times a wastin'

you, a student: we have a test today. Ryan doesn’t even think he passed

me, a student athlete: a test?😲 Coach says every game IS a test!💪we always passing too🔥🔥gotta 👏share👏the ball⚽🏀 you wastin time😤⏰ im on my grind😂🏆State Champs 2016🏆Filipino 4:20 🙏

Boyfriend! au - E’Dawn

Here’s a new series I’ve been trying to write in what little free time I have ! It’s a different style, but I think it fits my scatterbrain better than a normal story. So far, I am just going to write for Pentagon, and if people request it enough afterwards, I might possibly write for other groups ! Lemme know what you guys think. Enjoy reading :)

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(gamer! e’dawn)

  • You would be lying if you said you were attracted to hyo jung at first sight (sry edawn)
  • Like ofc ur not blind but the instant you saw him in the gaming cafe he was screaming in defeat…. So ofc ur like what a fuckin nerd lmao
  • Even tho ur no different you’re there to be a giant fuckin nerd too but that’s a okay
  • Luckily for you, the cafe is full the first time you go and you get to sit next to this crazy ass nerd & change ur life forever
  • The real reason why others don’t sit next to e’dawn is because he is the “king” of this cafe and intimidating af to other fellow gamers
  • Even tho you just saw him scream in defeat, that’s literally his first loss in the past month - he’s that good
  • …..at least until you start playing….

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all this time i was wastin hopin you would come arouuund i’ve been givin out chances every time and all you dooo is let me dooooown and it’s taken me this long baby BUT i figured yooooou ouuut and you’re thinkin we’ll be fine again but not this tiIiIiIiiime arououound YOU don’t have to CALL anyMORE i wOn’t pick up the phOOONE this is the LAST. STRAW. don’t wanna hurt any-moooore andyoucantellmethatyouresorrybutidontbelieveyoubabylikeidid beFOOORE.. you’re not sorry… no no no noooo…


De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Prod. by J Dilla)  

Let me tell you what it’s all about
A skin not considered equal
A meteor has more right than my people
Who be wastin’ time screaming who they’ve hated
That’s why the Native Tongues has officially been re-inSTATED…


dodging lions and wastin’ time

author: ferryboatpeak
wordcount: ~9K
pairing: niall/harry
: uni au, art, photography, roommates, nude modeling
summary: zayn and harry both want niall to model for them. only one of them understands why.

read it at ao3

@zarriallweek exchange piece for @narry-is-the-winning-team. thanks for the fun prompt, hope you don’t mind the americanized outcome.

Nevada ‘Papi’ Ramirez / Meeting Mia

Prequel to my Papi Nevada stories, Part 1 of 2.

Other related stories: The Dress, El Protector

Nevada had been out drinking most of the night.
In fact, the two girls under his arms were mostly there in order to keep him walking straight. He was busy canoodling between them, making crude jokes and empty promises, until something much more fascinating came up…

“Get the fuck off'a me!”

A shrill female voice caught his attention, and he absently leaned further on the blonde under his right arm to try and take a peek at the commotion. Off in the near-distance, a silhouette of a small female in stilettos held onto the chain strap of her purse and went to hitting a much larger shadow with it. At first, he chuckled, it was always funny to see some asshole get punked by a woman.

Apparently the man involved did not find it so humorous. Nevada couldn’t hear what he had said, but both the girls holding him up gasped when the man gave the girl a sharp shove, sending her toppling over her own heels.

“AY-” Suddenly, a sort of sobriety found him, and Nevada abandoned his accompanying ladies to go intervene in the situation. “Aye chico, you don’t go shovin’ at lil mamis, the fuck’re you thinkin?” A sharp push to the stranger, and the smaller girl scrambled to try and get to her feet. 

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Sometimes I think we waste our words and we waste our moments and we don’t take the time to say the things that are in our hearts when we have the chance.
—  Clay Evans, One Tree Hill

Every time a relationship ends, it becomes easier to shut out people with qualities that I know deep down I dont want in a man or a friend.

Its like… I’ve had THIS and I loved it, so I dont want THAT. So I’m not even gonna waste my time getting close to this person, thinking I’ll be able to look past it one day or hoping it will change.

Time’s a’ wastin. Its a no from me, dog.

Lion is a half-gem (sort of)

I’ve made a lot of theories about Lion in my time as a fan theorist. Hopefully this will be the last one left standing after July’s impending Stevennuke obliterates the fandom in a fusion-powered shockwave of pure feels. Time is a-wastin’ so let’s get right to the evidence.

Right off the bat, who’s Lion’s gem “parent”? Note I mark that phrase with print-air-quotes (also called “quotes”), there’s a reason for that, but more on that later. I’m sure you can all guess who I’m going to say, but I’ll say it anyway: Pink Diamond

What evidence do I have to support besides a derisive Duuuuhhhh…? A fuckton, that’s what I have!

Well first off there’s the giant pink diamond the the horizon of Lion’s private warp space.That’s a big clue, but it’s not even close to the only one. Besides the obvious overwhelming power and Lion’s thematic connections. In addition to being a giant cat associated in pop culture with royalty, Lion has some pretty obvious connections to the two most famous Pink Diamonds in pop culture

The obvious one is the Pink Panther Diamond, named after the pink panther cartoon character who was literally a fucking pink panther. Now, you’ve probably noticed that Lion is a lion and not a panther.

You’ve noticed wrong, shame on you.

In biology the word panther refers to two things: the panther Species (aka Cougar or Mountain Lion) and the panther Genus: panthera, which includes panthera leo, also known as the African Lion!

The second most well-known pink diamond is the most expensive gemstone ever sold: the Pink Star Diamond. Now say it with me, what does lion’s mane look like?

A Pink Star!

Okay, moving on. Let’s talk about Lion’s mortal “parent”

Greg’s cat

Prior to Steven’s birth, Greg owned a cat while he lived in beach city. It’s carrier appeared in both Laser Light Canon and Maximum Capacity, alongside a painting of a cat presumably painted by Greg and Amethyst’s old friend Vidalia.

Now, I should probably state the obvious: I don’t think Pink Diamond magically survived the war and had sex Greg’s pet. That’s dumb, and unpleasant to think about given that she was over 20 feet tall and his penis was covered with tiny sharp hooks

No, I think Pink Diamond became part of Greg’s cat through a mystical and arcane mechanic known to obscure occultist sects as “cats eating random shit off the floor”

In Frybo Pearl is seen performing routine inventory of her collected gem shards. This seems a pretty mind-numbing and pointless task considering the sheer number of gem shards they must have collected over the centuries. Taking inventory wouldn’t be routine if gem shards hadn’t gone missing before

So suppose Greg’s Cat popped Pink Diamond’s bubble and ate the shards, (or more likely, Rose fed them to him and didn’t tell Pearl) What could that do? As we learned in Together Breakfast, gem shards can take refuge in organic matter (the evil spirit scroll having been confirmed to have been painting with ground up gem shards) and the results can be monstrous all on their own

Furthermore, in Giant Woman, we met a gem monster who who became unusually powerful by eating gem shards and smaller gems like the heaven beetle and even Steven

It’s safe to say that this is possible, but what about the evidence?

Well, we have plenty: The most important being that Pearl never knew about Lion. I don’t think Rose would have been able to keep training a gem monster a secret, at the very least Pearl would have wandered off after her if she saw her sneaking out. This implies that Lion had to have been tame from the moment he was created, which wouldn’t be possible for a gem monster, but would be if he were a cat who knew rose and who had eaten gem shards.

That “he” is important too, since male gems have been stated again and again not to exist (aside from Steven). The show and the crew have been known for being famously progressive, I don’t think they would just have the characters repeatedly misgender Lion if he was actually a woman.

Beyond that however, there are meta reasons that further back up this theory. In the first episode, we learn that the popular treat Cookie Cat has been taken off the market and replaced with Lion Lickers. As far as these things go that’s actually some pretty ham-handed symbolism.

Also of note is the fact that while Lion normally only seems to tolerate people touching him as long as they’re riding alongside Steven. Lion has absolutely no problem letting Greg lie on him in the second intro

Oh, but the funniest thing of all is where Lion’s name comes from.

Anyone want to guess?

Lion is named after Rebecca Sugar’s cat!

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spice girls


I imagine this is that euphoric feeling that overwhelmed that Outkast named Andre 3000

When he met a gypsy named Erykah

Who wore a wrap similar to the turban he was wearing at the time to cover his dreads

You know we all have those phases when we try to find something real on this planet

And she hipped him to some life game to stimulate and activate his left and right brain

Yea you give me that same palm sweating, mind racing, I think that you’re kind of the one, because you’re one of a kind, The Prototype, the Love of My Life, the mother of my tribe, the one that makes me daydream about the crib with the good year swing on the oak tree
 Didn’t Cha Know, I’m more swooned by your personality than your Love Below
And I know Times A Wastin, but I can go On & On, I don’t want to wait until a Next Lifetime, I hope we last forever, forever ever, forever ever feeling.

I Think Im In Love Again

- @marsblackmon101

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Drinking Game: take a shot every time a Killing Stalking fan accuses you of being homophobic for not supporting a romanticized and sexualized abusive relationship between two men, which can only be misconstrued as a “romantic relationship” because the main character is an unreliable narrator who has trouble differentiating fact from fiction due to his poorly written and terribly handled mental illness