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I am an idiot. I don’t know why I thought it was such a stellar idea to watch 11x01 while still at work. But I am currently sitting here not-so-subtly weeping during the bone room montage. Because how can you not? The flashbacks. The music. And watching Brennan try her absolute best to hold it together- When I know she is a split second away from falling apart. She manages to remain stoic throughout the majority, but there’s a moment at the end when there is a barely discernible jerking of her facial features. I cannot deal. It’s all heart-crushingly brilliant. 

has anyone else noticed that taylor swift is slouching less and walking with her shoulders back and chin up more? please don’t tell me it’s time to take down the thousands of candids i have pinned on my bedroom walls and abandon all the work i’ve put into connecting dots and identifying patterns in her body language. 

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How would each survivor react to another survivor to a failed skill check on the generators..(also the killers reaction to it?)

I know in the game people get super damn salty over it and call the person who messed up stupid or something, but in all honesty I don’t think any of them would really get mad. (besides meg but thats just bc shes so fulla fire, man) 

They all know that its a dangerous, terrifying situation, and understand that their nerves would be on end constantly. Especially if a killer was getting close. And hey, they’d be a hypocrite if they yelled at each other for messing up, and then turn around and not expect the same if they mess up too. If anything they’d get angry at themselves for it? Especially Jake cos like I’ve always felt he was the one to show everyone how to fix the generators, and if he messed up it would be like ‘goddamnit ive done this a thousand times how can i fail’

Keeping in mind they hunt endlessly till the hooks are occupied, the killers probably wouldn’t really care, or at least be excited to be given such an easy way to find the survivors.

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riarkle + sex

Am I going to turn this into a fic rec post instead of writing the very specific prompt this was meant to be? Yes.


I wrote this.

@astralfreckles wrote these two gems that aren’t explicit but the theme is there, [x] [x] 

@girlmeetsangst has written several fics that you can find here.

And here’s one of the fics that I am forever grateful a beautiful author shared with us. 

And that’s pretty much all of the fics that I exist that might cover what you wanted to read.

I’ve watched that tape a thousand times since the incident–since my parents died. But it’s not enough.  I don’t want to just see my mom.  I want to smell her coffee, feel the sunlight coming in the windows.  I want to feel my dad’s footsteps coming back after he finds out his shoes weren’t in the garage after all.  I want to be able to show that to you, and make you feel it…but that kind of technology is impossible.
—  Tony Stark, Captain America Civil War Junior Novelization, ripping my heart out and stomping on it some more.

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How big of a deal was it for Lexa to bow to Clarke? I know it was Lexa showing Clarke kind of how she was trying to gain her trust back, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

short answer: it’s a huge fuckin deal

long answer, with lots of incoherent gay screaming: 

you’ve got the base of the matter. lexa is trying to prove to clarke that she’s sorry. but she’s doing this through essentially pledging her life away to this woman as a token of her utter devotion. why is this significant, outside of the symbolism of swearing fealty?

i’ll start off with what it means in terms of lexa’s position.

lexa is the largest political leader of the entire world at this point in time. she has thousands upon thousands of people under her command, endless amounts of soldiers, ambassadors, handmaidens, advisers, etc.  as titus so eloquently put, “the commander bows before no one”. the thing is though, lexa isn’t just a political leader. she’s also the grounder equivalent of something like a religious figure. she’s feared, she’s respected, she’s worshipped by scores of people. everything about lexa effectively elevates her to this insurmountable and untouchable position.

that said, lexa is consistently recognizing clarke as someone that’s on her level, so to speak. “you were born for this clarke, same as me”, “clarke elevates herself. she’s special” are both lines that communicate this sense of closeness. whereas lexa could easily distance herself from clarke (as she’s likely trained to do as such an important figure within her own culture), lexa intentionally and actively recognizes clarke as her equal, building a bridge between them that shouldn’t really exist. 

however, in the fealty scene (which takes place after a scene in which clarke must effectively commit herself to being subservient out of political necessity) lexa’s throwing out all talk of clarke being her the same as her, clarke being her equal, and clarke elevating herself. instead, lexa is literally, both physically and symbolically, lowering herself before clarke. therein lies the significance.

when the entire world is telling lexa that she’s untouchable, unreachable, godly, and when the whole world is telling clarke that she’s borderline demonic and legendary in a way she doesn’t want, lexa is throwing all of those assignments away. she’s kneeling before clarke and saying “i pledge my life to you”, disregarding all pretenses and all the reasons why she shouldn’t be doing such a thing. all meaning her life is assigned effectively means nothing to her in this moment, she’s offering it all up to the woman before her, who she esteems so highly that she’s dropped all else.

then, of course, there’s the meaning of her words. 

“i swear fealty to you, clarke kom skaikru. i vow to treat your needs as my own, and your people as my people.”

lexa is recognizing exactly where she went wrong before. she isn’t outwardly apologizing, she’s already done that and it hasn’t really helped, she’s saying “i understand why it is you’re so angry” lexa put clarke’s people in danger, and that sort of transgression should be unforgivable. 

however, lexa has a new chance here, and she takes it immediately. she works and works trying to figure a plan to ensure that she’ll never need to put clarke’s people in danger again, and in stating that, saying that they’ll be taken care of, is something clarke really needs to hear to be set on the road towards forgiveness.

and then lexa keeps her promise. 

and all of it means absolutely everything.


EXACTLY (even hours and minutes) 19 years ago, was born my best: personal therapist, internet friend, hockey fella, soulmate, future godmother of my kids, person to chat with until 4am, hockey posts assistent and the best-WORST person on this Earth, I swear (she has made me laugh for hours like thousands time, it’s always been painful for my stomach). Všetko najlepšie mrochta a nestaň sa Nikolou na výške, inak ťa loďou pošlem Radulovi, aby ťa utopil😄 @habbygleek Sorry za dlhé sladké sračky, tu máš názornú ukážku toho, ako bude pre teba vyzerať všetko po opening night😂😂#muselasomtengifpoužiťkeďsomhovidela

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     [ leans over desk, steeples fingers ]   i know i’m treading ground that’s been walked on over & over again a thousand times, but the difference between the attention a female muse gets & a male, is really something. i could bend over backwards talking about baby & her character & no one would give two shits, but the second i mention one of my guy muses…oh…shit hits the fan…everybody comes running…& like….y’all say “oh, we’re not like that” but…..you are……i been watching, & you are..

     it’s really something AMAZING to me. how ingrained it is in everyone’s minds to immediately value a man over a woman. just — default. oh, it has a penis so it must be supreme. have you seen a penis ? it looks like a sad dinosaur. a bald man going through a midlife crisis. 

     ….i’m getting off topic here but jesus y’all. give female muses a chance. it’s getting to the point that i don’t want to write for a male muse at all. this is what consistently keeps me off of dante. i love him but !!! mm !! it’s really disappointing. to see people’s reactions to him, & then their reactions to baby. or their reactions to jimmy when i wrote for him. or viago. or literally any other male. 

     i love male characters, i do. but not because of the standalone fact that they’re male & certainly not when they’re constantly – CONSTANTLY – picked over women because of this subtle (i say this but at this point, it’s truly not) & ingrained misogyny. yikes.


I always tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I tell you that in you, I think I’ve found my soulmate. And I write this letter thinking of you, of how you’d react to it, and still I write it anyway because hell, I love you. So here I am, talking about something that drowns me and fills my heart–something oddly painful, and yet so damn right.

I remember the times you made me feel like I am being warmed to my toes. These are the times when I’m so certain about us. We are so easy together, I still can’t believe that you are here, beside me in (almost) everything I do. There’s so much that I want to keep forever, and I do.

I tell myself I can do fine on my own, and I can. I know it. But everything just seems a thousand times better when you are here. The day seems a million times brighter, like all the shadows have disappeared into an oblivion. Every smile comes a million times more easily, every laugh freer than it has ever been.

Thank you for every single up you’ve given me, for all the fierce, beautiful joy you’ve brought to me. Thank you for all the downs that hurt beyond anything I’ve ever felt, and yet on hindsight made me sharper, better. Thank you for teaching me to love myself like how I love others. Thank you for loving the most beautiful side of me, and thank you for loving the parts I’ve tried to hide. Thank you for teaching me that it’s okay to be the one who loves more.

The past 2 and a half years have been a dream filled with the brightest colors and the most vivid memories. They’ve been a reality too, a reality so beautiful, and so right, that I can’t believe it exists. But it does, and for that I am so damn grateful.

You tell me that you can’t believe I’m yours.

I tell you, now, that I think we belong together.

With so much love,



“Yeah I can tell you. Stand up, let me feel your belly.” Ayden said as she stood up. She leaned into Carlee's belly and felt the baby kicking. 

With a smile, Ayden looked up at Carlee and said, “Are you ready to know?” 

“Yes!” Carlee said. 

“Well, you are going to have a boy!” Ayden said as she watched the excitement grow on Carlee's face. 

“A boy? Oh my gosh, thank you Ayden!” She said as she threw her arms around Ayden's neck. 

They sat and talked for a few more hours before Carlee made her way home a thousand times happier than when she arrived. 

my therapist suggested i put all of ivan’s canons and information into a googledoc and that took about … three hours?? four? i’m not sure. a long time. it’s nearly ten thousand words and has about 20 pages of material ( not counting the gifsets i put in there just to flatter myself ). i don’t think ten thousand words is enough to describe how deeply i love him.