“Light one up, Let me bum a smoke” 

That is the lyric from “Dark Times” from The Weeknds new album “Beauty Behind the Madness” The long anticipated album matches up nicely with The Weeknds string of hits which are included in the album, such as Often, Earned it, and The Hills.

I chose to focus on the song Dark Times because I believe it encapsulates not only the diversity of artist that The Weeknd attracts, but also it serves as a great example of the diverse emotions that are shown in the album. The somewhat dark performer has captivated us previously with his sexual and bold songs, yet Beauty Behind the Madness shows us a different side, an almost hopeful side, contrasted by his darker songs on the album. 

It is truly both a beautiful, mad, and almost paradoxical album. 

But then again, isn’t that why we love The Weeknd anyway?


These are magical times. This is a wonderful time to open. It is a fast time to open. It will be faster than anything you have ever experienced. Truly. - I do not tell you this to give any of you the idea that you must do anything. No. No. Please do not take my words as that. I simply tell you what is available. Transformation has never been at such heights on earth. So those of you who choose to hitch your wagon to a star, as they say, will find you will fly very quickly. –Lee Harris