times a thousand

  • Newt: Do you love me?
  • Graves: ...It's three in the fucking morning.
  • Newt: That's not an answer to my question.
  • Graves: I -MARRIED- you.
  • Newt: Yes, but as a friend kind of marriage, or as, like, a marriage marriage? I'm a bit unclear. Do you love me, or are you in love with me?
  • Graves: I'm going back to sleep.
  • Newt: Percy.
  • Newt: Percy.
  • Newt: Percy.
  • Newt: Percy! Answer me!
  • Graves: Yes! For the love of Morgana, a thousand times yes! Now go to sleep, damn it!



And there’s Nobunari as commentator I guess on the next ep yeaaaaah go Nobu

And Pichit I really wish you had time to take a pic of their rings, you’re so perfect announcing they’re married to the world like that oh my god I still cant breathe I need to calm myself now bye.


Since I have seen a lot of racism in the supercorp fandom I want to make one thing very clear. Fuck that. Fuck you you racist assholes. Jimmy Olsen is awesome. And I hate what they did with Kara and James’s story line, disrespecting their entire season of build up to make Kara’s story about Mon-hell the white fuckboy. I ship Supercorp. I love it. But that’s because I love gay things and I think Kara and Lena have chemistry. BUT since I highly doubt the writers will go there with Kara and Lena I would one thousand times ship her with James. Because he’s good to her and he’s a good man. So if you’re a racist Supercorp shipper. Fuck off.

So every once and a while I still get people coming up to me and saying, 

Random person: “Hey has anyone ever told you you look that one character from Brave?  What’s her name?”

They always come in groups too.  Like, when it first came out it was constant now I’ll get several every few months.  I wonder why…

Exhibit A: this pic was taken when I was trying out my blonde phase.

Then here we are back to my natural red.  (Extra crazy pants mood because, though my hair is normally super puffy, I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii at the time and that sea air did extra crazy shite to it lol)

So no random person I’ve never heard that I look like that one girl from that movie.


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Have anyone asked you to make a full version of any of your vine songs?

If I make a song less than 3 minutes everyone tells me to make a full version.
It gets annoying after the first hundred times.
After it hits that golden thousand times I kinda become numb to it.

Golden Prince

Title: golden prince

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Taemin always lived seen by others, living to the expectations of the king and by the rules of the queen. His curiousness got him closer to what he thought was heaven, but oh, Taemin doesn’t know hell yet.

Chapter I

Curiousness is one of the many traits that kids share at the beginning of their lives. Obviously, if you’re new to everything around you, you’ll want to know why, when, where and how things got there. Most kids do dangerous things, like playing with fire or trying to jump from somewhere high, but Taemin was too taken care off to ever do that. After all, the man with the dark eyes had been born in silk sheets and around a thousand diamond rings, the name Lee Taemin given to him, but never said without his real self. The prince, also known as the golden prince. Why? You might ask, and Taemin did ask himself that a thousand times, but he never got an answer until he was old enough, knowing that his destiny was written before he ever was born.

The country was his.

And he hates it.

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What's your fave fic of all time? If you don't mind answering and me asking

I don’t mind at all, you mean jackbum fic? cause I have my favorites of all times of another pairings, but jackbum would be…

Love Me Again , I just really love how the fic goes, I already read a thousand times too haha

Studdy Buddy , is just everything, and I love pining so haha

Just a Tease: Those Lips , this fic has so many meaning for me, cause it was one of the firsts that I read from jackbum that I really liked, and I already read 87585 times

Trip To Oblivion , maaan prepare to be sad, I already read two times, and both times I cried like a baby

I really freaking loved that episode.

Like wow.

Super underwhelmed by the Laurel reveal, because yeah… I was expecting something about Prometheus or Dig or one of the recruits and then it was just LL. Sigh.

And the Reporter. Eh. 😷 She still seems super fishy to me.

But yeah, the rest was like WOW.

I think I have less clue who Prometheus is now then I had before.

I was like a thousand times sure Billy The BF was a goner so not shocked there, but holy crap they actually had Oliver do it?!?!?! Omg. Now please please please let Felicity actually have some screen time working through this PLEASE!!

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Sorry I'm not sure if you do these things but could you make a small first kiss scenario (or headcanons if you don't do scenarios) with 2p!Nyo!America with a fem S/O? Sorry I have a weak spot for her. Thank you!

The sun was setting as the two girls walked down the sidewalk, heading for the park. One remained completely oblivious to her partner’s nervous glances. Amy had talked to her brother, her dad, any of the few friends she had, all to know how she should kiss her girlfriend for the first time. It wasn’t Amy’s first kiss or anything but…she didn’t want this to just be something normal. Something she’s done a thousand times. Because *name* was special, she loved her and wanted to make every moment with her special. However, she felt she might screw this up and has been trying to come up with the perfect first kiss.
She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn’t notice when they stopped.
“Amy?” Her S/o questioned “Are you okay?”
“Oh Yeah! Sorry Hun, just got distracted by how beautiful you are~” Amy smiled as her s/o giggled, blushing. She looked around, they were standing in the park, the sun was setting…it was beautiful. Amy looked at her s/o again to see the light reflecting on them making them look like some sort of Angel. Without thinking, Amy took her hands and pulled her close. Closing the gap between them with a soft, slow kiss. Pulling away just an inch, Amy turned red noticing the shocked look the other was giving her.
“Shit, Hun, Im sor-” A kiss cut her off, eyes widening as her s/o pulled away smiling.
“Finally.” She giggled. Amy grinned, as long as she had her Angel, every moment was perfect.

faith doesn’t bring a pet to hogwarts with her and tara’s dad doesn’t let her take miss kitty so they’re both pretty bummed when practically everyone else has an owl or a cat or even a slimy ass toad hopping around at their feet to keep them company, especially during those first few months at hogwarts before either of them had really found their footing but one day after a flying lesson that faith excelled at and tara… um… didn’t want to discuss any further they’re wandering the grounds and faith’s grumbling (again) about how stupid her sorting is and tara’s just sort of nodding along because she’s heard all this a thousand times already and once they’re near the forbidden forest and begin to turn back they stumble upon a little ferret sleeping under a tree and initially faith is like “oh my god it’s dead” and tara’s like “don’t say that i’m sure he’s just sleeping” and faith’s like “since when are you an expert on weasels” and tara’s like “it’s not a weasel it’s a ferret” and faith rolls her eyes and reaches down to poke it and they both notice that his tummy is sort of expanding and deflating like he’s breathing and faith perks up and is like “dude. we should take it” and tara’s like “to madam pomfrey you mean?” and faith’s like “no… i mean maybe… but like after that we should keep him” and tara’s like “i’m pretty sure ferrets aren’t approved pets” and faith’s like “oh my god so what?? one of those gingers brought a rat and that wasn’t on the list” and tara figures this isn’t a battle she’s going to win (and, honestly, she misses having a fluff ball to love and kind of wants to keep it too) so they gather up their sleepy baby who still hasn’t woken up because it’s doing that dead-sleep thing ferrets do and they take him back to the hufflepuff common room and make him… or her, they realize (“shit i think it’s a girl, t” “why do you say that” “it’s missing some pretty important parts” “o-oh… ew”) a lil bed near the window and away from the fireplace so she doesn’t get too warm and just sorta watch her sleep and that’s how tara and faith get their ferret that they share for the seven years they spend at hogwarts together thank you this has been a post 

I hate how fast girls can change their mind. One minute you could be the one and the love of their life and the next you’re nothing. For once I just want someone to truly mean what they tell me and stick to it or don’t say it at all because when they’re gone those words run through my mind a thousand times over and over again. I keep setting myself up for failure because I wear my heart on my sleeve and care to much that I fall into every girls bullshit story. I took a leap and opened up after hiding my heart for so long and all it did was break me more. I’m tired of all my friends asking what happened and telling me they knew it wasn’t going to workout. I guess I was to stupid to realize it because I believed it would. I hate this empty feeling.