going there?”

“Nearing two weeks now?” 

“Interesting.” He added, his arms crossing. “Meet anyone special?”

She looked a bit surprised before looking down with a small smile. “No…Yes…I don’t know, actually.”

“Hm. So have you met my friend? He goes to your school too.” Minho looked to Newt who wanted in that very moment to jump back into the cab of his truck. 

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She glanced around as if expecting someone she hadn’t seen around the school before until she saw Newt doing his absolute best to look everywhere else. “Are you kidding me?” Her glare started on Newt, but shot quickly to Minho. “Did you know about everything?! Was this some sort of plan to make me talk to him?”

Minho threw his hands up in mock surprise. “I did know everything.” Her glared hardened. “But in my defense, he didn’t say your name and I had no idea you were going to the same school. So yes, I did know, no I didn’t know it was you and no, this isn’t a scheme to make you talk to him.”

“I uh…I can go…Can you get a ride home, Minho?”

“No…” Y/N cut in, sighing as she set her hand up. “You’re Minnie’s friend…And obviously he wants you here.” 

Newt raised a brow a little shocked. “You’re letting me come with you guys?”

Y/N nodded, but gave him a cold look. “Just you know…don’t talk to me.”

“Y/N…” Newt said quietly, taking a step forward. 

Her hand shot up. “If you want to talk to someone, why not text Amy. I’m sure she’d gladly talk to you.”

Minho raised a brow and tossed an arm around Y/N’s shoulder. “Man, where’d you get your sass from woman?” He grinned, shooting Newt a quick apologetic look before walking towards the mall. 

“I think it’s from hanging out with you.” She laughed, trying her best not to look over at Newt walking beside them. 

Minho was quiet for a moment, before giving Y/N a small smirk. “So were you just gonna have sex with this weirdo to prove he was a player?”

“Minho!” Both Newt and Y/N yelled at the same time, glaring over at the boy before Y/N turned her glare to Newt.

“Why would you tell him that!?” She paused, shaking her head. “That’s not what I was trying to do anyways! God you’re so…” 

She let out a frustrated groan before shaking her head. “I’ll catch up with you later, Minnie…” Without a second glance in Newt’s direction she stormed off through the parking lot. 

Minho was laughing the entire way into the mall, smacking Newt on the back. “Oh man…She likes you, Newt. She likes you a lot.”

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Newt rolled his eyes, staring directly at Minho. “Minnie, huh?”

Minho shot a glare at Newt before walking towards the food court. “Man, shut up and don’t call me that. Only she can.”

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What are your thoughts on the artwork of Jan Sovak?

A cursory examination shows that Sovák’s work has evolved quite a bit over time - and seeing this progress is really quite interesting. At one end of the spectrum you have this, a very much Burian-esque tyrannosaur with some Bakkerian dromaeosaurs (given Sovák presumably began his career in the Czech Republic, this is not surprising):


Or this equally Burian-esque phorusrhacid (it’s sort of a palaeoart meme):


Then, as time goes on, you start to get works that really have an air of Henderson, Paul, Sibbick, and other contemporary 80s/90s palaeoartists:




But then the most recent works of Sovák have now become digital creations - which still have every bit of atmosphere as the 90s era palaeoart, but with more realism. 





It’s definitely quite a fascinating journey to see the style of a singular artist evolve so much. You’ll notice that, even in more recent years, influences from the 90s still abound; one of the Pachyrhinosaurus above, for example, is striking the same pose as it did in one of John Sibbick’s works:


This is only a representative sample, of course; you can see more of Sovák’s work here and here.

Be aware that there seems to be another artist of a similar name, Jan Sovak (sans the accent), who doesn’t do palaeoart.