WATCH OUT!! Here the pucks be DEADLY and the men DEADLY and the women DEADLY and the laughs DEADLY! Basically this is a dangerous game made by Cthulhu and NO ONE SHOULD PLAY IT!

But you should totally watch us have fun :P

Times The Signs Remind Me Of.

Aries: 3:00am. Telling myself I should’ve went to bed hours ago, but I’m still not tired. I just want to talk to you again, for you to miss me as much as I’m missing you.

Taurus: 5:00pm. In the park standing against a tree and carving my name into the bark with a house key. Maybe I’ll write your name too.

Gemini: 9:00pm. Hiding in the trees while playing manhunt and watching everybody down below search for me. I could stay up here forever.

Cancer: 7:00am. Walking down the street when the sun first begins to rise, and the sky is a swirl of vibrant pinks and oranges. My face stings from the cold, but I don’t mind it.

Leo: 6:00pm. Arriving at an event wearing a new red dress and feeling confident in my own skin. A feeling I never want to let go of.

Virgo: 2:00pm. Walking through the woods during the end of Summer, when you start to realize the leaves will be turning and Autumn is coming before you know it.

Libra: 3:00pm. Still at the waterpark, standing on the bridge with you as the log flume riders come down from the drop and splash us with water.

Scorpio: 12:00am. Laying down besides the river alone, looking up at the stars, realizing how many there actually was. The water crashes against the rocks loudly and the sound of crickets accompany the song of the night.

Sagittarius: 5:00am. Walking through the airport, watching countless faces pass by me. Where were they going…where was I going? I never seem to know where I’m going.

Capricorn: 10:00am. Sitting outside in the cold Autumn air, in my pajamas, reading. Somehow, everybody is still asleep except for me.

Aquarius: 1:00am. Sitting in bed, listening to music, thinking about nothing and everything at the same time. Wanting to talk to you like we did the other night for hours.

Pisces: 8:00pm. Walking down the boardwalk, smelling the ocean, laughing beside you. Eating cotton candy and wishing the Summer would never end.