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hi there lauren my pal, here's a question, is mark always such a blabbermouth?? can he keep secrets or was that just because he was overwhelmed by everyone's powers?

He’s definitely a talkative guy and, having grown up in a very secretive household, believes that secrets are best let out. But he also likes respecting people’s privacy so he doesn’t normally spill other’s business. But having so many powers converge on his brain at once is a lot. Not to mention, it can be hard for telepaths to differentiate between conversations they’re having out loud and conversations they’re having in their head - stuff sometimes just spills over. 

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omg your tags about magnus checking in on the other dimensions and knowing?? do you think he's seen other universes where he and alec are already together, or have been together, and so he just... he sees alec in the canon universe and immediately feels in his heart the great love that awaits him?

i’ve written about this in my tags a thousand times and i love this idea

it makes the most sense that all iterations of him would know about the other dimensions and we have evidence that one version of him does know. so i just love thinking about him having some kind of way of just checking up on other dimensions and seeing what’s happening in them

and in all of them, this is a constant. in all of them, this is the thing that holds true. they find each other, they are enamored with each other and they fall deeply in love

there’s no real logistics of it and i always imagine it being after the two of them are already together that he does this, but it’s just a comforting thought. magnus looking through dimensions just to see what’s going on and seeing this and feeling his heart warm. a drink in his hand as he watches just for a second or a moment the fact that he and alec will always find each other and will always come together

and maybe he’d tell alec about it at some point or maybe he wouldn’t, but it would make his chest feel full of something very very warm, watching alec and knowing that no matter what they will always meet and no matter what they will always be deeply in love

it’s soothing

Dear Journal,

Today Regulus arrived in the early morning. Sirius was waiting by the door until we heard a few knocks. He quickly opened the door and threw himself in his little brothers arms. I decided to give them some privacy so I walked downstairs to the library. I still needed to place a few books around. While looking through my own books, I found the one Johnny gave me. That sweet boy. I opened the book to the first page and read is message written in a neat handwritting. I knew these few sentences by heart.

“Dear Remus, I hope you will like this book. It made me think of us. While reading it, I felt like It was you and me. Without you, my life would’ve been different. You helped me accept who I was even though boys who like other boys are not seen in a good way sometimes. You are the big brother I never had and the one I always wished for. Thank you a thousand times. I hope you won’t forget me, because i’ll never forget you.

-Johnny. ”

I smiled to myself thinking about the little boy. At least now, no one would bully him again and he had his new boyfriend Freddie. He gave me his mom’s address so I could write to him. I picked up a pretty letter paper and started writing.

“Dear Johnny, I really miss you! I hope your summer is going well. Here, Sirius and I are doing good! Our appartement is finished and everything looks just the way I imagined it. I just found the book you gave me in my boxes! I’m going to put it on my night table by my bed so I can see it everyday and think of you. I’ve seen a few books that I think you would like so I wrote them down on a stickynote and when you’ll come and visit, I’ll have some for you! But for now, I’m sending you this letter with a book i found in a corner of my dusty library! If i read the title right, it should be the sequel to our book! I really hope you like it! I’ll see you soon!

-Remus ”

I folded the letter paper and slid it in an enveloppe. My owl flew away with the letter and the book in it’s claws. I walked upstairs and saw Sirius and Regulus on the couch, both laughing at something Regulus said. I’m glad they were happy.

“Hey Remus!” Regulus smiled.

“Hey buddy! How are you holding up?” I said, sitting behind Sirius with my legs around Him.

“Good. At least i’m with Sirius.” He smiled.

“How about we have a movie night with pizza?” I asked the two brothers.

“Didn’t we ate pizza yesterday babe?” Sirius asked.

“Who cares? I’m sure Reg wants some pizza! Do you Reg?” I asked, smiling.

“Of course I want pizza! Come on Sirius! Movie night is nothing without pizza!” Regulus laughed.

“Okay then!” Sirius smiled.

So we had another movie night with pizza. All three of us sitting on the couch. Sirius cuddled to me on one side and his brother on the other.

March 29th 1978


my sis @raepori tagged me , and since i love tags and i change my wallpapers on a weekly basis I thought why not 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

my lock screen is a painting by my fave artist, Caspar David Friedrich, and my home screen is a picture d Hobi during Cypher 4 in the Chile concert ❤️❤️❤️

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scott/stiles + no one believes we're dating because we've always been affectionate with each other

“No, you’re not,” the sheriff laughs.

“Yes, we are,” Stiles fights back. “Me and Scott are dating.”

John rolls his eyes at his son. “You and Scott have been on and off dating since you were six.”

“This time it’s real,” Scott defends, looking like a puppy with his wide eyes.

John holds up his hands. “Okay, okay. You’re dating. Congratulations.”


Melissa’s first response is to laugh. “You guys have been dating since you were six. I know this already.”

“But it’s for real,” Stiles argues, sounding almost tired.

Melissa rolls her eyes. “It’s been real the other thousand times.”

“We’ll kiss!” Scott suggests. “That’ll prove it.”

With a scoff, Melissa says, “I’ve seen you two kiss before. It’s not a big deal.”

Stiles grabs Scott by the shirt and pulls him close and kisses him soundly. “Do you believe us yet?” he asks when he pulls away from Scott.

Melissa shrugs. “Sure, you’re dating.”

It’s at Scott and Stiles’ wedding where Melissa and John laugh about how they never believed their sons were dating, the two of them still surprised they’re sitting and watching them vow to love each other for the rest of their lives.

Becoming Real: Thumper the Bunny

Next installment of Becoming Real. Diana is between 3.5-4 years old, when Luke and Spencer decide to take her to Build-a-Bear. I would have to say this is the epitome of fluff. <3 :D @coveofmemories @the-slytherin-ice-queen @cosmicjennifer


After a hellish week at work, Spencer and Luke were very much looking forward to taking Diana to Build-a-Bear. Spencer hadn’t even known the store existed until he and Luke were walking through the mall after Christmas and he’d insisted that they take Diana to make her own stuffed animal soon. 

Despite the case this week, if they had to go through it another thousand times to see the look on their daughter’s face right now, they’d do it. Her smile was wide. There were stars in her eyes. And she couldn’t figure out where to look first, until all of a sudden something caught her eye. “Bunny!” All the way in the corner of the store was a bunny you could stuff. Tan in color with giant floppy ears. “I wanna make a bunny!” she said excitedly, jumping up and down as Spencer and Luke watched with smiles plastered on their faces. They might end up having more fun than she would. “His name is Thumper, like in Bambi.” They had already started watching Disney movies together and Bambi was the first one they watched. Thumper was her favorite.

“Alright, baby girl,” Luke said, lifting her up and placing her on his shoulders. “We have to go stuff him up now so he’s nice and fluffy.” Once they walked over to the machine, Luke lifted her over his head and threw her into his husband’s arms, taking in the picture of him spinning her around until she got to the floor.

“Where do we stuff him?” she asked, searching all over for a hole. “Here?”

“Yup,” Luke said. “Daddy is gonna hold him, and you can press the button too stuff him up.” As Spencer situated the bunny, Diana pressed the button - a little too soon, causing fluff to blow right into Spencer’s face. “Ha!” Luke laughed. Spencer cut his eyes at his husband as he failed to stifle the laughter, falling backward onto the floor.

“Sorry, Daddy,” Diana giggled. He blew the fluff out of his face and told her to wait until he said to start. When he gave her the okay, she pressed the button again, hopping up and down like a bunny as the bunny filled up with fluff. “Yay! Now he needs clothes. Otherwise he’ll be a naked bunny.”

While Spencer was holding the bunny, something caught his eye. “Can you go take her by the clothes? I want to check something out.”

“Come with Dad, peanut,” Luke said, grabbing her hand and walking her over toward the clothes. “Daddy is going to look at something else. He’ll be over in a minute.” For the past few months, Diana had gotten out of the habit of calling Luke Dada. She said that was a baby word, so she wanted to call him Dad and Spencer daddy. “So how do you wanna dress Thumper?”

In the nearly dead store, Diana had plenty of room to look around and a ton of time to ponder this difficult decision. What was Thumper going to wear? The bins in front of her hand skirts and pants. Diana enjoyed frilly skirts and t-shirts, so of course, Thumper needed to wear the same. “He needs a skirt,” she said happily, lifting a pink, blue and purple pastel tulle skirt out of the bin.” Luke pulled on the skirt as Diana clapped. They wanted to raise her to be the best person they could. “You sure you want him in a skirt?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “Some boys like skirts too.”

“That they do peanut,” he replied proudly. “What kind of shirt should he have?”

“Can I get two shirts Dad?” she asking, pointing upward toward the top rack. She had her eye on two different shirts, reaching to grab them as Luke picked her up. He beamed with pride as she reached toward a Captain America shirt - navy blue, with the shield in the middle. 

“That’s my girl,” he said, turning around and showing Spencer the shirt as he walked back toward them. “What’s the other shirt you want, baby?” 

Spencer sighed with complete and utter happiness as she reached for a stormtrooper sweatshirt. His baby loved Star Wars. “You have no idea how happy that makes me, Diana. Do you want to pick out one more shirt and one more bottom? I need to show Dad something.” Vigorously, she shook her head as Luke put her down on the floor. “Stay right here, okay?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“What do you want to show me?” Luke asked, as the two walked over to where Spencer was before. “What are you so excited about?” As he looked as his husband’s smile and back at their daughter, he wasn’t sure which one of them was having a better time. 

“Did you know you can record a message and stuff it in the bunny so she can hear it every time she hugs it?!” he asked excitedly, shoving the little recordable heart in Luke’s direction. 

He actually had no idea. He’d only ever seen the store in passing. Unlike Spencer, he knew it existed, but he didn’t know much about it. “That’s awesome. So we could say I love you or something and when she hugs it she’ll hear us?”

“Yea. Let’s do it,” he laughed. After recording their message, they brought everything over to register. With the bunny itself, two bottoms, three tops and a recordable message, the total came to nearly 60 dollars, but she was ecstatic, so they didn’t care. While Luke paid, Spencer put the message into the bunny and zipped him back up. “Hey Diana, Dad and I just put something in there. Give Thumper a hug.”

When Luke handed her the bunny, she looked Thumper in the eyes and gave him a squeeze. “We love you,” Luke said from inside the bear. “We’re always here for you,” came Spencer’s voice shortly after. 

Diana hopped up and down. “That’s you and Daddy!” she said to Luke, hugging the bunny again. “Can I keep him in my bed?” She had a ton of stuffed animals in a net above her bed, but she was only allowed to keep two of them on her bed at a time, otherwise she’d have no room for herself. “I’m gonna keep Thumper forever.”

After going to another store so Spencer could grab a pair of jeans, they returned to their car, placing Diana in the back seat with Thumper right next to her. Their apartment wasn’t all that far away, but within five minutes, Diana had fallen asleep in the car, Thumper’s ear clutched firmly in her hand. “That was the most fun I’ve had all week,” Luke said, placing his hand on Spencer’s knee. 

Spencer looked in the rearview mirror as he pulled off the highway and back toward home. She was sound asleep - perfectly content. “Me too,” he said, entwining their fingers together. “I think we all really needed that.”

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Who do you think built Moat Cailin? And why was it allowed to fall into such a state of disrepair that only three out of twenty towers are left standing (even the Wall could manage 3/19!). Even if a southern invasion hasn't been as much a risk during the last three centuries, it still seems like a nearly criminal amount of negligence considering the amount of safety it provides the North, essentially nullifying any sort of southern land invasion.

The Starks built it.

In terms of why: 

  1. It’s still devastatingly effective even without the towers, so it’s questionable how impactful any neglect is. If 200 archers can hold the Neck against an army, how much more defensive multiplier do you need?
  2. It’s not clear how much use Moat Cailin has seen in a long, long time. Balon mentions ten thousand years of armies smashing themselves against it, but we don’t have any other historical examples post the immediate Andal invasion of anyone attempting it. Catelyn mentions that the wooden keep rotted away a thousand years ago, which gives us a rough date as to when the Moat was regularly in use. 
  3. The Starks had other security threats to worry about - the Ironborn, the wildlings, the Arryns, etc. - that Moat Cailin wouldn’t help with.

Part 4


“I… I didn’t think anyone would ever see me like that. I thought it was impossible. I’m just… me. Not anyone special.”

“But you are special. To me.”

“… I want to be special to you. Because… you’re special to me too.”

“Does… does that mean…?”

“Yes… Yes! Oh god, a thousand times yes!”

The finale to the four-part special of how Sunny and Sci-Twi hook up! From here on out, it’s going to be absurdly diabetic (for those of you I haven’t killed already).

If you’d like to ask the girls anything, please see the ask link at the top of the blog! Until then, have a good night~!

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(Because it's something I kinda struggle with myself sometimes) Guzma finding out that the Champion struggles with Self-Worth/has an Inferiority Complex and doesn't think they deserve being the Champion? They even don't understand how they beat him so many times?

Guzma fell to his knees in disbelief.  How many times has it been? Hundreds? Thousands?  Over and over he was knocked down and defeated by some kid.  

“How?” He asked himself.  

“What is wrong with you?” He flinched at those words, but suddenly realized that for the first time, it wasn’t directed toward him.  

“That was such a fucking risky move!  Why did I do that?!”

The Champion stood there, their fists clenching their hair tightly, clearly frustrated.  Guzma slowly got up, confused and yet worried for the Champion.  

“Hey.  Ya won.  Why the fuck are you so frustrated?” 

The Champion kept silent, slowly crouching into a fetal-like position.  

“You fucking beat me every time, kid!!” Guzma stormed closer to the Champion, towering over them.  The only response he got was muffled whimpers and sniffles.  He saw the Champion start to shake.  He realized that they were crying.

“I-I’m sorry…” The Champion stood up slowly and wiped their tears away, but they only kept flowing down their rosy cheeks.  

“You’re right… I don’t have the right to be frustrated.  I’m sorry.” Their head hung heavily.  

Guzma sighed and carefully placed a hand on the Champion’s shoulder, “Look… I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to be so harsh on ya.  You just… surprised me.”  

“Lately…” They wiped their tears, “I’ve been so careless, so sloppy.  My Pokemon work so hard for me, and everyone puts their trust on me and I just let them down.  I make so many careless mistakes that I could get my Pokemon hurt… or someone else’s.”

They paused for a minute, still sniffling and gasping.  Guzma scratched his head, he was in a bind.  He was so surprised to hear those words coming from the Champion’s mouth.  He remembered battle after battle how they would keep smiling, saying kind words to the former gang leader every time.

“Please don’t be so harsh on yourself.”

“You’re really strong, Mr. Guzma.  Please don’t give up.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Guzma.”

It pissed him off a little to see the kid hurt like this.  It pissed him off that he didn’t realize that this kid felt the same kind of tension that he did.  It pissed him off even more to see that they did feel like that.  

“I feel so worthless.  I don’t deserve this title.  I don’t even get how I can beat you every time we meet.”  Their soft voice snapped Guzma from his thoughts.

Guzma sat down and beckoned the Champion to sit next to them.  

“Look kid,  there’s nothing with you.  You’re an amazing and strong trainer and ya take care of ya Pokemon.  Anyone can tell that your Pokemon are happy to be with ya and they care for ya.  I think you do deserve the title, but ya know it comes with a lot of responsibility.  It’s a tough world out there, but you’re doing just fine.”

The Champion thought for a minute about his words.  The raced around over and over.  They were seeing a side of Guzma they had never seen before, and wasn’t sure if anyone else had either.

“Guzma… why are you so harsh on yourself?” The Champion had finally stopped crying and was now looking up at the man.

“Ya boy’s been through a lot, more than you’d ever know, and I hope you never go through the same thing.  But battling ya, seeing the impact ya made to Alola, and pretty much saving me from… you know who… it makes me feel a bit motivated to keep pushing myself to do better even if ya do royally piss me off sometimes.”

The Champion giggled, “I feel that… the people and my Pokemon look up to me so much that I’m scared of making the smallest mistake.  That I’d fail everyone.”

Guzma scoffed and punched the Champion’s arm playfully, “Maaan, fuck what people think.  You just keep doing you and if they have a problem then ya boy is gonna teach them a lesson!”  

“Thank you, Guzma…”  The Champion stood up holding their hand out to Guzma and once again wearing that bright smile he adored so much.  “Let’s go get some Tapu Cocoa, on me!”  

“Yeah, with the money I gotta pay ya for winning!”

vkgothiclolita replied to your post “Posts about weight loss etc will be tagged as they are on this post…”

Well I suspect I have a thyroid problem… I will be going to the doctor sometime next month to find out. I will hopefully get to at least try the medication for it. If it seems to correct my constant fatigue and weight… you will be the first to know. And if you have any questions you would like to know, let me know i will ask. I hope it works for me… partly because then it could be the answer you have been looking for as well.

Agh I’ve been to the doctor about a thousand times about my thyroid, they claim its normal. Which baffles me because I have more or less every bloody symptom of hypothyroidism, but sure.T_T If its not my thyroid, I don’t know what the fuck it is, and they won’t even let me attempt thyroid medication if the tests are showing up “normal”, so I don’t think I’m going to have any luck from that angle.:C

BTS: Wings in Chicago

so i just got back from the wings concert and chicago and i cried five times. i counted. but on the real though, the boys were AMAZING. they put passion into every song they performed. hoseok’s smile is even brighter in person, and his dancing is more mesmerizing. jimin and the sweetest face and personality, and his vocals were on point. jungkook was also adorable and his solo for Begin left me awe-struck. after jungkook’s ending ment, namjoon said before they went out kookie practiced a thousand times. namjoon is something amazing; he was born to be an artist. he holds himself with confidence, and i have no words to describe that man. he is amazing. yoongi’s rap was powerful, but his solo he did a 180 and it felt vulnerable and raw. he is a truly beautiful man. taehyung killed stigma and he is more beautiful in person, and it’s clear that he’s a genuine, kind soul. and finally seokjin: oh my god. beautiful face, beautiful personality, and beautiful voice. his dancing has improved tenfold, and his vocals were fantastic. i love bangtan so much.

like, me going ‘wow these content creators dont make me wanna fucking kill myself’ isnt putting them on a pedestal!! appreciating effort and people who are willing to try and learn–knowing damn well there are content creators who outright refuse to learn that outnumber them times a thousand–is ok!!!! being positive and hopeful that there are people out there who make shit that wont dump on your existence and who care about your feedback is okay!! 

you dont have to be miserable all the time to be taken seriously!! its ok to be fucking happy about shit dear lord if we’re gonna talk about culture on this website can we talk about how, for some fuckin reason, ‘be critical of the content you consume’ has been twisted to mean ‘you can’t ever be happy about any kind of effort or content and must always be waiting for your favorite people to disappoint you or you’re a dumb naive child’

like!! i’m brown, autistic, mentally ill, chronically ill, lgbt, a CSA and abuse survivor, and a woman!! trust me, I’m let down and hurt by content creators I love ALL THE TIME! I have to abandon creators and media I like for becoming too harmful for me to consume CONSTANTLY!! so can I please, please celebrate small victories where I can get them so I dont have to be miserable always?? for fuck’s sake,

I swear my heart literally broke when Emma called him Hook. I mean, she’s the only person who’s always called him Killian since they’ve been together and I just think it means a lot to him when she calls him Killian rather than Hook because that’s what he was called when he was a bad pirate, but he’s not that person anymore and Killian the good pirate is who he is now. And I knew she was probably going to be sad and angry about him not coming to her but when his true love didn’t call him by his actual name that she calls him all the time, I feel like it just made me a thousand times sadder because we all know she loves him and we know we get a second proposal but it’s JUST SO SAD

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I love your art so much my cats judge me for my squees and wriggles of delight. They say 'look human, I'm trying to nap, I don't give a shit about this nonsense' What I'm trying to say is that if you get any hate mail, it's probably from my grumpy cats. But you shouldn't listen to them at all since your art brings me joy, and I need that joy to work, to make money, to feed their lazy asses. And at the end of the day, they value food over sleep.

this is such a sweet message, thank you! haha I can relate, my cats judge me all the time too :’D so I’m pretty used to it at this point. once more, a thousand times thanks!

Hunt [Part III]

You can read Part II of “Hunt” by clicking HERE

How in the world did a slightly polite response of “fuck off” not work?

Ithanar Islesun considers where he might’ve gone wrong, passing through bushes and bramble fraying and straying into his way. He looks up, and then left, and then right, almost taking a moment to look behind him before charging on. There’s a high moon ahead, full and bright in contrast to dark purple and blue skies.

More bramble, more bushes. Where had he gone wrong? He’s used the phrase more than what feels like a thousand times before, whether friendly or fiendish, but…

More bushes, more bramble. Damn it all. Ithanar had explained to Redsorrow he had no intention of going to recover his sister Ildrielen from whatever trouble she had gotten into this time; that trouble was, of course, demons on the border between Quel’thalas and the Ghostlands.

Where had he- ah yes, it was Hylaen. It was always Hylaen.

Damn that wonderful man and his ability to make Ithanar feel guilty about family once again, so much so that the old elf had strapped some functional travel armor to his form and left the Isle.

He looks left, right, right, and then behind again. There’s trees in every direction, some leading into dark corners while others give small slivers of what’s around. Ithanar swears he can see the Elrendar River through one of them, but that’s not where he’s headed. No, he’s headed west or at least by his count. His sense of direction was never as good as his sister’s.

“And perhaps that’s a reason why I’m doing this…” He murmurs to himself, letting out a very quiet sigh and shaking his head.

Ithanar isn’t wrong. If you’re going to get lost in the woods of Quel’thalas, and need a way back to civilization, Ildrielen is the person to trust with that. She had been a Farstrider longer than he had been a Spellbreaker; fel, she was probably the better fighter than him but where he erred on the side of caution she was aggressive, wild, okay with being the one to take the first shot every damn time.

To think the two were twins… no one would realize it, but indeed it was true. He had beaten her out of the womb by about four minutes, but it barely mattered at this point. 

The thought actually brings a small smirk to his lips, lost in thought, right up until a pain crosses his rune-arm and he stops short, shaking his head and clearing his thoughts. There’s… where’s the ward set up by the demons? He can feel it, not through any sense outside of the pain moving through his bones. It’s a searing thing, a harsh thing, that-

There it is.

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i got that Ultimate Chaotic Nasty Boy Ending in dark souls 3 where you k*ll the fire keeper after she takes the flame into her hands and im so upset @ the cutscene!!!!! my character didnt need to step on her head!!!!!! thats so mean!!!!!!! to make matters about a thousand times worse i forgot that my guy is barefoot so cutscene is THAT much more upsetting to look at